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In truth, I owe James a lot. He's a great guy, he's the driving force behind my current happiness. But he can be a dolt at the same time, because really, who locks two people together in a room for the whole day, WITH NO FOOD! Oh yes, James had his picture perfect plan, but it was only PICTURE perfect. Seriously did he forgot that people need food! At first, for the first two hours, I didn't mind. I thought he would let us out by dinner, so I occupied my time with a little kissing. But, then the third hour rolled along, I noticed I was hungry, the fourth hour rolled on, you can only kiss so much you know, the sixth, I'm starving, and I know Sirius is too, now were on the seventh hour.

"I think the house elves are probably cleaning up after every ones dinner by now." Sirius sighed.

"I can't believe James planned to lock us in here for ages with out food. He never really thought it through did he?" I laugh.

"I still can't believe were in the room of REQUIREment, and we REQUIRE food, but it still hasn't appeared." Sirius yelled at the room, as if he expected it to obey him just because he said it louder.

"Well, James probably charmed it, or asked it, to make sure it didn't listen to what we thought. Because if we did, the door would be unlocked, and you probably would have wanted the coins to vanish. And then none of this would have happened." I smile and chuckle as I remember his horror at seeing the tokens.

"Yeah, probably. Well, it looks like were spending the night here Moony." He pointed to the window that showed the waning moon high over the sky, and stars shining alongside it. I glance longingly at the window. I'm so hungry that I've thought about just jumping out it and hoping that wolves have nine lives, -just like cats. Some how, even in my altered state, due to hunger, I know it won't work.

"Sure does. That prat better come get us soon though." Sirius took of his cloak, and held it over the two of us like a blanket.

"Nightey, Night Padfoot." I gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

"Sweet dreams Moony." He smiled at me.


Yesterday was fantastic. I spent the day with Lily. She is even more interesting, charismatic, more fun, more pretty, more everything, than I ever thought. She seemed to warm up to me way more too. I mean I know I lost the bet, since I'm sure that Remus and Sirius snogged half the night away, but I still feel rather victorious since Lily and I have got so much farther in our relationship. Ok, ok, we don't have a relationship YET. But with the way things are going, it's only a matter of time. Finally, I think I'm on God's good side again.

I'm on my way to the room of Requirement to let the two lovey dovey birds out. I would take Peter along, but he is still asleep, and he didn't seem to thrilled that I locked them up together. He called me cruel and unusual. Really, Peter, its not cruel if your doing it to HELP them.

I reach the corridor and walk up to the door, I knock first incase that if I AM interrupting anything, they stop it before I open the door. I don't want to be scarred for life, or never have the urge to kiss some one again (that would suck because I'm planning on kissing Lily SOON), after what I might see.. I wait about three minutes before entering the room. When I do, I have a huge grin plastered on my face that could rival one of a Cheshire cat..

"Hey boys! How was the night! Did you like the prank? Care to thank me? You could start thanking me by addressing me as: James, the all-knowing, almighty, God. Because, I think I deserve it after this little stunt." Sirius looked at me with daggers. He had his arm around Moony. YES I think! ABOUT BLOODY TIME! Remus stretches his arms and sighs.

"Oh, what a well thought out stunt it was too. You know, when you lock people in a room for a whole day almost. YOU USUALLY GIVE THEM FOOD!" He got up rather fast for some one who spent the whole night sleeping on little uncomfortable coins. Maybe he didn't sleep?! Uck! JAMES DON"T THINK THAT! But, they don't look tired, and if they DID dos something else, one of them won't be able to walk!! OK, OK!! Don't think about that! He ran to me and thumped me in the head extremely hard, dashed out of the room in search of food.

"HEY REM! YOU FORGOT TO SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR ALMIGHTY GOD!" I laugh. I actually do feel bad for locking them up with out food. I didn't realize I did that.Hm, so my perfect plan had one TINY flaw! It was still brilliant!

