Title: Four Corners

Summary: (AU) Slade is a vampire, Robin is his next victim, and Raven is on the run from a demon hunter named Terra. Slade/Robin, Raven/Starfire

Disclaimer: I, Pretty in Scarlet, do no own Teen Titans or the characters.

Author's Notes: Hm...I have no clue where this idea came from. Personally, I blame that coke I drank about an hour ago. I'm still hyper. O.o I was going to make this Cyborg/Robin, but I already did that. But Cyborg is still going to be like a big brother to him cuz I think it's cute! XD

WARNINGS: This fic has slash pairings. Don't like? Don't read. There's some violence and mild language too...Oh! A future adult situation, but nothing to detailed. (The voice in my head is telling me I'm too young to write this kind of stuff. I'm blaming that coke. No more coke for me.)


Terra took a sip of her coffee as she observed the map she had spread out before her. Several cities had been crossed out, and a few roads were highlighted. She drummed her fingers against the table and frowned before taking another sip of her beverage. After setting the now empty mug at the edge of the table, she pulled out a pen and soon a city was circled in red ink.

"Miss, would you like a refill?" A waitress asked.

"No, thanks." Terra dropped some money onto the woman's hand and left the dinner.

"Wait, you left your map!" She called, but Terra was already gone.

The waitress picked up the map and saw that one of the cities was circled.

Inside the ring of red ink were the words 'Jump City'...


Raven stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around her. She used another towel to dry her hair, and then quickly pulled on her clothes. A shiver ran down her spine as she entered the cold hallway and headed towards the kitchen.

"Good morning, Friend Raven!" Starfire greeted cheerfully.

"What's for breakfast?" Raven asked, sitting next to the alien girl.

"Eggs!" Beastboy said, grinning.

"If they're made of tofu, I am not eating them," Raven said, narrowing her eyes.

Beastboy stuck his tongue out. "No, only mine are."

Starfire turned her head and saw Robin looked paler than usual. "Robin, my friend, what is troubling you?"

"Huh?" Robin lifted his head from the table. "Nothing, Star. I just couldn't sleep last night."

Cyborg gently rubbed Robin's back. "You're not getting sick, are you?"

"No. I feel fine. I just kept having this weird dream."

"What was it about?" Beastboy asked, taking a bite of tofu eggs.

"I'd rather not say," Robin sighed. "I don't really feel like eating right now." He stood up and left the kitchen, obviously heading off to seek refuge on the roof like he had so often done before.

"I'm worried about him. He hasn't been eating much lately," Cyborg frowned.

"I have also noticed him acting strangely," Starfire said, her cheerful expression gone in seconds. "I wish to understand why he is suddenly so distant from us!"

Raven wrapped an arm around Starfire and sipped her herbal tea.

"He'll talk when he's ready," She said, quietly.

"I don't know..." Beastboy leaned back a bit. "I could've sworn I heard him crying the other night, but he wouldn't talk about it...He needs our help!"

"He needs time to think," Raven argued, absentmindedly stroking Starfire's shoulder as she pulled her closer.

"But..." Beastboy stopped, knowing it was useless to fight with Raven. He rested his chin in his hand and chewed on other mouthful of tofu eggs.

Raven poured herself more tea and also served Starfire a mug when she asked from some. She sat back down and almost smiled when Starfire cuddled up next to her.

"Hey, no lovey-dovey stuff at the table!" Cyborg scolded.

Raven rolled her eyes and Starfire giggled before sitting up straight and eating her breakfast.


Robin sat on the edge of the roof and tried his hardest to fight back tears. He didn't want to get himself so worked up over a nightmare, but everything that had happened had been and felt so real...

The dream started out he was alone in tower. An eye followed him everywhere he went and then before he knew it, he was on the ground, blood pouring on from his neck. A man stood over him, but Robin couldn't see who it was. Then a bright light flooded into the room and the man burned away, leaving only a mask...

Shaking his head, Robin drew his knees to his chest.

The man in his dreams had been Slade, he was sure of it. But what could such a strange nightmare possibly mean, if anything?

"Get a hold of yourself," Robin muttered. "Slade may be your enemy, but he doesn't want to kill you. He's had hundreds of chances but never took any of them. He even saved you from falling off that building...Oh, great, now I'm talking to myself."

Of course Slade wants to kill you...He's the enemy. Why would he want you alive? You've turned down the offer to be his apprentice, so what use are you to him?

A choked sob caught in Robin's throat as he reflected on the nightmare again.

"I'm not scared of Slade. Obsessed, maybe, but I'm not scared...Well...maybe a little."

He sighed and held himself.

"What is wrong with me?"


That night, Robin wasn't the only one tossing and turning with a nightmare.

Raven growled in her sleep, and a statue on her dresser cracked and exploded.

She sat up, her eyes wide and alert.

"Terra..." She whispered. "She's coming.


A/N: Okay, so this obviously kinda AU. Though...the only things that are really different is the slash, Slade's a vampire, and Terra is a demon hunter trying to kill Raven. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I shall update soon!