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Author's Note: My story line is still a little sketchy at the moment but I have a vague idea of where this story is going. I welcome and appreciate all reviews and am open to suggestions or ideas for the story. Please note that this is my first fanfic so I'll ask you to please bear with me as I am trying my best. I hope you like it.

Innocence: Prologue

It's the second year of the Mansbridge experiment and everyone's the same as before the summer right? But if so then what's up with Dylan and why's Merrill acting so strange. What happens when a group resurfaces, a group that hasn't been herd from in almost a century and was believed to be dead. A group that goes by the name of the Innocence and seems to terrify the council of elders even more than the fury do.

But wait just who/what are the innocence anyway? Why do the nighttime and even dr. Murdock know next nothing about them? Why have they been all but erased from history? What are the elders hiding? Why does Merrill seem to know more than she's letting on? And what does the new daytime student Catalina, a genius 8 year old child have to do with her?

End prologue

I know its not much yet but I promise to post the first chapter as soon as I've finished writing it. It's already 11:20pm but if I'll see if I can finish the chapter tonight.