"So James, the all-knowing, almighty, god of stupidity. Got that voice warmed up?" Sirius smirks at me. Yeah yeah, he won, blah blah, I've got to sing to Evans. Sheesh, its not like he would have won without my help. "I was thinking of going with that muggle singer Brittany Spears for your big solo. You could dress up too!" He laughed and then turned to me as he left the room. "Oh, and James, -thanks." He called for Remus to wait up. I sighed, ah, who says good deeds go unnoticed?

Three Days Later: (Still James POV):

Lily and I sat on a couch infront of the fire, Sirius and Remus were sprawled on the floor, and Peter sat with some fifth year at a table beside me.

"You've got to be yanking me Remus!" I laughed at Moony's indignant face.

"I am not! I swear it James, I may occasionally tug, but not this time. Some girl actually cornered me and told me to take my spell off Sirius. Third one in two days. I don't even know how they knew we were a couple. We haven't told any one yet, besides you and Lily." He laughed.

"Well, I've had two girls threaten to curse me to oblivion if I don't stop ruining, as they put it, their dear Remus." Sirius laughed.

"Seems the girls didn't like hearing that you two were a couple. Not exactly unsuspected though. And its not exactly a mystery how they found out, with you two snogging in the halls. But most of the school still thinks its some crazy Marauder rumor." Lily laughed. I loved that laugh. It's been three days since our trip to Hogsmeade, or my best day ever, as I like to call it. I mean, Remus and Sirius are planning ways to tell the whole school about their relationship, and that takes huge amounts of bravery. They're thinking of just waltzing in, holding hands, or give slight kisses, and that stuff. Something subtle, but something that will definitely prove the rumors of their relationship to be true. Most of the school won't even mind, there are already about a dozen gay couples within the school, but Im still impressed. I mean, there will be that one out of a hundred people who will shun Remus and Sirius, but they aren't afraid of that one person. They aren't niave to think that the whole world will accept them, only the people the care about do they expect that from.And yet, I still don't have enough guts to ask Lily to be my girlfriend. Call it a delayed reaction, but after all those rejections she gave me before, Im scared if I ask again it will turn out the same way.

But, she HAS been spending a lot of time with me lately, expect the Marauders are always there, so you can't exactly ask that when they are around. Still, I don't know what to do? Im absolutely dreading singing to her, at the start of this bet I didn't think it would be that bad, but as things between us progress, I wish I didn' have to sing. Worst part of it is, Sirius gave me this ridiculous muggle song, it's a Backstreet boys song. Its awful, and I don't even know WHEN I am going to sing. Sirius said I had to do it when ever he says the word, which I pointed out was not part of the bet. –But then he reminded me I locked him in a room with out food, so I agreed.

'JAMES! Snap OUT OF LA LA LAND!" Sirius smacked my head.

"Owww!!!" I yelled.

"Me and Remus are going to the kitchens, do you want us to bring you something back? We're already bringing Lily back some muffins."

"Uh, no thanks. Have fun."

"Pete? Wana come?' Remus winked at me. Obviously he and Padfoot were trying to get Lily and I to ourselves.

"Uh, no. I'm not hungry." Peter smiled.

"Are you sure?" Sirius said, he looked at Peter then nodded, not very discretly by the way, to Lily and me. Peter clued in. "Oh, uhm actually, I have a essay to do. So I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok then, come on then Sirius. We'll be back in a few minutes.You two just stay, don't leave. You can er, talk. Or do something other than talking, doesn't really matter. Just stay on that couch." Remus turned and left. Sirius flopping with along side with him.

"They are awfully cute aren't they?" Lily giggled.

"Well, if cute means absolutely in love, all gushy and mushy, then yes I suppose so. But I wouldn't use the word cute, more like annoying."

