Title: Indelible Love

Sam/Jack, pre-There But For the Grace of God, pg-13

Summary: She had an awful feeling that it just wasn't going to last.

Author's Note: Thanks to Jess for her encouragement. The first line's for you.

Indelible Love (1/1)


Sam raised her head from its position in the crook of his shoulder to stare at him. "You'd name a star 'Tweed'? she asked, incredulously.

"You didn't let me finish," he grinned, rolling his eyes.

"Oh," she put her head back down. "Sorry."


Again her head rose, this time her eyes glaring. "Oh, because that's a far better name for a star."

"It is! And that one next to him can be called Tweedledee."

"He? The stars have genders now?"

"Oh yeah," he replied, a confused look on his face.

"Yeah, okay Jack," she laughed, once again settling back down.

"Well if I don't know their real names, I'm going to make them up. And common names would just be boring."

"Jack you do know the names of the stars," she mumbled against his chest.

"Okay, maybe I do, but these names are more fun. And plus we can talk about them around others and no one will have a clue what we're talking about."

Blue eyes glared at his brown ones once more. "Jack, I swear if you ever mention 'Tweedledum' or 'Tweedledee' in front of anyone else…"

He tried to look innocent, but failed. "We'll just pretend we're discussing Alice in Wonderland."

"And why exactly would we be discussing Alice in Wonderland?"

He was silent.

"I didn't think so," she chuckled.

They lay in a tangled heap on the deckchair residing on his roof, staring up at the sky.

"Sparkle," she announced.


"Sparkle. That one's sparkling, we should call it Sparkle." She pointed up into the night sky.

"Original, Sam, very original."

"It makes more sense than your tweed twins."

"Who said they were twins?"

She hit him lightly on the stomach.


"I love you."

He craned his head down. "What?"

She looked up, blue eyes meeting brown. "I love you. I just felt like saying it."

He smiled softly. "I love you, too." Tucking a strand of long blonde hair behind her ear, he caressed her cheek gently. "So much."

She leaned up to kiss him, a deep kiss, and full of all the love inside of her. The moment was perfect, and something was telling her that it wasn't going to last. Tears suddenly filled her eyes, and she got up silently, taking him by the hand.

"Sam," he looked at her, worried. "What's wrong?" With his free hand he touched her cheek, ready to catch the tears were they to fall.

She kissed him again as a silent tear rolled down her cheek. He tasted the salt at the corner of his mouth, and drew back, an inquisitive look on his face.

Gripping his hand tighter, she led him down and back into the house. He followed, waiting for her explanation. He found himself in their bedroom when she turned herself around and wrapped her arms around his neck, breathing in deeply. Still confused, he simply stroked her hair, murmuring that he didn't understand, and that would she please tell him what was wrong.

"I'm scared," she whispered. Rarely did she utter those words. "I'm scared that this will disappear, that something will go terribly wrong. I just… I have a bad feeling about it."

He didn't know what to say, only held her tighter. No more tears rolled down her cheeks. Eventually she pulled back, eyes almost dry, to look into his. No words were necessary. She kissed him once more and pulled him gently towards the bed.