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CH 1-Betrayal -

It was early in the morning, and sun was rising. All was quiet and peaceful, except in Inuyasha's forest. "Kagome, Kikyo stop this!" Inuyasha yelled. "No Inuyasha, if Kikyo wants my soul she'll have to kill me first!" Kagome screamed with her fists squeezed tightly against her side. "That will be no problem girl, you may be a reincarnation of me but you have no power like I do" Kikyo informed in a dead, flat tone. "Now prepare to die!" She shouted.

Kikyo pulled her bow and arrow out and aimed it at Kagome's chest. "Inuyasha, stop her! You're not gonna let her kill me, are you?" Kagome said in a worriedly, for she had no weapon. "Kikyo, don't do this!" Inuyasha yelled desperately. "You can get other souls. You don't have to kill Kagome!" Inuyasha softly gazed at Kikyo and placed one hand on her cheek. Kikyo lowered her bow and arrow. Kikyo stared into Inuyasha's eyes. They were full of life. Inuyasha stared back at Kikyo. Her eyes were cold and empty.

"Does this girl mean more to you than I do? Before I died you were going to spend the rest of your life with me, and mine with yours. Do you wish to spend the rest of your life with that girl, Inuyasha?" Kikyo frowned at him. Inuyasha stuttered, desperately thinking for an answer. His eyes lowered to the ground, deep in thought. (I'm in love with Kikyo, not Kagome. I can put the Jewel Shards back together and wish for Kikyo to be alive again. I need to tell Kagome I don't love her, I know it will break her heart but I still care for her, and I need to tell her what I feel.)

Inuyasha raised his head to look at Kagome, then quickly averted his gaze back to the ground. He took a deep breath and began. "I'm Sorry Kagome, I thought about it and I am in love with Kikyo." Inuyasha glanced at Kikyo who had a grin across her face, and then quickly turned to Kagome and watched her. Kagome stared back, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. She was speechless. "What? What are you talking about Inuyasha? I loved you and I thought you felt the same way. I thought you cared about me, you always protected me in battle."

Tears began streaming down Kagome's face. "Kagome, you were my first real friend. I had to protect you. You could see the Jewel Shards and I need them to bring back Kikyo.You do understand, don't you, Kagome?" Inuyasha hoped Kagome would agree, but was shocked when she started screaming. Inuyasha stared at Kagome's face. Her tears had dried and now and her cheeks were flaming red with fury.

"Do I understand, what the hell do you think? You used me, you lied to me, you said you loved me, not Kikyo!" Kagome was now shouting with all her might. "You broke my heart! You betrayed me, Inuyasha! No, I don't understand,but you better understand this. Kikyo won't get my soul, and you Inuyasha, you are not going to get the Jewel Shards from me!" Kagome wrapped her hand around the fused jewel shards hanging from her neck. "I will protect them with my life. I will not die like Kikyo did either. I will kill Kikyo, if it's the last thing I do!"

"You couldn't kill Kikyo or keep the Jewel Shards away from me if your life depended on it! I'm sorry Kagome but I'm in love with Kikyo. I will get those Jewel Shards.Your either going to hand them over to me or die protecting them. Better yet, I will make a deal with you. Kikyo and I are going to collect the rest of the shards, then we're going to come to you and get the rest from you and if you don't cooperate I will kill you!" Inuyasha temper was starting to rise now. But Kagome's temper was already sky rocketing.

"Well Inuyasha, you're not going to get the Shikon Jewel shards. So when you come for the jewel shards you and Kikyo will die by me, that's a promise!" Kagome said, her eyes were now starting to fill up with tears of anger. Inuyasha glared at Kagome. "I know one day I will die, but not by a human's hands! Inuyasha motioned to Kikyo. "Lets go, Kikyo." Kikyo climbed onto Inuyasha's back. He then started to hop from tree to tree. Right then he didn't care what just happened, he wanted to get away from Kagome. They were heading in the direction of Kaede's village. "Inuyasha you traitor, TRAITOR!!!!!!" Kagome screamed.

Inuyasha faltered when he heard the enraged yell. A sob escaped Kagome's throat as she fell to her knees. (Why would he betray me like that? I loved him so much and he only used me! I will kill that bitch, Kikyo. But how? I don't know, I have to stop stressing, I'll find a way. I'll go to Kaede's hut and tell Sango and Miroku that I'm going home and I"ll explain what happened later. I need some time to think.) Kagome thought, forcing herself to calm down. She stood, wiped the tears from her face, and began the trek to Kaede's hut.

Sesshoumaru rose, gracefully jumping to the ground from the tree he was in. (I've been watching that wench and half breed brother of mine fight all morning. It seems Inuyasha has turned on his woman for that dead clay pot. Well, I have use for that girl. She has been betrayed by Inuyasha, so she will be easy to pursue.) Sesshoumaru then made his way back to his castle, a smug look on his face.

After a few minutes of slowly heading through the forest, Kaede's village came into view. (I'm almost at Kaede's hut, I just have to get my things and go. I will explain why later.) "KAGOME! Kagome, your back!!" Kagome turned and smiled upon hearing the excited shout, watching Shippo run up to her. "Hi, Shippo! Do you know where Sango and Miroku are?" Kagome asked the small kitsune, looking around a bit. "They just left to gather firewood." Shippo replied. "Hey, where's Inuyasha?" Shippo asked curiously. "Oh, he went to finish some business, he won't be back for awhile" Kagome answered flatly. (I can't lie to everyone forever, I need to tell what happened with me and Inuyasha soon.)