"Well, they are no different from most couples. Besides, they did just do you a favour you know. They left, and got Peter to leave to so we would be alone. Although, they might be cute, they do lack the ability to be subtle." She laughed, I'm blushing now. This is the perfect time to ask Lily if she'd like to see me, err exclusively. I'm really starting to get sort of tongue tied, something that has never, ever, happened to James Potter. Usually I say things with out thinking, but now Im thinking of what to say, but it is not coming out. We sit there in silence until, the common room seems uncommonly busy. All the students are sitting around doing homework, I am desperately trying to think of something to say when, suddenly, the room goes dark.

"Ahem," A loud voice says, that I instantly recognize to be Remus'. "Sorry for the interruption."

"We have a little show for our house tonight, and it is dedicated to a special type of people. A type of people who bring the world joy, who can't keep their hands to themselves, who walk into walls because they are so blinded by affection, but who are also so sappy you want to gag them and tie them to a pole. Yes, we're talking about young lovers." Sirius exadgeratedly sighed and put a fake dramatic tone to his voice. "Those young faced, pimple spotted, lovey dovey, gushy, sappy-" Sirius continued until Remus cut him off.

"Err, so, tonight, as we were saying, is four, no, err fifth and three day month anniversary of the last valentines day we had, so we've decided to dedicate this night to lovers. Young, old, past, present or future, especially future. -Ok, ok so our reason for celebrating tonight is pathetic, but our intentions are purely to help a friend, and that was the best reason we could think of."

"So, if I point my wand at you, you have togive a kiss to the person next to you. It's simple really. If you refuse to do it, then Remus and I will give you a dare you must complete. And, to spare you all from unwanted scences of public affection, we will only do it three times."

Those stupid gits," I muttered. This was the worst ploy yet. This was undescribable, this is utter stupidity, this is sheer lameness! I was really blushing now, and too my surprise Lily was just laughing, she wasn't embarrassed at all.

"So, with out further ado, I give you,"

"Rem, that rhymed."

'Err, ok, Padfoot. As I was saying, I now give you our past lovers." Remus pointed his wand, which was shining light, at two figures, I instantly recognized them to be two fellow Gryfindors, Molly and Arthur. who hated each others guts after they had broken up. Even when they were dating they had yelled and yelled, but when they broke up, they practically blew off my eardrums. But, the two still loved on another, it wasn't obvious to me, but Lily, who is very close to Molly, told me how Molly still mutters his name in her sleep, or how she catches him glancing at Molly when no one is looking. I dunno why they don't bloody just tell one another, but I guess I shouldn't be talking about being brave about your feelings right now.

"No! I chose dare!" Molly yelled.

"Me too! This is just too much now!" Arthur nodded.

"Ahh, we figured as much, we had to keep this audience entertained somehow you know. We dare you to BOTH walk up to Snape, give HIM a peck on the cheek, and thank him for a wonderful time last night." Sirius finished proudly. I laughed to myself. That was a bit harsh

"Or, you can give your past lover a big wet kiss, and let us continue with the show." Remus smiled. Cheers were starting to go through the common room. Ah, the joys of peer pressure. Reluctantly Arthur leaned, muttering that he would rather kiss the loudest girl on earth, than kiss Snape. Molly squinted her eyes and messed up her face. Both showed signs of pure disgust. As soon as their lips touched though, they didn't part. After the spotlight had been on them for what seemed like ages, and their lips still hadn't moved away, Remus' voice broke out.

"Well, we now know how fine the line is between hate and love. God, you think they'd have to breathe sometime." He laughed.

"Well, I guess we should just move on to the next pair of lovers. Present." Sirius chimed in. He shone his wand on Peter and his girlfriend, who was a year younger, she gave him a little peck on the cheek. Remus shone his wand on a couple the year above, who also gave a very heated kiss under the spotlight. Sirius shone his light on two more couples, and Remus one more. Most kisses were quick and embarrassed.

"And finally-" Sirius voice started. Presend lovers eh?! Time to embarrasse them too! Really, I am James Potter, do they think they can embarrasse me that easily? Oh hell, I am dragging them down with me too! After all, what are friends for?

