Love Isn't Easy
by Jules713
Paige and her older sister Phoebe sat in their room staring at each other. Their older sisters, Prue and Piper, were getting ready for dates. They always felt left out in this task because
A. Piper didn't like help from her younger sisters and neither did Prue. and B. Both of them had locked their doors, that stayed locked until the doorbell was heard from their rooms.
"What do you want to do?" Phoebe asked, the boredness heavy in her tone.
" Well I was thinking we raid their rooms when they leave!" Paige answered excitement suddenly etched in her face.
" Yeah that's a real good idea. Do you think they might have locked their doors though?" Phoebe asked anxiously, though excitement was heard in her voice also.
" Yes we did ! Do you think we didn't her you?" A voice from the hall said.
" Prue heard us! But maybe Pip-"
" Yes I did. Don't touch our rooms, I swear I know where you live!" called another voice from the door.
Suddenly a doorbell sounded from downstairs.
"I'll get it!" called both Phoebe and Paige running out of their room and running into Piper and Prue who both scrambled into their rooms to finish getting ready.
" Hi Andy!" Paige said panting as Phoebe skidded to halt next to her.
" Not fair. I had socks on!" whispered Phoebe. But Paige just stuck out her tongue and called, at the top of her lungs,
Half the neighborhood heard this statement, and Prue came rushing down the stairs nearly tripping on the way.
" Let's go."she said to Andy turning back to her sisters she called "Don't touch my room and be good!"
5 minutes later the doorbell rang once more.
" My turn. I want to see who Piper's date is." Phoebe whispered getting out of her chair at the kitchen table and making her way to the door.
" Whoa!" she muttered as she looked up at Piper's date.
" Hi. Is Piper ready? My name is -

Who's Piper's date? I know it stinks but please review. ( It's my first fic!)