This story takes place several days after ending B. I have made up the names of some of the townsfolk as they are not all of them are given names. This fanfic is quite relaxed, but I may change some of it and upcoming chapters depending on the feedback I get. (Note: This is my first Fanfic)

Eike sat in the crowded cinema, almost every seat was taken. He spied a seat in the corner at the back. He moved down the row and sat down. He had come here to watch the movie he had inspired a man to make. The movie had been a huge hit. Eike watched the movie closely. He noticed how the movie had several similarities to what he had experienced.

On his way out he saw a young woman sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette. Eike felt a craving come on. However thoughts of what he had been through flooded into his mind. He walked over to a nearby bus-stop and waited. Once the bus arrived he stepped on. It was relatively empty. He walked to the back of the bus and sat in front of a pair of familiar faces. Their names were Rory and Bill. They were a pair of teenagers who lived in the town Eike had done his time travelling.

"Hey you two, why are you on the bus?" Asked Eike "I don't have a licence dude." Replied Bill "Rory just got his revoked for speeding and endangering lives." He added "When did that happen?" Asked Eike "The night we got drunk at the bar." Explained Rory. "Eike dude, you like came in just before we left." "Oh, yeah." Thought Eike

Eike got off the bus with Rory and Bill. They strolled a little way through the town until they parted. Eike made his way to the museum. Here he met Mr Eckert. "Oh, hello Eike." Said Mr Eckart. "Can you give me a hand shifting this bookcase, one of the kittens is hiding under it and I can't coax him out." "Sure." Replied Eike. They shifted the book case a little. Mr Eckart leant down behind it. "Got him!" He shouted.

"These cats have been here for 100 years. My Grandfather told me that a man had given a cat to his elder sister and the descendants of that cat are still here today." Explained Mr Eckart happily as he stroked the mother of the litter. A terrible thought gripped Eike. He had given one of the kittens to the Eckarts. Had the cat Mr Eckart was stroking had given birth to its ancestor? But surely that would have caused a paradox or something?

Eike pondered the though as he made his way to the café. He opened the door and turned to face the table where he had gained his first new lease of life. There was a man lying at the table. Eike stared in horror. He was looking at himself...