"Wait!" I said. I muttered a quick spell, and a bright light shone on Sirius and Remus. "I believe you two are present lovers!?" Half the Gryfindors muttered, I told you so, the other half were very surprised. At least I gave them a way to show the school they were dating. "So, a kiss, or a dare, if you play by your own rules."

"Hm, what about a kiss Remus?" Sirius smiled.

"I never was much of an exhibitionist, but why not live a little." Remus smiled and claimed Sirius' lips with his own. Ok, so they aren't embarrassed, so really that kind of sucks for my revenge, hell, it's been a while and they aren't stopping. Sirius hands are muffling up Remus hair.

"Err, I believe you two are putting on some sort of show, probably full of stupid ideas, but I suggest you pry your lips apart if you want to continue." I sat back down beside Lily who flashed me a smile.

"No question as to whether they are an item now eh!" She said.

"No, none at all." I replied.

"Err, sorry about that. Ok, ok, so could we please quiet down." Sirius said, the crowd had become very loud over Remus' and Sirius' little display of affection.

"Now, I believe we have covered our two types of lovers, only one type left." Remus started.

"Takes a genius to figure that one out." Sirius laughed.

"In fact, it does. So, I give you, our future lovers. Now, to some this might come as a huge shock. So we've made a list of reasons why they are future lovers."

"Reasons of why Lily Evans and James Potter are destined for eachothers arms." Padfoot said feigning a dramatic air. "Why they were made to look into the other's eyes for ever, until old age takes them and makes them all wrinkly and saggy, -all feeble and-"

"Uhm, they get the point" Remus interruppted. OOHH GODDDD. THIS IS FUCKING GREAT! DAMN IT! Payback is a bloody bitch!

"Reason number one: One enforces the rules." Sirius started. Just above the fire place a virtual Lily appeared, it was smaller than real life size, but still easy to see. The real Lily beside me squirmed in her seat. DAMN YOU TWO!!! I can't wait to get my hands on them. All of the sudden the picture started screaming. When I looked again I realized there was now a Sirius, and that Lily was yelling herself hoarse at him. Then it flashed to her yelling at some third year, then at all the marauders.

"And the other is in desperate need of some enforcement." Remus continued. The image then changed and depicted a large picture of me, at first it was me belly dancing on a table, a few cat calls were heard, but I think they were mostly from Remus and Sirius, then dumping water on Mrs Norris, then me waking up Remus by jumping up and down on his bed.

"Ahem," I started with a smile, "I think that you forgot some points here, like how SIRIUS was belly dancing on the table beside me, and how REMUS was helping me dump the water on Mrs Norris. And that-"

"Well, that's not the point my dear Prongs." Remus cut me off. The Gryfindors laughed. Well, atleast SOME one found this funny, because I find it HUMILIATING!

"The second reason, is that they are both very dear to me and Moony here, and also Wormtail, and they deserve to be happy." Sirius said. "And it is obvious that together they would bring eachother true happiness. -Or something like that."

"And also, please remember that no matter how much embarrassment we put you through, we still care. -And I would like to remind them that this is pay back, so no retaliation to your loving and caring friends will be needed." He laughed. The imaged changed again and showed a picture of Remus smacking me in the head, Sirius pushing me into the lake, me stealing Remus' book, Remus and Sirius dropping water balloons on Lily's head. I heard the crowd laugh as the pictures moved.

"Do you ever get the feeling that were a tad abused?" Lily laughed.

"Abused? We heard that? Didn't you just hear our speech about how we care? Are you paying attention Miss Evans?" Sirius joked then continued. "And the last reason, which although not the most important, is definitely the most entertaining. Is that they both share a mutual love for singing. Lily loves to listen, and James here, well he just loves to belt it out." Ohhhhh noooo!!!!!! What did he think he was doing? Me sing, RIGHT NOW??!?

"If you could divert your eyes to out future couple, or so we hope, it would be greatly appreciated."

"You know what to do Jamsie-boy!" Sirius said.

"Cue music please Peter."

