Both shots hit him at once in a swirl of energy. The boy clenched his teeth and gripped his weapon even tighter, his whole body going ridged, before he collapsed on the floor.

"Uh…Oops" said Jack "soooo is he…"

Carter went to the end of the table, her zat still in hand and trained on the teen as she checked his neck for a pulse.

"He's alive," she said taking the stick/energy weapon from the unconscious youths hand and backing away. "He's unconscious but his pulse is steady. We should get him to the infirmary."

Hammond called the infirmary for emergency assistance as well as arranged for a couple soldiers to stand guard. There was no point taking chances until they could be sure exactly what this kid was and where his loyalties lay.

Even though mini-Daniel, or Harry, seemed to be unconscious as Carter had stated Jack kept his Zat at the ready.

"I could be wrong but shouldn't he be ….. Oh, I don't know." he waved the zat around a bit as if looking for a word that eluded him.


"You know one shot lots of pain and unconscious, two shots dead, three shots evaporation."

"Disintegration," Carter automatically corrected him.

"Yeah, that." Jack replied.

"Well he was shot by two zats but since they were fired simultaneously they may have had slightly altered effect from what two shots separately would normally do," Carter stated. "Teal'c?"

"I do not recall ever seeing these particular weapons used in such a fashion before," he said calmly.

"Riigghht," said Jack and with that the medical team arrived.

Many hours and many many tests later SG1, Hammond, Dr. Frasier, and a representative from one of SGC's labs, (that no one knows and no one really cares to know as they will never be seen in this story again) Mr. Smith, sat around the same oval conference table from earlier to share their findings.

"So what do we know about the cloak and energy weapon?" asked Hammond.

"Well," said Mr. Smith. "The 'energy weapon' as you call it is made of Holly and scans show that there is what appears to a different organic material in the center of it. Though we're not sure how it got there as the wood its self is completely solid other wise. There doesn't seem to be any way it could produce the energy it 'supposedly' did."

"And the cloak?"

"Well that was interesting. Actually we are not sure what it is made of. The thread appears to be organic, though it's not from any planet or animal that's known to exist on this or any of the worlds we've visited."

"So…Do you know anything, Oh I don't know…..useful?" said Jack flippantly. Which earned him a warning look from Hammond.

"Actually it seems that all you have to do to make it work is to put it on." The lab representative picked up the cloak from the table and put it on, vanishing from the room.

"It appears to work for anyone that puts it on." He said slipping it off and putting it on the table.

"Cool", said Jack. Everyone at the table looked at him.

"What? It is," he mumbled.

"So, How does it work?" asked Carter.

"Well… we don't actually know. It doesn't give off any energy source that we can detect and there doesn't seem to be any other means of controlling it. Its property seems to be innately part of the fibers."

"If it's an innate property of the material why is it we can see it now and when your holding it but not when it's put on?" asked Carter.

"We have yet to discover the cause of that particular anomaly." the lab rep said.

"So in other words 'you don't know'," said Jack who's comment was just outright ignored by those at the table.

"Thank you, Mr. Smith. You're dismissed." Hammond told the lab rep.

"Yes Sir" and then left the room (and the story never to be heard from or wondered about ever again).

"So Janet, what do you have for us?"

Janet let out a sigh. "Quite frankly not much. One thing for curtain though he's not a Goa'uld."

"You're sure?" asked Hammond

"Yes there's nothing in the x-rays and his blood doesn't contain the markers of someone who has been a host in the past. He's also human if you were wondering. He appears to be just an average teenage boy, though I'd say he hasn't received as much nourishment as he should have in the past."

"So what was all that hissing he was doing?" asked Jack.

"Perhaps it was just another language we're unfamiliar with." suggested Carter.

"He was talking to a Goa'uld, Sam. You don't just talk to those things, especially when their not in someone's head." He pointed at his own head to emphasis the point.

"Teal'c, have you ever heard of someone who could communicate directly with symbiotes like this?" asked Hammond.

"I have not, though while in my service to Apophis there were many occasions in which he seemed to understand the larval Gou'alds, even responding in the same manner of 'hissing' as the boy. Perhaps it is indeed a language as Carter has suggested, though I have never seen such from one who is not themselves a Gou'ald."

"Very well" said Hammond. "Dr. Frasier, how long will it be before we can expect the boy to wake?"

"Well, I gave him a sedative to make sure he wouldn't wake up while we ran our tests. It should be wearing off in the next hour," she said.

"Very well, I want you to call me as soon as he wakes. Dismissed" Hammond said and stood up to leave.

"Uh….Sir?" Jack said as he stood.

Hammond let out as sigh. "What it is Colonel?

"I don't suppose I could maybe borrow that cloak thing. You know, just for a while." Hammond gave Jack a pointed look that clearly said NO and went to leave the room.

"Oh come on!" Jack called after him but Hammond just kept going.

After his failed attempt at getting the cloak and stopping at the mess hall for some Jell-O, Jack wondered down to the infirmary. Going in he saw the boy laying to his left in one of the standard beds. Machines stood beside it to monitor his vitals. Noticing him Dr. Frasier came over.

"Colonel? Is there something I can help you with?", she asked.

"Oh, just thought I'd step by, see how things were", he replied.

Janet noticed him glance at her newest patients. "He's still asleep. I would have called if anything had changed."

"I know."

"Then why are you here?" she asked.

"Why are any of us here?" he returned in a philosophical voice.

Frasier repressed the urge to roll her eyes and instead gave a small sigh. "Fine, just…try to stay out of the way."

Jack gave her a smile and went over to the bed that held mini-Daniel. He grabbed a chair and turned it around backwards before sitting. He folded his arms across the back of the chair and propped his chin on them, staring at the unconscious boy.


Sneezes echoed down an empty hall as Daniel made it to the end of the passage way. With his eyes watering, he looked around.

Gargoyle, lemon drops, gargoyle, lemon drops, he repeated in his head, not even noticing as the wall sealed behind him. Ah, there it was.

Daniel said the password and watched as the gargoyle jumped to the side, revealing a spiral stair case. He climbed until he reached a curved, wooden door.

Well here goes nothing, he thought before giving a short rap on the thick wood.

"Enter." Came a voice from within and Daniel stepped forward into the office of Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

SGC Infirmary (5 min later)

Jack looked around. Well this is boring. His eyes fell on a sharpie marker sitting on the shelf next to him. His face lit up as he looked around him and then grabbed the marker.

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