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Amaya took her sakabato and jammed it through the ground beneath her. Her hair fell to her sides, making the ponytail in the back come undone. Her eyes were closed; her hand resting on the hilt of the sword. She didn't smile nor did she frown. There was no emotion. A blank face shown upon the door of the Kamiya Kasshin dojo. Her sword had been stricken into a large rock at her left. She slowly tilted her head upward making her brownish red hair flickered in the moons resonance.

What now? What to expect is totally unknown. And older man . . . just finding out about his pasts twists. More of them. Maybe . . . maybe there was no need.

Inside the dojo it was hushed. Kaoru lay asleep in her room, the moon acting as her silent lullaby. She started a sweet dream, one she hadn't had in quite a while. She smiled in her sleep allowing the moonlight to reflect off her hair just the same as Amaya's. She turned over, making her back face the wall in which the moon shone through.

In the next room over Yahiko slept as well. At his bedside was a small envelope filled with sunflower seeds from a girl he had met yesterday. When he'd come home late that night he had forgotten to seal them in an airtight bag, leaving the nightly draft open to creep into them.

The next room over was silent as well, although a sleeping person ceased to exist. A red haired man leaned up against the porch frame. The wind crept past his hair and into the living room forcing his locks to roll out in the draft behind him. He kept a straight face as he shifted to the side letting his feet glimpse the outside breeze.

Such a silent night.

Ever since Sanosuke had left with Megumi the dojo has had endless silent nights. They seemed to last forever. The darkness never seemed to end. Kaoru had lost her glow awhile ago. Everything just seemed to come to a stand still. His eyes shifted toward his Sakabato in the corner. He eyed the knot firmly tied at the top of the sheath. He blinked.

The knot tended to remind him of Tomoe. He remembered . . . the first night he and Tomoe had laid together it was pouring rain out. It was pitch dark and Kenshin had been severely injured from a warrior who attacked him through the mountains. Kenshin was so vulnerable and tired; he had no clue what he was doing. When he woke up that morning Tomoe had gone. He never saw her until the day she died. She had come to tell him something before she had to leave to go work by her grandfather and . . . they took her away. Two years later . . . many said she had been killed. He had cried for the first time in his life the day he heard the news. He had never cried before and after that he fell numb.

He looked out into the moonlight. The glow strained his eyes and he squinted a bit. The breeze slowly died down and he realized he had thought about Tomoe. He looked to the ground. Such a calm night and such abrupt memories. Unwanted memories.

As soon as he moved his foot to get up there was a bang. Kenshin hustled out of the living room to look at the front door. The door was on the ground and a black outline appeared wilted at the entrance, shadowed by the moon's ray.


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