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Chapter 1: Chance Attraction

Domino City, bathed in the light of a pink and gold sky, was hushed and subdued in the early hours of the morning. Not many people were up at this time, so only the trees rustled as the wind caught the branches and tossed the foliage. Businesses were the only things that began to bustle at this hour, preparing for another hard working day, and the small corner store, the Black Crown Games shop was no acceptation.

Stretching out, a young man began to stir, sprawled under the covers of his comfortable bed. It was simply one of those mornings you didn't want to wake for, but let time drift by you until the eternal dreams of reality came to lead you back into the real world. Usually you would be glad to bask in the pleasant atmosphere of family and friends. Cherished relationships were what made life worthwhile, but for the eighteen-year- old, there wasn't that many to come and see him. He was alone a lot now that the people he had been close to had moved on in life. He heard from them all now and again, but it wasn't as driving as seeing them in the flesh during the days of his existence. However the was one soul that had never left him, and wouldn't if he had a choice. Body and soul had joined them for many years now. He was the one who had to force the boy out of bed in the morning, literally!

"Yugi wake up. You better start waking to open the store young one."

The echoing voice soon took transparent form, standing next to the bed. The five thousand-year-old pharaoh towered over his other half, looking at the boy trying to awaken from deep slumber. He couldn't help but chuckle, it could be amusing to see his lighter side tossing under the blankets, mumbling about not wanting to move. It was the same routine every morning. Who needed an alarm clock when you had a spirit to wake you up? The former ruler of Egypt, preferably known as Yami, had never changed through all the years he spent trapped in the puzzle, or while sharing a body with Yugi. His tri-coloured hair spiked out wildly in black and red points, gold bangs falling over his face, while others were combed into the back of his spikes. He had somehow always managed to grow to be a few inches taller than his young friend, making some difference between them. This was natural, as Yugi had grown over the past few years to a regular height. The only other factor that separated the two was their eyes. Yami's crimson eyes were bold and daring compared to Yugi's soft amethyst jewels of innocence.

"Come on time to wake up young one! Up you get for another day."

The smaller boy continued to mumble in his sleep. Sighing, Yami closed his own eyes and focused to enter his mind through their link. He nearly always had to resort to drastic measures to wake Yugi up everyday. It wasn't the young man's fault though. Maintaining the shop was a difficult task for the eighteen-year-old, and with business in Duel Monsters being more popular than ever, the store usually made a good amount of money, which was why the spirit had to persuade his friend to wake. Concentrating through the bond they shared, Yami took a deep breath, then let all Hell loose.


A startled yell erupted as the young man tumbled out of bed, landing in a tangled pile of sheets. The spirit could not help but burst in to fits of laughter at the sight of his reincarnated self fighting with his duvet, to emerge from the heap, hair now even more of a pointed mess than usual.

"Yami! How many times have I told you not to do that?!"

"It's not my fault you won't get up is it?" he questioned playfully.

"Don't you think you were even a little too loud?"

"It only echoed inside your head. Besides it did the trick didn't it? I don't see what the problem is..."

"You nearly made my eardrums explode! It would be quieter if you stuck a hand grenade under the mattress!" he snapped fiercely, making the darker half flinch. Looking hurt, the pharaoh stared at the floor in shame.

"Sorry Yugi..." he muttered. On seeing his friend's sadness, Yugi softened considerably.

"No Yami, I'm sorry. I've not been sleeping that great. I'm just a little cranky this morning, not your fault." he yawned, standing up properly as he began to rummage through the drawers for something to wear.

"I've noticed that. You've been stressed and tired from working. Maybe you should take the day off..."

"No, I can't. Business is so good at the moment, we're making excellent profits...I want to make Grandpa proud of me." he spoke sadly.

"He wouldn't be happy to know that you exhausting yourself to run the shop." Yami commented.

"Well, I can't do anything else. He left me in charge, and he won't be back from Egypt for another twenty-one months. Over a year and half still, and he's only half way through his excursions." Yugi exclaimed, looking himself over in the mirror. He had on his traditional leather attire, of nay trousers and loose silver buckle belt. His matching jacket hung open over his tight black shirt. He wore his collar along with a few matching wristbands and studded boots. The chain with the millennium puzzle on it still hung around his neck.

"Okay my friend, but could you maybe take an extended lunch break today? Maybe relax a little?" he pleaded.

