I sighed as I watched him, in the same hopeless admiration that I always did. With the same hope that someday he would notice me. His name fits him well you know Lapis like the gem, with the same cold cut and the same intricate facets. And the fact that a guy like me could never even dream of holding such a treasure in his arms.
It was four years three months and seven days ago that we had met, and four years since we'd seen each other. Four long years that he's been pressing my mind, four years that I've held no one else. And four years that he's not thought of me, four years and he hasn't wondered if I'm even alive. In his mind I think I'm just another Habit. Another noble with nothing better to do then mess around with spars like him, but he can't imagine the truth, can't imagine how many women, and men for that matter, I've turned down, waiting for him. And so I will keep doing, until the day that my Lapis should realize that Diamond can't love him. Not the same way that I can.