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Chapter 22: Fate of a Challenge

In that hazy delirium, she was almost tricked into believing she had returned to normal, that everything her life was simple and happy again, free from stresses and problems, from the nightmares that had plagued her. For a brief moment in that realm between dreaming and waking, she believed her life was normal, happy, even blissful...

Until her blurry vision saw that smirking scarred face. Reality was to be just as cruel as in the nightmares.

"About time Kitty-Kat, I was beginning to think you'd sleep through all the fun." Drake asked mockingly, but with a quirky and almost cutesy smile on his face. "But at least you gave me the time I needed to get everything ready. I even managed to get my nails done! You don't think the black shimmer colour is too much do you?" he almost squealed, making the girl in question want to go back to being unconscious.

Trying to shake off whatever had caused her to fall asleep in the first place, hazel eyes blinked suddenly at how stiff she felt. She was rigid, unable to move. As she attempted to struggle, she felt the cold sleek touch metal against her back, which she was lying flat on, her legs and arms immobilised. The insane biker leader didn't seem to take much notice of her efforts, took busy touching up his eyeliner once more apparently.

"Those shackles are solid steel darling, so I wouldn't bother trying to break them. Besides, I will slap you silly if you scratch them up, they were very hard to find. I had to kill two gang leaders to get my hands on those." he scolded when he finally turned back to the girl, looking down at her in twisted amusement.

"Well, I guess you have to pay heavy prices for the best." the female finally retorted, glaring defiantly at the other, who only took her comment to be rather amusing, bending down do their faces were level with each other.

"Hey now, I went to a lot of trouble to organise this party for your little boy toy, a little show thanks would be nice." he snapped, gritting his teeth in a show of frustration and madness.

"Sorry, all I have is sarcasm, but I would have thought you would know that about me by now." the girl retorted fiercely. Sadly, she didn't feel as brave as she acted. Hopefully though, she would be able to get through things by pretending, and getting Drake to believe she wasn't scared. Without her fear, his hold wasn't quite as strong.

The male didn't show any sign of how this was affecting him, which was probably right now, the most frightening factor far Kitty.

"Oh I know you well enough I think, raising you for nearly five years means I know you better than you know yourself I think..." he goaded, only silenced when he felt something wet his cheek. Quickly wiping away the small drop of saliva that had been fired at him, he glared down at the rebellious teenager, who showed no concerns for what she had just done.

"Normally, I would get very angry at that, but," he growled down at the girl who had callously spit on his face. "Lucky for you, I haven't put all my makeup on yet. If you had messed that up, you'd have been in big trouble."

Managing to turn her head away from the biker, Kitty fought back any need to shout, scream and cry at the horrid man. Any sign of emotion in front of that monster, she knew he would use to full advantage. It was probably the thing she could hate him for most, beside his ability to kill people so effortlessly and without care, like he had tried to do to Yugi in front of her. However, these thought escaped her when she noticed something sitting beside wherever she was lying. It looked like a control panel of sorts, with three slots on the middle of it.

'Whatever he's using that thing for, it can't be good. I have to get out of here as quickly as I can, maybe Yami could...' she thought, suddenly freezing in horror. Twisting her head back to look at her captor, he only gave a sly smirk, before lifting up a long chain with a head golden pyramid attacked to it.

"I was wondering when you would figure out you weren't wearing it. Still, I guess that boy toy of yours must have some cash stashed away if he afford something so expensive. Still, can't say much about his taste, this bling thing is so tacky." Drake sniffed, tossing his hair over his shoulder.

"Give that back! It's of no uses to you!" Kitty protested, finally losing what little calm demeanour she had. Something of such value couldn't be allowed to fall into the wicked man's grasp, and the young woman knew Yami wouldn't be pleased at all being handled by the one who hurt his other half.

Unfazed by the shouting, eerie green eyes locked onto angry hazel, a battle for domination going on between them. Unfortunately, the male knew exactly how his plans would unfold, knowing now the game was about to start.