The smaller boy nodded while walking out of the room and into the other section of the apartment above the store. After devouring french toast for breakfast, he made his way down into the shop. Once the counter was dusted and the sign on the door flipped from displaying 'closed' to 'open', Yugi began checking through the stock in the basement storage room behind the desk. He would hear the bells over the front door upstairs jingle if a customer came in. while the young man busied himself ticking off items on his checklist; Yami appeared again beside him willing to help out. Though he couldn't touch or move objects, he could float up and disappear to look at products on high shelves making sure they weren't running low on anything, or if any stock should be displayed upstairs in the store. As they both busied themselves, the pair chatted.

"I don't see anything we desperately need shelved. We're not missing or out of any card sets or equipment are we?" the older man inquired.

"Nothing major, but that new shipment is coming in today at the warehouse, so I'll pick it up in the afternoon."

"You really to take things easier Yugi. That's a task people have their assistants do...Wait! That's it!"

"What's it?" Yugi asked blankly, as his darker half appeared beside him.

"That's what you can do. Hire an assistant to work with you. It'll mean less pressure for you and give you someone else to talk to. I know I'm here but you tend to attract weird stares from buyers who think you're talking to yourself."

"Maybe I'll hang up a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window later on. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have someone around, since my friends are gone now..." Yugi trailed off, tried his best not to cry.

"I know you miss all of them Yugi, so do I. But you'll always be friends no matter how far apart you are. They still write and phone you from time to time."

It was true, he did hear from the old gang every so often. With all of them scattered across the globe, he cherished receiving the only form of communication from them. Joey had left to live with Serenity to catch up on all the years they spent apart. Tea was accepted to her dream of studying dance in New York. The Ishtars all left with Shadi after Battle City, going back to Egypt to protect the tombs. Tristan now lived on the other side of the country to go to college to work on mechanics. Duke was travelling abroad to promote his Dungeon Dice Monsters game, while Bakura went home to England. The only other acquaintance in Domino was Kaiba, who of course wasn't the most social person he knew, despite being a little more pleasant to be around, due to his calmer nature now that Joey wasn't around to pick a fight with. He occasionally came into the store with Mokuba, still collecting rare duel cards, even though he didn't play in tournaments anymore.

Yugi did feel a little lonely at times, even with Yami's company. He may have been capable to make other friends in town, but because he had to work all the time, he was either too tired or too busy to socialise with others. Maybe someone working with him could cheer his spirits.

A hectic day came to pass in the shop for Yugi. Soon after he finished checking the merchandise, customers poured in, appearing to spread through the store like a plague. Grand profits were made as the boy sold lots of duel monsters cards and dungeon dice sets, as well as talking to kids, giving them advice on building decks, which they appreciated coming from the undefeated King of Games. Quite astounding how he was still renowned in the duelling world, though he no longer played professionally.

Later in the afternoon, he thought it would be best to head out and collect the new shipment from the warehouse downtown. He felt a little more refreshed from his extended lunch break. Unfortunately, before he left a huge thunderous clap exploded outside, making him jump.

"What was that?" he asked, a little shaken. Yami appeared in transparent form from the soul room where he had been resting, gazing out of the glass window of the shop door.

"It's raining Yugi, thunder and lighting in the sky too. Looks to be a ferocious storm brewing. Maybe you should think about staying inside."

"What about the shipment? I can manage..."

"You're still worn out young one. You've been tiring yourself; you don't need to catch pneumonia on top of it. They hold the orders for a few days after the shipments come in, so you can pick it up when the storm clears tomorrow." Yami retorted, looking at his other half, both firmly and consciously.

"Okay then, I guess I can pick it up tomorrow instead." he agreed, though his counterpart could tell he felt guilty about not being responsible in leaving the delivery.

Instead, they spent the day rearranging the shelves and cleaning out the front of the store when there weren't customers to deal with. As they tidied, Yami couldn't help but feel sorry for his young friend. It wasn't fair that he had so much to do. Being only eighteen, he should have had time to enjoy life, as there were many years ahead for him to burden himself with tasks and a career. He kept holding onto this thought as they nearly finished, when they noticed one more box that had to be taken down. The spirit became weary, seeing it's size.

"Yugi, I think it would be best if you leave that one." he advised.

"It's the last crate. I just have to put it behind the countertop Yami, then we can close the shop and go upstairs."

"But it looks heavy. You could lose your balance and hurt yourself."

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine." the young clerk assured as he scaled the ladder. Once at the top, he reached up and gripped the sides of the box, holing it while trying to climb down from the height. He did make it to the bottom run, but couldn't step down for if he did, he would surely topple over and break his neck. Being so distracted he didn't hear the bell chime from the door, signally someone had entered the store.

