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Thranduil and Elrond were talking in the King's sitting room when the door suddenly burst open. Startled, they both stood and watched as Legolas ran into the room as if an orc was chasing him.

"Legolas!" Elrond exclaimed, about to ask why on earth he was running like that when he knew that his lungs couldn't handle it.

"I'm cured!" Legolas practically shouted. "The antidote finally worked!"

Thranduil's mouth opened, in shock, and he just stood there, as if unable to speak.

Elrond smiled, and grabbed the younger elf in a hug.

"Thank you," Legolas whispered, hugging him back.

Elrond smiled, blinking back tears of relief.

Legolas looked up at the elf who'd taken care of him for so many millennia and smiled back, before pulling away and looking at his father.

Thranduil shook his head, astonished. "Legolas!" he said, hugging his son tightly as words failed him.

"I'm cured, Ada," Legolas repeated. "Cured!"

Thranduil was speechless, and he pulled his son over to the couch where they sat down. "In every sense?" the King asked, pulling out of the hug to look his son over.

"In every sense," Legolas replied, happily.

Thranduil stared at his son, seeing the healthy elven glow in his skin, the brightness of his eyes. He was so relieved that he couldn't prevent the tears of joy that suddenly welled up. "Oh, ion-nin," he said. "Do you know what today is? Six months to the day that you were inflicted with the vanwacoi…"

Legolas' eyebrows shot up. If Raenwe's second poison had really existed, I would be dead right now…He was brought out of his shocked thoughts by his father's hand brushing hair behind his ear, and he smiled at his father and hugged him again, making Thranduil laugh as the tears escaped.


Aragorn walked down the hall, putting on his gloves. He was bundled up against the cold weather, and he wasn't quite paying attention as he rounded a corner.

"Estel!" Elladan exclaimed, stepping back when he was almost run down by his brother.

"Forgive me!" said Aragorn, falling into step with them. "I didn't see you."

"Apparently," said Elrohir, inwardly smirking at the human's heavy attire, while he and his twin were wearing far less layers. "Going outside?"

Aragorn nodded. "Ada told me that Legolas was looking for me, and that I would find him in the courtyard."

Elladan nodded. "He told us the same."

"I wonder why Legolas wants us to go outside," Elrohir said.

Aragorn shook his head. "We shall find out."

A few minutes later, they reached the door and stepped out, relieved to see that it had stopped snowing.

A sudden splat! sounded, and the twins laughed to see Aragorn with a pile of snow in his face.

"Legolas!" Aragorn shouted.


Following his voice, the three brothers watched as Legolas stepped out from behind a nearby tree. He was not bundled up in layers against the weather the way Aragorn was…rather; he was dressed like the twins.

"Legolas!" Aragorn exclaimed, wiping the snow from his face. "You will freeze! Why are you not dressed properly?"

"Because," said Legolas, smiling as he shaped a ball of snow in his gloved hands. "This is all that I need."

The others looked at him with puzzled expressions for a minute, before sudden realization set in.

When Legolas saw that they understood, he raised his ball of snow—with his 'bad' arm—and threw it at Aragorn again, who was so stunned over the elf's words that he didn't even try to dodge.

The human seemed to not even notice the freezing snow on his skin, as he gave an exclamation of shocked joy and stumbled forward through the newly fallen snow, wrapping his arms around his friend.

Legolas smiled, hugging Aragorn back. "Hannon le, mellon-nin," he said. "If it weren't for you, I would not be alive."

Aragorn couldn't talk past the lump in his throat, and before he had a chance to reply, they felt two more pairs of arms encircle them both as the twins joined their embrace.

Thranduil and Elrond watched from a window inside the palace, smiling at the sweet show of brotherly love. Their smiles changed to chuckles when the four suddenly started a snowball fight.

"Hannon le, Elrond," Thranduil said, clasping his old friend's shoulder. "Hannon le."

Elrond smiled back. "We love our children, Thranduil."

The elven-king nodded, watching the four 'children' play in the snow. "Aye, that we do."


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Aragorn and the twins leaped from their horses, rushing to their friend with their mouths agape at the sight of four arrows protruding from his body.

"Legolas!" Aragorn cried, throwing himself to his knees and checking for a pulse. He found one, but it was very, very weak, beating much too fast as his heart tried to keep blood circulating through his body.

"Look at him!" Elladan cried, panicking at the amount of blood that covered their friend and the ground around him. The original color of Legolas' clothes was literally indiscernible. "Elrohir! Go fetch ada! Legolas will not survive the trip home!"

Elrohir found himself trembling, not wanting to leave his dying friend.

"He'll make it!" Aragorn said, his voice shaking. "It is only a few miles!"

"But he cannot be moved!" Elrohir exclaimed, seeing the arrow in their friend's chest.

Legolas suddenly made a soft sound.

"Make a litter!" said Aragorn. "Legolas? Are you awake? Open your eyes!"

The injured elf did, slightly, looking up blearily. His mouth formed Aragorn's name, but nothing came out.

"Hush," Aragorn said, glancing at his brothers as they constructed the litter with their cloaks and tree branches. "You'll be fine, mellon-nin, just hold on!"

Legolas said nothing, his body shivering as he slipped into shock.

"Do not remove the arrows!" Elladan suddenly exclaimed. "He has lost too much blood already!"

Aragorn knew that but said nothing, removing his own cloak and draping it over his friend. The arrows in Legolas' body served as a cruel barrier, so Aragorn took his knife and cut holes in the material, allowing the cloak to properly cover his friend.

The twins finished the litter quickly and laid it beside Legolas, who was slipping in and out of consciousness, his breathing very labored.

Carefully, the three brothers managed to lift their injured friend and place him on the litter. Each one's heart chilled at Legolas' pained cry.

"We are taking you home, Legolas," said Elrohir. "Our father will heal you and you will be fine!"

Legolas made no reply, unconscious once more.

Grabbing their horses, Elladan pulled them over and made his and Aragorn's kneel on either side of the litter.

Elrohir watched worriedly as his brothers mounted their steeds and grasped an end of the litter, holding it tightly as the horses stood.

"Mayhap you should go ahead," Elladan told him. "Tell father to be ready!"

Elrohir nodded, seeing wisdom in his brother's words. Riding forward, he gently touched their wounded friend's face, whispering a prayer before riding off.

Aragorn and Elladan followed at a slower pace, not wanting to jolt Legolas and make his bleeding worse.

"What in Middle Earth could have befallen him?!" Elladan exclaimed, anxiously.

"I do not know," said Aragorn. "But, Elladan, those are elvish arrows…Rivendell arrows…"

Elladan looked at Legolas, seeing with shock that his brother was right. "Someone from within Imladris has done this?!" he roared.

Aragorn sighed loudly, watching his friend's deathly pale face. He gave his brother no answer.


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