"That's where you're mistaken my dear Kitty-Kat. This of use to me, since it's something your little boy toy values." he chuckled, the girl not liking the tone of his voice in the slightest.

"What are you going to do?" she whispered, the worry now laced in her voice.

After a short pause, Drake smiled in the most terrifying way.

"I'm going to test him." He stated in a matter of fact tone, but there was a dangerous hint hidden in the words. "To find out what he loves more, his little trinket...or you."


As the car skidded to a halt in front of the tall iron gates, the anxious passengers were quick to climb out of the back seat and step onto the rough dirty street. The foreboding feeling of dread was sensed by all, no one really sure of what should be done next. It was obvious by some stares and shuffling forms going past that this place was none too welcoming.

"Okay, I'm officially creeped out now." Joey said, shuddering as looked around the eerie and rusted place, the atmosphere tense and frightful.

"Oh quit you're whining pup." Kaiba snapped at him, causing the blonde to glare at him before sticking his tongue out in defence. The businessman merely rolled his eyes at the childish display.

Yugi only looked at the intimidating entrance silently, as if unaware of anything else around him. DJ stood nearby, watching how intense the young man looked as he stood firm, ready for any challenge, while occasionally glancing at his watch. Just what was taking that informer so long?

The group only turned the attentions elsewhere when the large gates suddenly creaked, and ever so slowly opened up. The four males gazed wide eyed as the gateway and path inside appeared before them, almost inviting them in. Of course, that was a very worrying suggestion.

"No way is this as easy as it looks." Joey mumbled, as they gazed around inside the yard, in case any goons where waiting to pounce on them. However, all seemed quiet and calm.

"For once the mutt actually says something I agree with." Seto retorted, sniggering slightly.

"You're just lucky we've got more important matters to think of at the moment rich boy, or you'd be flattened by now." the other growled, turning away from the CEO as they all walked through the gates, and into the unknown.

Whilst the two rivals continued silently bickering, Yugi was more focused on what they would meet inside the giant lot that was Drake's domain. He still knew that even though his friend appeared to be distracted, they were with him in his rescue plan. Taking their minds off the concern and fear by arguing brought a strange sense of calm and normality to the two men. Sadly he couldn't do such a thing. The life of the one he loved was on the line, and he couldn't think of anything else at that moment.

"DJ, are you sure this guy you talked to is meeting us?" he enquired to the policeman walking beside him. Needless to say, the man was looking rather concerned.

"He should be here by now, it odd, this isn't like him..." the officer pondered aloud.

The younger man was about to offer some words of comfort, when a loud thunderous rumble echoed throughout the junkyard. They covered their ears as the ruckus erupted from the centre of the piles of twisted metal, as a large platform suddenly rose out of the debris. It towered over the group, while the man standing on top of it smiled slyly in sheer bliss.

"Drake," Yugi found himself snarling, with utter venom in his voice he never knew he had. That confident gruesome face that had hovered so near him hours earlier was now refreshed in his mind, as the figure stood before him once more. Their eyes were locked in inner conflicts, both knowing now the true trials were about to begin.

"Oh so you're finally here." the biker spoke in a somewhat irritated fashion. "I've been waiting here for at least half an hour; don't you know what punctuality is?"

"Probably as much as you know about sanity." Seto snapped back, while the blonde beside him blinked. It was rather new to him that the businessman could actually make a good comeback that wasn't aimed at him.

"Nice one rich boy!" Joey laughed, slapping the other on the back. The other male stumbled slightly, only to give a look that clearly said 'don't ever touch me again' in the others direction.

Turning away from the moment between his two companions, amethyst eyes focused once more on the green orbs of the insane biker, who looked rather bored and wanting to get along with his plans, whatever they were.

"If you're quite done, I'd like to get this little party on the way." he droned, only to be halted again in his words, this time by the Hispanic law enforcer.

