Chapter 11 Dreaming for a Chance

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April 12th 9:30pm-the clubhouse

Where was hamtaro? The waiting was wrenching Bijou's heart.

What if hamtaro had been mauled by the cat? What if he was defending himself by an angered boss?

Many more thoughts raced through bijou's head, but were interrupted by a loud bang on the ceiling followed by dust snaking it's way down the walls like a mini landslide. Soon after footsteps could be heard in the tunnels.

Bijou raced to the door and was met by hamtaro carrying a mauled boss. Hamtaro didn't look so good either. He was about to set boss on the ground when he collapsed from fatigue.

Seeing them in this state did nothing to help Bijou's mood. Tears welling up in her eyes, she ran out the door and through the tunnels, her long and gracious skirts billowing behind her.

Later that night…

Bijou heard branches breaking outside her window. With a heavy heart she stood up and went the window only to be met by hamtaro.

"Hamtaro what are you doing here? Should you not be resting after your fight with the-" but she was silenced by a panting hamtaro kissing her. She immediately relaxed in his arms. All the worrys that had been plaguing her heart left for a short while.As soon as he released her however, they came flooding back. What had she done?

"Hamtaro, I am so sorry! I never meant to hurt you! Or lead boss on…" she trailed off releasing that she had left boss in an almost fatal state. What if she never had the chance to say sorry?

"Bijou, it's alright, he was sleeping soundly when I left, and he was smiling in his sleep, I think he'll be fine." Hamtaro reassured the worried hamster so close to him.

"But I still feel responsible…I should've never lead him on like that…then he never would've ran off with you after him." Her eyes started to tear up as hamtaro gently lead her into a warm embrace.

"I forgive you, and I'm sure Boss does too." After that there was short silence. Soon Hamtaro pulled away from her when he heard her crying harder. "What's wrong? I forgave you…unless that's not enough…"

"No…it's not that…I remembered just now…you are leaving in three months are you not?" she questioned.

"How did you know?" Hamtaro asked puzzled. As far as he knew the only person he had told was Oxnard.

"Oxnard is not very good at keeping the secrets…so…is it true?" she asked holding her breath as she waited for the answer.

"kinda sorta…yah." He sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier but…I-" this time Bijou cut him off, pulling back only to say "I forgive you."

June 29th –moving day

If you looked for hamtaro and bijou in their cages that day, you wouldn't find them. They had spent most of the day together at acorn mountain, the place where Hamtaro had made the first gesture that he like her. The whole they had been talking, fitting as much in as possible. Now, as sunset came upon them they were silent. A few months before he thought of Bijou as a good friend. The whole time they had been "good friends" he had subconscious feelings that he suppressed for fear of ruining their friendship. Bijou's feeling had come in the way of dreams. She had been for a chance to let him know that she loved him.

As they sat there, others would think they were looking at the beauty of the sunset, But in reality, they were looking at the beauty of each other.

The end

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