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Kagome stood behind the double doors, excitement dancing in her eyes. (It's a library! I didn't think Sesshoumaru had one. But then again, why should I be surprised?) Kagome looked around the room in awe. It was enormous. A deep navy blue rug covered almost the whole room, just short of the wall. In the far right of the room was a large window, looking out to the treetops.

The walls were aligned with shelves filled with hundreds of books in all sizes. Right in front of the window was a dark, shiny cherry wood desk and a chair. Various documents were scattered across the desk, a feather quill pen amidst all the paperwork. To the right of the desk was a cozy looking brown leather couch. "This is amazing!" Kagome whispered to herself. She began to slowly, but gracefully make her way around the room, idly brushing her hands against a few books as she walked by the shelves.

She stopped as a particular book caught her eye. She took it from the shelf and stared at it. The book was deep blue with emerald green writing on the front. She opened the book and flipped through a few pages, skimming over the words. (It's a romance novel....Who knew Sesshoumaru was the romantic type?) Kagome snorted at the thought. She deftly walked over to the couch, plopping down onto it and turning back to the beginning of the book, ready for some quality reading time.

Dining room

(What's keeping that human so long?) Sesshoumaru thought irritably to himself. " Rin, wait here" Sesshoumaru commanded, swiftly stepping out of the huge dining room. (Where could that human be? I sent my servant over half an hour ago!) Sesshoumaru then set to the painstaking task of checking every room in that wing of the castle, grumbling to himself all the way.

Kaede's hut

Shippo came pouncing in happily with twigs in his hands. "Kaede I got the firewood." Shippo said as he placed the twigs next to the fire and hoped into Kaede's welcoming arms. "Thank you Shippo." Kaede glanced toward the tapestry and seen Miroku and Sango carrying firewood that piled over their head. Kaede chuckled lightly at the sight of them.

"Kaede where would you like Sango and I to place this fire wood?" "Next to the fire." Miroku and Sango walked over to the fire and dropped the wood on the floor. "Thank you." Kaede said warmly. Miroku mumbled quietly to Sango. "Next time we should have Shippo carry the whole load." Miroku smiled slyly at Sango and sat down in front of Kaede. Sango followed him.

Kaede placed Shippo on the floor and looked at Miroku and Sango. "Kikyo has come to me twice asking for my aid for Inuyasha and her." Kaede took in a deep breath. "I know she is not my sister, she passed away 50 years ago, but every time I see her I cant help but want her to be alive again." Miroku and Sango just looked at Kaede waiting for more.

"You three must not give Inuyasha or Kikyo any help. Kagome needs us. She has fallen in love with Inuyasha and Kikyo knows that. Kikyo will do anything to kill Kagome. We must be strong. The war between the Shikon No Tama will begin soon and Kagome will be the one who will protect it, and we must protect her." All three of them nodded their head in agreement.

There was silence as all the information settled in their heads. Miroku was the first to speak. "Kaede do you think we should go and get Kagome. It may not be safe for her." Miroku looked at Sango who nodded her head in agreement. Kaede also nodded her head in agreement.

Miroku stood up and said "I will go and get Kagome." He started out of the hut when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and it was Sango. "I will go get Kagome, she is in the hot springs."

Miroku smiled and said. "As you wish Lady Sango" Miroku turned around and sat down next to Kaede. Sango had a look of surprise on her face, then left the hut in search of Kagome. Inuyasha and Kikyo Kikyo finally stopped walking. Inuyasha was right behind her, he grunted as he ran into Kikyo. Inuyasha was deep in thought. They were somewhere in the middle of Inuyasha's forest. "God dam it Kikyo what is your problem? You won't even talk to me." Inuyasha screamed. Kikyo turned around and looked into Inuyasha's eyes. "We don't need Kaede's aid, we will kill Kagome and get the jewel shards." Kikyo said lifelessly. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and jumped into the highest tree he saw. Kikyo just plopped on the ground to wait for Inuyasha's temper tantrum to be over with. Inuyasha let out a sigh. (I don't know why Kikyo is being such a bitch. Jesus Christ she's not her self. All she does is talk about killing Kagome. I don't even want to kill Kagome.) Inuyasha leaned his head back on the tree and closed his eyes and drifted off into a light sleep. Back to Sango Sango neared the Hot Springs and called out to Kagome. "Kagome are you there? I need to talk to you." Sango was now in full view of the hot springs. She started to panic. "Kagome. Kagome are you there?" She said with alarm in her voice. Sango walked up to the hot spring and saw Kagome's note. Well there you go chapter 5. Sorry it wasn't interesting. It will get interesting soon though. I am so sorry it took so long to post this chapter up. Please don't be mad at me (tear tear) I will get the 6th chapter up as soon as I can. I promise! Oh and I want to say Hey to the people who I have talked with. You guys know who you are. And I want to thank every body who has reviewed so much. It means a lot to me. I mean if I didn't have as many reviews as I do, I wouldn't keep writing this story. Oh and one more thing, I just couldn't think of a name foe this chapter so if you have any ideas just tell me. Lots of love Fluffys gurl and lots of help from Random Kyuubi.