"Not so fast Drake, what did you do with my informant?" DJ questioned, his features showing his anger and determination. "I know you have something to do with him not showing up to meet us." he accused blatantly, which was rather worrying for the tri coloured haired youth. He'd never seen the officer so riled up. But on looking at Drakes expression, he saw the why; that smirk was so large, it couldn't be good.

"Oh, I was wondering when someone would ask about him. He was a bit of a pest spying on us, but in the end he was rather fun to torment. It was lucky we got him after he told you where to find us, saved me another job to do, trying to lure you in, gave me extra time to rig this lovely platform up, and give my nails a second coat of varnish." he chuckled, twisting a stray hair with his fingers, now decorated with gleaming black and silver nails.

"Just tell me where he is you creep!" the policeman screamed, now flustered, almost needing to be held back by the other teenagers.

Blinking, the gang leader just gave a look of sudden realisation.

"Oh you want to see him, how rude of me." he said, bending over briefly to pick something up, which he suddenly tossed over the rails of the platform, only for it to land near the young men with a thump. It was a large duffle bag, which lulled to the side due to the weight within, causing something to tumble out...

A deformed head.

The stench alone caused the group to reel backwards as the torn and scarred skull gazed at them through empty sockets. DJ appeared the most revolted, covering his mouth as he looked at the face, recognising it immediately, while Drake watched him, rather amused.

"Hope you're okay with that, but that's all that was left of him after we finished with him. He was a good sport though, waited right to the end to scream and beg for mercy." the biker smiled, unfazed by what he had done, much to the anger and disgust of everyone else present.

"You man, are just...sick!" Joey shouted furiously.

Drake merely waved the comment off, seemingly bored once more, and proceeded to climb down from the platform. His disinterest turned to excitement at seeing Yugi, his true challenger and target. Once they were face to face, the vicious smirk returned to his face.

"Glad you made it, this is all for you after all kid." he said, eyes glinting. Yugi merely stood his ground, looking fiercer than he had ever been.

"Where is she?" the young man asked bluntly, his fists clenched tightly. He watched as Drake tilted his head, before pulling out a controller from his pocket, and pointing it towards a large screen on top of the steel platform.

"She's right there, just look."

With a click, the screen flickered to life, and showed an image that made the group gasp in shock. Kitty was strapped to a conveyer belt connected to a large towering chimney with a grate door, almost like a giant oven.

"That incinerator starts up automatically in one hour, and everything on that conveyer belt with be burned at almost three thousand degrees. Nothing can survive that inferno." the demented male stated, voice void of emotion. All the Game King could do was look on, eyes blazing in fury.

"Why are you doing this?" he muttered, trying to restrain the rage that was bubbling inside him.

"Well...I guess because I'm bored, I need entertainment. And that's where you come in." The biker shrugged casually, uncaring as the other almost lunged at him, but was held back by Joey and Kaiba. "I heard you like games, so this is perfect for you."

"What are you talking about you psycho? Let her go!" Yugi shouted, looking as if he was ready to kill.

"I mean this is a game for you little boy toy." Drake smiled, clicking the remote once more to zoom into a panel next to the conveyer belt. "See those slots? They're for the three card keys that override the machine and stop the conveyer belt, as well as freeing the restraints that holds any object down. You can save Kitty Kat, if you find the keys and put them in the control box before time runs out and she becomes barbequed." he explained.

"And where are these keys then?" Seto asked, to which the biker gave an almost childish giggle.

"They're hidden of course, in the junkyard. It wouldn't be much of a game if I just gave you the keys silly." he grinned, before turning to gaze at Yugi in a more serious manner. "I've set up three puzzles for you to figure out. If you get them right, you get the keys. If you get them wrong or run out of time, Kitty gets turned into flame grilled goodness, and you...well, I'll leave the rest as a surprise."

Without hesitation, Yugi stepped away from his friends, past the tall biker and headed for the inner heart of the junkyard, and to whatever challenge awaited him within.