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Helga fixed her dress and focused on every detail of it like it was the Mona Lisa and she was DaVinci. She slowly lifted her gaze till she met her eyes in the mirror. Helga saw something move into the doorway behind her in the mirror. Helga slowly turned her head over her shoulder to find Rebecca looking lovingly in on her. A tear rolled down her face. Helga remembered the first time Rebecca cried in front of her. She couldn't believe that only 12 years ago Rebecca was first introduced to her.

"Do I look okay?" Helga queried with a slight waver in her voice.

Rebecca slowly walked over to her and gave her a light hug trying not to mess up either's outfits. They pulled apart and Rebecca wiped the line of water that had been drawn down her face.

"You look beautiful," Rebecca assured Helga. Rebecca took an overview of Helga and smiled. "I just came in to tell you that it is almost time. You better get in place."

Helga's heart began to beat a little faster. "It is time already?"

Rebecca laced her arm around Helga's and walked her across the room and to the door. "There is nothing to worry about. Just take a deep breath and remember who is waiting for you."

A smile graced Helga's face and Rebecca dropped her arm. Helga looked over to find her father standing proudly. Helga walked over trying her best not to trip.

"Ready?" her father said in his gruff voice.

"More than ever," Helga stated as she laced her arm now with Bob's.

He became such a better person after her mother and Rebecca took him to court. Helga wasn't supposed to find out about it, but if Helga wants to know something she finds a way. Helga still doesn't know why Bob was taken to court, but Helga prefers not to think about it. After the support groups and whatever else the court assigned him, Bob was actually a father, much to the surprise of everyone. He didn't move back to New York, but everyone knew that that was for the best.

The doors slowly opened. As Helga walked forward she saw a myriad of people. Helga glanced through the faces. She finally saw her mother and Rebecca. Miriam stayed reformed after rehab and Rebecca became as much as a mother to Helga as Miriam.

Bob gave Helga one of his big bear hugs and then walked off. Helga raised her gaze to find Arnold's smiling eyes.

The day was finally here. Arnold and Helga's wedding. It truly was surreal for everyone involved.

They both said their vows and sealed them with a kiss.

Helga and Arnold stared into each other's eyes for the first time as a married couple. The church roared with applause but neither seemed to notice. Finally they looked out into the pews as it dawned to them that the applause was for them. Helga's eyes started to water up as she scanned the church. In the front stood her mother and Rebecca both crying madly yet the happiest Helga had ever seen them. Just beyond them stood Bob. Helga wiped her eyes to get a clear view of him. There stood this gruff man who almost ruined her life smiling the first smile Helga had seen from him at the beginning of her new glorious life. Arnold slowly moved over to her and lightly kissed her cheek. Then he turned to her ear and whispered, "Love is forever, Helga, and I love you with all my heart, soul, and body."

Helga looked at her family and then at Arnold.

"Love is forever and I love you too."