Eike picked up the stone slowly, as if some sort of evil was going to jump out of it. Eike held it in his hand, he stared into it. Then a voice spoke from behind him.

"Looks like it might begin again. Lucky for you Eike."

"Oh hell no!" Roared Eike as he turned around to face the last person he wanted to see. Homunculus.

"Is that the welcome I'm going to get?" Drawled Homunculus."

"You used me before, put me through great ordeals, I don't want anything to do with you now!" Shouted Eike in response

"You do have a temper, don't you Eike." Laughed Homunculus. "I merely wanted to say hello, oh, by the way, I'll need my stone back."

"If I give you the stone, you'll cause a paradox and be erased from history." Explained Eike.

"So?" Said Homunculus. "I bet you'd like that. Now please give me the stone."

"You're up to something, I know." Said Eike. "I won't give you the stone."

"Then I'll have to take it from you by force." Muttered Homunculus

"What force, you couldn't even lift a baby." Mocked Eike

"I've changed a lot Eike, I'm different now. Give my back the stone... Or else."

"If I give you the stone, will you leave me alone?" Asked Eike cautiously.

"Probably yes. Remember I have no desire to take your life." Replied Homunculus

"Yes you do, I know you do." Shouted Eike.

"No I would like you to live; others like me may want you to die." Laughed Homunculus, and before Eike could react, the stone was snatched from him and Homunculus faded away.

"I can never get a sensible word out of that being." Muttered Eike.

Back in the 1500's Eike gave the Philosophers stone to Dr Wagner, it was a week or two after this that Homunculus had used his time travelling powers to reach.

"Now that I've informed Eike I can begin my plan." Laughed Homunculus as he flew through the strange time vortex that the digipad used.

"This will be it. The beginning of a new age for myself. If this works I will never be a servant again. Freedom and power are in my grasp."

Homunculus arrived out side the Wagner family home, just in time to see it shattered by an explosion. He kept his distance, he was not powerful enough. Yet... Homunculus approached the building and walked inside. Hr made his way down to the basement. There he came face to face with himself. His old self, just released from the stone. The two beings seemed to know what to do. They raised their hands, and thrust them into the chest of the other.

"What about a paradox?" Asked the new Homunculus.

"We are a paradox; we can only be destroyed by ourselves." Replied the old

"So be it." Murmured the new.

"I have created an invention that will enable us to be twins, not each other." Explained the old. "We can be stronger than all humans, no longer slaves!"

"Hmm, do as you desire, but beware of failure." Whispered the old.

With that the withdrew their hands from each others chests. They both carried a philosopher's stone. They thrust the stones from the other into their own chests, groaning slightly as they did. It was then the new Homunculus spoke in a dread filled, drawly voice.

"Where is our third, the un-created?" He asked. The old Homunculus laughed and replied.

"He is nearby, he is in the future. His name is Eike Kusch..."