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I'm so sick of this situation. I mean watching your best friend pine after your other best friend really gets tiring after a while. I just wish he'd swallow his pride and say it to each other. No more longing looks, and wistful eyes.

One of my best mates, Sirius Black is discreetly hiding his feelings Remus Lupin- and I sodding can't take it any more! I mean he's so cowardly about telling him. It has been a whole bloody year, and so far he's done nothing! He probably wouldn't have even told me if I hadn't figured it out for myself. He says he's liked our dear Moony since third year, been in love since fourth, then in fifth I figured it out. But now were starting a new year. And I am forcing Padfoot to tell Moony. I know that Moony feels the same, I monitored his behaviour closely after realizing Padfoots feelings. So I know for sure that Remus has felt this way since last year atleast. But Remus is shy, he'll never act on it. So, time to force Sirius to do it!

Sirius Black, he's like a brother to me. He's charming, daring, and often very devilish. He's got silky ebony hair, slightly tanned well built, and very sculpted body, with piercing blue eyes, and a mischevious smile that all the girls fawned over. He's loud and attention seeking, stubborn, and yet very loyal and true to his friends. He'll do anything once, and maybe twice if it was completely insane. He didn't think of the rules, he was untouchable, and a member of the Marauders (who were the best pranksters Hogwarts have ever seen). He was exceptionally bright, easy going, and head over heels for the Marauders resident werewolf Remus Lupin.

Remus, was almost the exact opposite of Sirius. He was quiet, and never sought out attention. He liked blending in, mostly due to his lycanthropy. He was probably the brightest student Hogwarts had ever seen, or ever will. He loved to read. He had a soft look about him, and a soothing, playful charm. He had tawny hair, that always side swept over his eyes, bright amber eyes that were always full of something that you could never be certain of, and a brilliant smile. It was honest, and full of mirth, it hinted at an inside joke that only he knew the humor of. It was a smile most would do anything for. He was kind to every one, sensible (although still rather devilish when it came to pranks), more mature than all the other Marauders, and head over heals for Marauder's the resident dare devil, Sirius Black.

Its so obvious to me that they love each other. Sirius with his long, lustful stares, and Remus with his slight blushes when ever Sirius enters a room. But as soon as the lustful stares start, the eyes cloud over, and as soon as the blush starts, it creeps back and becomes invisible, just to make sure their secret feelings are unknown.

But I can't take it any more. I've noticed it, and I am going to make them spill their bloody guts out, even if it kills me. I know Peter has noticed it too, and I know he'll help. So now, I only have ambition this year, well two really, get the lovely Evans to look my way, and help out my two best pals. After all, I am James Potter, I'm devious and cunning. Come to think of it, this might actually be fun!

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