Kagome spotted Kaede and quickly stepped up to her. "Kaede, will you tell Sango and Miroku that I'm going home and will be back soon?" Kagome asked, a fake smile plastered on her face. "I will Kagome, don't worry." Kaede replied. "Well, I guess I have to get my backpack." Kagome walked into Kaedes hut and gathered all of her things(oh yeah, I have to talk to Shippo too. Can't forget.)

Kaede sighed. (Poor young Lady Kagome. She conceals herself from the world. Always putting on a happy face. Sometimes ye needs to let ones shield down.) Kaede sighed as Kagome walked out of her hut and went up to Shippo. Kaede knew something happened between Inuyasha and Kagome, something serious.

"Ok Shippo, I have all my things, I'm going to go now, ok?" Kagome looked at Shippo. Shippo ran up to Kagome and hugged her leg. "Ok Kagome, please come back soon!" Shippo said as he looked into Kagome's eyes. Kagome chuckled. "I will Shippo, it will only be for a day or two." Kagome paused for a moment. "Shippo, will you walk with me to the well? I need to talk to you." "Sure Kagome!" Shippo said while thinking nervously - (I hope Kagome's not mad at me.) (I wonder how I'm going to tell Shippo) Kagome thought as she picked Shippo up and placed him in her arms. They walked to the well in silence.

Kagome walked up to the well and placed Shippo on the ground. "Ok Kagome, we're at the well, you wanted to talk to me?" Shippo said eagerly. "Yes, I did." Kagome replied. "Kagome, I hope your not mad at me, your not gonna leave for good are you?" Shippo asked worriedly. Kagome smiled at him shaking her head. "Shippo, I'm not leaving for good, and why would I be mad at you?" "Oh, thank goodness, Kagome I thought you were going to leave for good!" Shippo said in relief "No Shippo I wanted to talk to you about something else." Kagome said." Oh, about what?" Shippo asked, relieved.

Kagome paused for a minute before she started to talk. Shippo looked at her anxiously waiting for Kagome to talk. She took a deep breath and said- "Shippo, do you want to call me mommy?" Kagome held her breath waiting for an answer. Shippo said instantly "Yeah, yeah, I do! I want to call you mommy!!" Shippo said smiling. Kagome smiled happily at his enthusiasm. "Do you want to be my son? I could adopt you if you want to be." "Yes, I want to be your son, I really do! I want you to adopt me! Would you?" Shippo said looking at Kagome with wide eyes. "Of course I would Shippo, so you can call me mommy from now on." Kagome said smiling.

"Ok mommy!" Shippo replied happily. "Ok Shippo, I'm going to go home now but I'll be back soon." Kagome climbed onto the well. "Ok mommy, see you soon!" Kagome jumped in the well while thinking-(Wow, I have a son now. I wonder what my mom will think. I'm sure she won't be mad, because he's just my adopted son, I didn't have him. Besides, he needed a mommy.)Kagome thought firmly.

At Kaedes hut

Inuyasha and Kikyo walked out from behind a tree. "Inuyasha I must go alone she is my younger sister. I need to explain to her what has happened. She will take the side of her older sister and not some reincarnation." Inuyasha sighed in defeat as he watched Kikyo walk up to Kaedes Hut. Kikyo moved aside the wooded bamboo tapestry and walked in. Kaede sensed Kikyo and stopped- "Kikyo I have been expecting you." She said as she turned around to face Kikyo. "Younger sister Inuyasha and I are in need of aid. Inuyasha has finally returned to me and we are in search of Naraku." "As is Kagome. She is in need of me more then you are. Now please leave you are no longer welcome here." Kaede sighed painfully and walked away. Kikyo stood in shock. "Kaede we will soon meet again." Kikyo then walked out side to Inuyasha.

Back at the well

"What the hell? Why didn't I go back to the present time?" Kagome said, worriedly. "Shippo! are you there?" Kagome said in panic "Yeah mommy, what's wrong?" Shippo said worriedly. "I can't go back to my time era!" Kagome screamed. (Oh my god, what am I gonna do? What if I never see my family again? Oh no, I'll fail school!)Kagome thought worriedly. "It's ok mommy, we'll just get Inu-" Kagome cut Shippo off "No we won't get him!We don't need that bastard!" Kagome replied angrily. "Why not?" Shippo asked as kagome climbed out of the well." He is a traitor! He betrayed us, but most of all me, for that dead clay bitch Kikyo! He can go to hell for all I care! Kagome screamed furiously.

"You are right wench,that half breed mutt betrayed you for a clay pot. He chose a dead clay pot over you. But I have something that will make you feel better." A mysterious voice said "Shippo, run!" Kagome screamed. "No mommy, I can't just leave you!" Shippo said. "Shippo, get out of here, NOW! GO!" Kagome screamed desperately. "l will go get Sango and Miroku!" Shippo cried as he started running. (Kagome's in danger, I have to hurry!) Shippo thought.

"Sesshoumaru, show yourself, what do you want?"Kagome asked as Sesshoumaru stepped out of the shadows. "I, Sesshoumaru would like to propose a deal to you wench. A partnership." Sesshoumaru said in a sly voice. ! There's the first chapter for you. I hope I did ok. Review time!!!! They will be greatly. Review please!! You can now read it with out stressing you eyes!! I am so so so sorry it has taken so long to post these stories up!

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