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Summery: 17 year old Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his seventh and final year trying to cope with the suspicious death of his girlfriend, becoming a single father to his three month old son and dealing with the continued threat of Voldemort. Can he come out on top or will he fail miserably.

Chapter One: Autumn's Gift

Seventeen-year-old Harry Potter sat in a contemplative silence in an empty compartment aboard the Hogwarts Express. He was once again headed toward Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But this year would prove to be much different then all of the others put together if the small bundle Harry held protectively in his arms was of any indication.

At the moment that said bundle was sound asleep with his tiny thumb tucked securely in his mouth. Harry hoped that he slept the entire way to Hogwarts, it was going to be a hectic evening and the baby was going to need all the rest he could get before facing the masses.

His eyes wondered over the baby boy's miniaturized features drinking it all in as he had countless times before. Harry marveled over the blended features of Autumn and himself. Luckily the baby had inherited Autumn's straight dark brown hair and bow shaped lips and then of course he had gotten from Harry his beautiful emerald green eyes, and it had seemed that Harry's eyes weren't the only things that he had inherited from him. It had been a bit disconcerting the first time that he had seen it but he hadn't worried. He knew his best bet was to talk to Professor Dumbledore about it. He would definitely want to look at the baby's rather strange birthmark. His son had a light pink lightning bolt birthmark in the same shape as his own scar directly above his heart.

Harry brushed his knuckles gently over the little boy's cheeks and was rewarded with him smiling in his sleep. He was still somewhat dazed at everything that had happened in the past three months and at how much his life had changed. His thoughts started to drift to how exactly this little miracle came to be and how he had become a single father at the age of seventeen. It had all started the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts.

--- Summer of 1997 ---

Harry had returned to the Dursley's wracked with guilt over the events that had happened at the end of the year and was beginning to grieve for his deceased Godfather. Even after the Order's veiled threat his uncle had no problems working Harry mercilessly with oversized lists of chores. He had been doing more work this summer than he had ever done before and it had been quickly wearing him thin. The majority of the day was spent outside in the blazing hot sun catering to every petty chore that his relatives had so graciously given him and if he wanted to join them for dinner he had to make sure that he had all of the chores done.

It had been a week before his sixteenth birthday that Harry had finally said enough was enough. He had been in constant contact with Remus since the end of the school year and with his help they had managed to talk Dumbledore into letting him leave the Dursley's for good this time. They had found a nice cozy apartment with three bedrooms in the outskirts of London that Professor Dumbledore had found and furnished himself. The Headmaster had agreed to let Harry move out on the condition that they let another Auror live with him and Remus. They had agreed to that stipulation and Tonks had moved in with them as well.

Living with the two of them had taken a lot to get used to on Harry's part but he soon got used to his surrogate parents company. It had been a nice change for Harry to have adults that cared for him and wanted him to be happy. Close to a week after they had moved in Tonks and Remus had reminded Harry that they were going to take him clothes shopping for his birthday. Tonks after seeing the state of Harry's muggle clothes deemed it a necessity for Harry to have a closet full of the best clothes that money could buy. Harry had felt kind of embarrassed but quickly got over that when they had entered the clothing store.

That had been the first time that he had ever met seventeen-year-old Autumn Prewett, the young woman that would cause so many changes in his life. She had been working behind the cash register at the clothing store and after seeing how lost Harry had looked trying to pick out clothes she had decided to take pity on him and help him rebuild his wardrobe. While the two worked finding Harry clothes they got to know one another and Harry found that he was extremely attracted to her. After four hours of shopping and talking Harry knew that he couldn't let her get away so he asked her to the movies and amazingly she accepted. After he left the story he had his arms laden heavily down with all of his purchases and Autumn's number tucked safely in his back pocket.

Harry had spent the majority of that summer with Autumn, getting to know her parents and falling deeply in love with her. It had been the best summer of Harry's life. She had surprisingly taken the announcement that he was a wizard in stride and that was when he had found out that her father was a squib. When Harry had found this out he remember something that Moody had showed him at Grimmauld Place. He had shown him a picture of the original Order members and had said that most of them had died. He had said that two of them were Prewett's. He had wondered if they were of any relation to Autumn's father. He had asked Remus but he hadn't been sure if they were or not. Remus had told Harry that he would have to ask Professor Dumbledore when he got back to school.

It had been the day before he was to go back to school that they had taken their relationship to the next level. That had used all the precautions as it had been drilled into his head by Remus and a blushing Tonks, but it had been all in vain and Autumn had gotten pregnant. Harry left the next day with out having any idea of the tiny life that they had created. All through out Harry's sixth year the two of them kept in constant contact owling each other every week. Autumn had decided not to tell Harry that she was pregnant because she didn't want to put him in any more danger than he already was. She had planned on tell him when he came home that summer.

Knowing how much Harry would miss during her pregnancy she began keeping a daily journal of everything that was happening to her and what the doctors said at each visit. She made a scrapbook of pictures and other memorabilia from through out her pregnancy. Autumn knew that it would help make him feel better about what he had missed. Then the day before he was to take the train home for the summer holidays came and he had been sitting with Ron and Hermione. They had been trying to figure out whom it was that Harry had been writing to all year. He hadn't told them because he didn't want Autumn's identity getting out and her and her family being put in danger.

Harry had stopped talking in the middle of a sentence when he saw Remus run into the Great Hall and up to the Headmaster. Remus had looked extremely upset. Harry had shot out of his seat his heart filling with dread. He had known in the pit of his stomach that something terrible had happened and that it would change the rest of his life. Remus after having explained to the Headmaster what had happened had turned and made his way toward Harry with Professor Dumbledore following closely behind.

Remus had come up to the shaking Harry and had laid his hand on his shoulder gently guiding him out of the Great Hall. The entire student body had been silent, wondering what was going to happen next.

Their questions had only increased tenfold when a heart-wrenching scream filled the air. They had heard through the thick oak doors Harry Potter screaming over and over again, "No, No your lying it can't be true!" then the sounds of a broken young man sobbing as if his life was ending.

Remus Lupin had gathered the broken young man in his arms as the sobs wracked his body. The Great Hall had remained silent as the Headmaster walked back in. He had cleared his throat and told them that a terrible tragedy had befallen Harry Potter and he was leaving early, and in regards to his privacy that was all that he was going to disclose.

By the time that the Headmaster had finished talking Harry and Remus had already been on their way home. When Harry had arrived home it hadn't been to a happy reunion with Autumn like they had planned but a tear filled discussion of planning Autumn and her parents funerals.

When the two of them had finally reached their apartment Remus had stopped him outside the door. He had told him that there was someone very special that wanted to meet him. Harry had told Remus to tell who ever it was to go away, he didn't want any visitors, but when Tonks had walked up to him holding a tiny bundle of blue blankets Harry had froze.

"This little man wants to meet you Harry." Tonks had said quietly so that she didn't wake the sleeping baby tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

Harry's heart had started thudding almost painfully in his chest as he held out his arms for the tiny baby. Tonks gently laid the precious bundle into his waiting arms. "When was he born?" he had asked quietly as he breathed in the unique smell of the newborn.

Tonks had smiled and replied, "June first, he is just a little over two weeks old."

Harry had taken a deep breath when he felt the tears welling up in his eyes. "What did she name him?"

Remus had come up beside him and squeezed his shoulder comfortingly, "His name is Michael James Potter."

Harry had felt the tears coursing down his cheeks as he looked up into Remus's pain filled eyes, "A son, she gave me a son." He had whispered quietly.