"Yugi, you better drop it quickly before you get hurt!" Yami shouted, frantic at not being able to help.

"I can't move, I'm too stiff." He muttered, feeling his grip loosening, pulling him down for serious injury. Just before he slipped or Yami had the chance to take over to assist another pair of hands grasped the box from the other side. Since it was so large, Yugi couldn't see the face of his saviour.

"Don't worry, I'll help you." a voice reassured, holding the huge crate to take some of the weight off Yugi so he was able to climb off the ladder. He called to the person to help move it to behind the counter. After excessive shuffling and panting, the placed the massive object under the shelf space, and both were bent over in exhaustion.

"Thanks a lot. I really appreciate..." Yugi started, but as soon as he straightened himself up, he was unable to speak. He was too taken with the sight in front of him.

The helper had been a girl around his age, slightly shorter than him with a delicate frame and creamy skin. Auburn hair rippled down her back in gentle waves, curling a few strands over her face. She had dreamy hazel eyes, which were slightly magnified by her silver rimmed glasses. She looked quite gothic, a few shinning platinum bracelets and rings on her hands and wrists. An eye catching silver chain with a topaz stone in a dewdrop shape sat at her throat, matching earrings dangling freely from her lobes. She wore black baggy jeans with zips up the sides of the legs so they flared out over her black boots. A purple, blue and black punk style top with split sleeves along with a long black overcoat, which she huddled around her body tightly made her appear very mysterious, but her sweet tiny smile and kind voice said otherwise. The young man was in awe.

'Wow! I don't think I've ever seen such a cute girl in my life. I think my stomach is doing somersaults at the moment, but I can't think why. Is this what it feels like to be attracted to someone? I remember years ago when Joey and Tristan teased me about liking Tea, but we were only friends, nothing more. I certainly never felt like this when Tea was around. I must be smitten...God I'm staring! Now my face will be so red!' he panicked, trying to calm his glowing cheeks, but he noticed something strange. She was blushing too. He couldn't help but grin happily.

'Yugi, you're drooling, so I suggest you talk to this girl before you scare her.' Yami joked through the mind link, having disappeared, knowing Yugi was safe and not wanting to attract attention seeing someone else was around. Shaking himself the young man came out of his trance.

"Oh sorry, I was in a bit of a daze." he stuttered.

"That's okay, I was too." She mumbling, clinging to her coat tightly.

"Well, anyway thanks for your help. You saved me from crashing head first to the floor and getting a concussion." He said playfully, laughing at himself. He made her giggle too, which made Yugi's heart melt as the sound of her melodious chiming.

"You're welcome, but I guess I better go. Goodbye."

As she walked towards the door, picking up a medium sized carry case, which she dropped on seeing his distress, the young shopkeeper couldn't help but notice she was limping a little. It became obvious she was in pain, and soon ended up stumbling, about to fall to the floor. Luckily Yugi guessed what would happen and grabbed her arm to steady her before she toppled.

"Hey, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me. I just...tripped." she replied falsely.

'She's lying Yugi. She's wounded; there's a gash in her stomach, a pretty deep one by the looks of it. That's why she clung to her coat, so it wouldn't be noticed staining her clothes.' the spirit said.

"Sorry, you're not convincing me," he replied, peeling the coat away, shocked to see how the leather was now stained red, sticking to her with the blood. She didn't have the strength to fight him off. "You better come upstairs and I can clean you up."

She gave a meagre nod, but the moment she let go of him the girl nearly slammed into the ground again. Thankfully Yugi caught her swiftly once more, and without a word, put his arm under her legs so he could lift her up off the ground. He carried to the back of the store and upstairs the house, loving the feeling of her cuddling close to his chest with affection.

"So what happened to you? This looks like an inflicted cut to me." Yugi questioned as he dabbed a cloth with disinfectant on the slash to clean it before wrapping a bandage round her stomach, but she never flinched on the couch she lay upon. However she looked close to tears at his mention of her injury. Deciding to force her on seeing how upset she was, the boy finished his first aid and stood up.

"Well, you better spend the night just to build your strength. Just let me go to fetch you something to eat." he said but halted when she called him.

"Thank you so much. By the way, I'm Kitty." she whispered shyly, cheeks tinted pink.

"I'm Yugi." He replied smiling, walking towards the kitchen. On the way he could help but think on her.

'Kitty...what a perfect name for a perfect angel.'