World & Wishes

By Syron13

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Ch1 Mirror Images

Harry lay on his bed staring at the ceiling.

He couldn't even think anymore.

It was just ……………..nothing.

There were a million things that should be there; too many, and in self defense his brain had shut down.

Dinner would be ending soon and then everyone would be back in the common room and dormitories, full of noise from last minute packing and end of term celebration. Harry got up. He wouldn't be here when they returned. He just wanted to be alone. Harry went over to his trunk and pulled out his Invisibility Cloak, ignoring the shattered mirror that lay inside.

It had been a gift from Sirius. His last gift…. Sirius

Harry shook his head to get ride of the thought that intruded on his silence.

Donning his cloak he went out into the halls and started walking. He didn't really care were, so long as it was away. Just away.

Harry walked through the halls not particularly caring were he ended up, only stopping after realizing there was no other way out of the room he had come to. Large windows lined one side of the room letting in the last rays of the setting sun.

A glint caught Harry's eye and he turned to see something familiar; though he had never thought to see it again. The Mirror of Erised stood in the far corner of the rectangular room. It was only made visible with the low angle of the sun as it disappeared beyond the horizon.

Harry slipped off his cloak, draping it over his left arm as he hesitantly made his way to the mirror; both fearing and hoping he knew what he would see within. As he got closer the image of a person started to form. He knew who that person would be. There was only one it could be after what had so recently happened in the Department of Mysteries.

Harry braced himself with each step, as the image changed from a bleared figure of a man to a clear image.


Harry said softly in confusion. Why was he seeing him and not Sirius, and why was he alone? Where was his mum, or the other family he had seen before? The image of his father placed his hand against the inside of the mirror, and Harry reached out to place his against it.

As soon as his hand connected with the mirror he felt a pull like that of a port key. NO! He thought trying to pull away, but it was too late.

SG-1 finally had some free time, and Sam planned to enjoy it the best way she knew.


She had been able to convince General Hammond to let her study the Quantum Mirror again though he hadn't been too thrilled with the prospect of it being in his base again.

Sitting across the room, it was an irregular shape with a thick stone framework. Who would have thought something so simple could cause so much trouble.

Sam was currently going over some calculations on energy frequency when there was a quick rap on her door. She looked up at the already open door to see Jack leaning in with Daniel and Teal'c behind him.

"Hey guys, come on in." She greeted them with a smile. They came in, each wearing their civilian clothing. Jack in a plan T-shirt and blue jeans while Daniel and Teal'c wore slightly nicer slacks and long sleeved shirts. In Teal'c's case this also included a hat to cover the golden symbol on his forehead.

"So Carter, Whatcha doin," said Jack.

"I'm going over the quantum mechanics of…"

"Au" Jack made a noise and raised his hand to forestall her.

"Sam, were on leave you shouldn't be researching you should be having fun."

"Sir, this is fun to me you know that." She replied to the old argument. He always thought she worked too much, and she thought it wouldn't harm him to work a little harder.

"Your working on the Quantum Mirror" said Daniel deciding now would be a good time to interrupt.

"Yes, General Hammond gave me some time to work with it, though it did take some convincing. I don't have much time before they take it back to Area 51."

"Good riddance. That thing has caused enough trouble as it is" quipped Jack.

Daniel stepped over to the mirror. "If it wasn't for this mirror we wouldn't have been forewarned about Apophasis attack. It's hardly been causing trouble." Daniel said looking into the mirror.

He had been the one to discover it, and had gone through it more times than any of them. He placed his hand on the mirror just as he would in order to travel through it. He didn't worry about it being on. He had lost their controller when he had first gone through it, so unless someone from another world activated it, it should be safe.

As he watched the ghost image of a young man appeared in the mirror looking at him. Daniel was too shocked to move. It looked like a younger version of himself. The image moved forward and placed its hand on the opposite side of his own as if he could touch him.

Then he felt it, a pull at his center. It was the sensation he always got traveling through the mirror. The only thing he managed to think before he was pulled through was,

Not again.

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