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It's for the best

-You're leaving me to be taken care of by just Miriam?

You'll be fine

-This is Miriam we are talking about...she can hardly take care of herself. You of all people know all the problems she has.

That is why I am leaving. I can't stand it anymore. I am going to go open up a new Beeper Emporium in Chicago and that is final. Trust me. You'll be happier now. You are always so angry anyways. This will be better for you.

-BETTER???? How in criminey's sake can this be better for me? I am messed up enough already. So now you are leaving me here with a sorry excuse for a mother? I mean Olga isn't even here to take care of us...why did she have to go to China for that foreign diplomacy thing?! You can not leave me here with just Miriam. I'll die!!!!

Stop blubbering Helga. Do something useful and take my bags downstairs or something. You know how my back gives out sometimes.

-No Bob. I am going to go to my room and try to forget I live with such a horrible family that keeps getting more and more dysfunctional by the week.

Suit yourself girl. Have a nice life.

Bob packed his stuff in the cab and climbed in not even taking one last glance at the heart. Helga filled up with rage and her father was driven to the airport out of sight. How could he just leave without a single bit of remorse? Of course she knew was Bob. He never cared about his family...except for Olga of course. But when she left for China Bob realized exactly that and so he figured "why stay?" So now that Bob is out of the picture the family would be worse off. Miriam was already started to get depressed. She just lied in bed all day with a bottle slipping from her grip. She never was this bad before. She was just pushed over the edge with this, finally realizing how bad she had dug herself down.

On her way to her room she caught sight of her mom, in her usual position. If Helga didn't look carefully she would have thought her mother was dead. But he stomach was moving just ever so slightly in a slight attempt to breath. Helga was unsure about her mother. Whether she would get through this or not was extremely uncertain. There was nothing Helga could do to help her, just wait until something either good or bad happened.

Helga finally made it to her room. Lately she hadn't been in such a poetry mood. She wanted to keep things bottled up more than usual. She just fell onto her bed, unable to even think.

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