Title: Four Corners

Summary: (AU, slash) Robin is having a hard time dealing with the truth…Slade is a vampire, Raven is his apprentice, and Terra is hunting demons. Will the Titans finally face defeat when Terra's old partners show up looking for a fight?

Disclaimer: Hasn't changed.

Author's Notes: Thank you so much for being patient with me. My writer's block has been horrible lately…but it is gone now! And…I am such a genius. I have finally figured out how to end this awful fanfic! Okay…someone asked why Terra would care if Raven and Starfire were together. Well, she wouldn't, but Raven was afraid that Terra might hurt Starfire just to make her mad.

WARNINGS: Language, brief violence, slash, and vampire stuff.

Beastboy scarcely even blinked as he held Terra's hand. He listened to the machine beside him, beeping in time with Terra's heartbeat. It would occasionally slow down, but it would eventually return to a normal pace. Raven had healed Terra as much as she could, but the girl's condition was still critical. Cyborg doubted she would make it through the night. He had done everything he could to stop the bleeding, but he couldn't stitch the wound shut because it had a triangular shape. Stitching her injury would only tear the skin even more. Beastboy refused to give up on her, though. There had to be some way to save her…

"You don't think she deserves to die, do you?" a deep voice asked.

"Go away, Slade," Beastboy hissed. Aside from his fear of losing Terra, the changeling was furious with Raven and Robin for keeping so many secrets from him. How could they not tell him that Slade was a vampire or that Raven had been working for him? Raven had gotten frustrated with him and nearly lost her temper as she pointed out that Terra had not only been working for Slade as well, but also tried to kill her. Not to mention she had killed many innocent people, accident or not.

"If I do, she will die."


Slade wasn't smirking, Beastboy could tell. He was being very serious, almost somber.

"I can save her."

"Then do it!" Beastboy shrieked. "You can't let her die. Please, don't let her die!"

"Understand this, Beastboy…in order to save Terra's life, I'll be damning her soul."

"You mean…you'd turn her into a vampire?"


Beastboy frowned and looked at the unconscious girl. "But what if she doesn't want to be one?"

"She doesn't care."

"How do you know?"

"Vampires are telepathic."

"Oh." The changeling rubbed his arm. "I…I guess it's the only way, right? Cy said she would make it, and Raven couldn't heal her. Turning her into a vampire is her only chance."

"Yes, it is." Slade stepped over to Terra and reached to pull his mask off, but hesitated. He looked at Beastboy and said, "It would be best if you left the room. My identity is none of your business."

"I'll keep my eyes closed. I'm not leaving her."

"Very well."

Beastboy shut his eyes and Slade removed his mask.

Starfire had been flying over Jump City for at least an hour before she stopped to rest on random skyscraper. Dried tears clung to cheeks, but they were soon washed away when the alien started to cry again. How could Raven not tell her about this? She could understand keeping Terra a secret. Raven was very protective of her and she didn't want Starfire to get worried…but to keep her alliance with Slade from her? How could she? More importantly, how could she side with Slade at all?

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the familiar sound of a starbolt being fired caught her attention. She quickly flew out of the wave and landed on the other side of the building.

"Sister!" she exclaimed, her eyes filling with sadness as Blackfire flew toward her. "Why are you doing this? I know that you desire to prove you are stronger than I, but why…"

"You haven't figured it out?" Blackfire mocked. "Do I have to spell everything out for you, Little Sister?"

The younger alien felt atypical anger building inside of her. She was on the verge of losing one of her friends and she just found out her lover was Slade's apprentice. She was not in the mood for this.

"WHY?" Starfire cried. "Who sent you? I demand to know this instant!"

"You really want to know?" Blackfire smirked. "Alright…I'll tell you."

Starfire stared at her sister, who was busy taking a dramatic pause.

"It was Galfore."

Smirking, Blackfire flew away, leaving her sister alone to cry.

Thirty some minutes later, Raven found Starfire. She was sitting on the same skyscraper, crying. The half demon's eyes widened in sympathy as she landed beside her and pulled her into her arms.


"I know who is behind all of this," the redhead whimpered.

"You do?" Raven suddenly realized that her lover obviously had run into Blackfire. She quickly looked the alien over for any sign of injury, and she thankfully found none.

"Galfore…" More tears streaked down Starfire's cheeks as she clung to Raven.

"What?" Raven was surprised, too say the least. Starfire had told her about Galfore. He had practically raised her. Why would he send Blackfire to kill the Teen Titans? "Why?"

"Blackfire said that Tamaran is in need of a ruler," the taller girl sniffled. "Galfore sent her to convince me to return. My sister thought that if all of my friends were dead, I would have no reason to remain on Earth. She wished to kill me as well, and then she would be free to take over Tamaran in my place…Raven, my apologies. This is all my fault!"

"No," Raven said firmly. "This is not your fault. Don't blame yourself."

"But Terra…"

"Kitten injured her, not you." Raven brushed Starfire's hair out of her eyes and helped her stand. "As skinny as you are, I don't think I can carry you back to the tower. Can you fly?"

Starfire wiped her tears away and nodded. "Yes."

The two girls flew back to the tower in silence.

The two hours were very stressful for the Teen Titans. Raven and Robin explained everything to their friends about Slade, Starfire informed them about Galfore, and Terra had to deal with becoming one of the undead. By three in the morning, everything (for the most part) had been cleared up. Except, of course, what Slade was hiding…

Slade hadn't left the tower, which made Starfire, Cyborg, and Beastboy a little uncomfortable. Robin tiredly explained that the vampire wasn't going to harm them, and that was only staying to aid Terra.

Well, that was one of the reasons.

Raven and Starfire went to sleep after most of the explaining had been taken care off. Beastboy refused to leave Terra's side and promised her that he never would. So, when she went out to hunt, Beastboy went with her. Despite being still upset with Slade for condemning her, he thought that dating a vampire was actually pretty cool. Cyborg went to bed a little later.

That left Robin and Slade alone.

The Wonder Boy nervously looked around the room and realized this. He knew Slade was smirking, he could tell by the way the vampire's eye narrowed in amusement.

He was alone. With Slade. Alone with Slade.


"You really are impatient, aren't you?"


A/N: Okay, that's the end of that. It was so rushed and lame, I know. If I left any loose ends or anything unexplained, I am so sorry! THERE PROBABLY WILL BE A SEQUEL. So, please let me know if something wasn't explained and I'll cover it then. I really just wanted to finish this story and update my others one.