"Just one moment please Peter." I started. "Before I start my little show, which I did not do voluntarily, I would like to state that I had no part in this. And I am sorry for interrupting your evening, and that I really hate singing, and this song." I joked. "But, if any one has any objections to what is going on, please voice them now, please voice them!!!." I pleaded and fell to my knees, although I was joking, I was really hoping that some one would say something. Complete silence surrounded me. DAMN! "Err, ok then. I guess since you've all enjoyed the show so much, why stop it now." I said grudgingly.

"No one can save you now James! Every prank always has a big finish, and tonight the finish is your big solo!" Remus was savouring the moment.

Awful music started blaring. The spot light still hadn't left me and Lily, but it grew wider so that it illuminated me clearly, but you could still see Lily. SIRIUS AND REMUS ARE DEAAADDD!!! This is WAY worse than what I did to them! Well, I won't let them know how embarrassed I really am, that would be playing right into their hands. I opened my mouth to sing:

"If you want it to be good girl" I pointed to Lily and winked.
"Get yourself a... bad boy
If you want it to be wild
Gotta know just who to dial baby" I pretended to pick up the phone and dial.
"That's me
If you really like it hot" I jokingly swooned in the spotlight
"Get someone who hits the spot
Honey, oh yes" I shook my hips.
"And if you wanna get it done
Then you gotta get then one
The one who's got it goin' on" I pointed to myself as I laughed.
"If you wanna make it last
Gotta know just who to ask
Baby's gotta be the best
And that's me" At this point I was actually not embarrassed any more, as Lily was laughing at me, and definitely not mad. I started dancing and prancing around the spotlight.
"If you want it to be good girl
Get yourself a..."
"BAD BOY!!!" Remus and Sirius yelled.
"If you really want it good girl
Get yourself a... "
"BAD BOY!" They yelled again. Those two are huge idiots, why do I like them again?
"If you want it to be good girl
Get yourself a... "I could hear cat calls coming from the audience.
"BAD BOY!!" Sirius and Remus were really having too much fun with this.
"If you like it innovative
Better get someone creative
Honey, yes
And if you want it to be jammin'
Gotta get somebody slammin'" I slid sideways across the spotlight.
"And if you wanna get it done
Then you gotta get then one
The one who's got it goin' on
If you wanna make it last
Gotta know just who to ask
Baby's gotta be the best
And that's me." I winked at Lily, who laughed, especially because she used to think I was so vain, which I sort of was, and still am I guess. But I mean, who wouldn't be if they were me? Only joking!!!! Damn it though, Sirius, always picks the worst songs.
"These are things
Your mama shouldn't know." I shook my fingers at girls in the audience.
These are things
I really wanna show
These are things
I wanna show you how
Oohh baby" I added. I jumped on the common room table, taking the spotlight to the center of the room, and starting swaying my hips.
"And if you wanna get it done
Then you gotta get then one
The one who's got it goin' on
If you wanna make it last
Gotta know just who to ask
Baby's gotta be the best
And that's.." Before I could finish the line to say "me", Sirius and Remus had yelled:

"And that's JAMES" Despite everything, especially my overwhelming want for revenge towards them, I laughed at them.

"If you want it to be good girl
Get yourself a ba-a-a-d boy, that's right
If you really want it good girl
Gotta get yourself a.."

"BAD BOY!!!" Remus and Sirius finished the song.

"Thank you, thank you very much." I finished with an extravagant bow. I smiled at Lily who was laughing at me.

"And now, before we leave you to your own devices, we'd like to see that kiss, or that dare. What ever they chose." Sirius said. He made me sing, and now he'll make my first kiss with Lily a whole public affair. Really, was I THIS mean to him? I really don't think I deserve THIS MUCH! I started walking towards Lily, who was smiling. She wrapped her arms around me. I closed my eyes and felt my lips entangle with her. Suddenly, I couldn't feel the spot light, or the many eyes that were glued to me and Lily. All I could concentrate on was her.

"Sheesh! Maybe they should take that upstairs eh!" Remus started. I pulled away from Lily, with a huge grin on my face. Ok, so the prank wasn't one of their best, but the out come was amazing.

"Thank you for your attention Gryfindors! And, on a side note, if any of the couples tonight would like to thank us for this, they can start by calling Remus and I god." Sirius looked right at me.

"Right, the all-knowing, all-god of their existence." Remus laughed.

"Or they could just call me the god of love, charm, sexiness?" Sirius started.

"Just shut it Padfoot."

"Right, I'm YOUR god of sexiness right?" He laughed.

"Err, no. Other way around."

"Too right, too right." The lights went back on, and Remus and Sirius voices had stopped being magically louder. Everything was back to normal, as I got off the table many Gryfindors clapped me on the back.

"Good song mate."

"There never is a normal night with the marauders here is there?" I only half heard the comments people made to me. Remus and Sirius walked up to me. I turned to speak to them.

"First off, you two are dead. Second off, I will never call you a god of anything, except idiocy. And, this was really good pay back, and I never want to be on the receiving side of it again!" I laughed, grabbed Lily's hand and walked over the boys dormitory stair case. There was no way I was doing any more kissing in front of the common room.alked over to Lily.

"Well then you can just thank us later then eh Prongs?" Remus suggested.

"Dream on!" I laughed.

"Well then LILY can!" Sirius said as he and Remus started talking to the crowd that was congratulating them on their prank.

"Well James, nice song." Lily laughed at me.

"Trust Sirius to find the worst song ever and make me sing it. Then trust Remus to make it even more embarrassing with a magical slide show."

"Well, it was sweet. True, a tad embarrassing, but they did it for a laugh."

"Oh, they're a barrel of laughs." I said, then added. "A barrel of laughs that is going to PAY." Under my breath.

"Well, I guess being a Marauder is all about the pranks." Lily mused lightheartedly. She placed her head on my shoulder as we walked.YESS!!!!! JAMES IS UNDEFEATABLE! LILY EVANS IS FINALLY MINE!!!

"No, its about more than that." I smiled. I pulled Lily in closer and put my hand in her hair. She pressed her lips against mine.

"Opps, sorry didn't know we were interrupting anything here." Sirius said.

"Kissing in the common room like a couple of third years! Honestly. You think you'd had enough of that tonight, I guess once isn't enough." Remus said. "Why, you might scar the first years innocent eyes!"

"I am sure you two will do it enough that they will be scarred for life anyways!" I said. "But they are right, I don't want to have fifty people watching me kiss anymore Lily."

"Me either, although, I thought you loved the spotlight?" She joked, and then started to lead me off to the stairs.

"Err, mind if you use Lily's dorm to do some snogging. Me and Remus have already reserved ours." Sirius laughed.

"Fine, fine, what ever!" Lily joked. "But you two love birds don't get too carried away."

"You either!" Remus joked. "We don't want any mini Lily or James running around quite yet." I sighed contentedly as I walked up the stairs with Lily.


Well, I mean, who could have pulled Lily and James together with more tenderness than me? I mean, ok it wasn't very tender, and it wasn't just me. Remus helped a TAD, well, more than a tad, well actually alot more. But still, James should be thanking us on bended knee. Actually scratch that, I hope Remus thanks me on bended knees! Hm, have I done anything he should be thankful for lately? God I hope so!

Final score between klutzy James and charming Sirius: Tie.

I mean we both got what we wanted, I got Remus, he got Lily. It all turned out alright. And right now. with the heat of Remus lips pressed against mine, I'm certain that it will always turn out alright if we have each other.

I am thinking way too much right now. When I'm kissing Remus my brain doesn't work right, its too concentrated on him. Slowly I stop trying to retain a normal train of thought, and give in so that my mind only concentrates on Remus, his eyes, his mouth, everything about him. The last thing coherent thing that enters my brain is, final score: tie. Then I lose myself in Remus kiss.

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