Turtle Doves - Chapter 1
By Lebnaniya

I do not claim any rights to the Teen Titans series in the animated format or the comic books. All copyright material belong to their respectable owners. The following story is entirely fictional and pays tribute to the amazing characters developed by said owners. As a fan, I am writing this out of respect to the owners as well as to elaborate on this couple because I don't think the series gave Robin and Raven a proper relationship and ending.

I've so far updated this story twice and while I thought I was satisfied the first two times, it looks like third time's the charm. I'm really happy with this new and updated version. While the story remains the same, I went back and re-read everything and I also took everyone's wonderful comments to heart and kept them in mind while I re-wrote this story. Again, thank you for all the awesome reviews and thank you for reading my fanfiction dedicated to Raven and Robin.


She opened her eyes slowly, blinking away the sleep as the morning sunlight crept through the black silk curtains as the rays of sunlight radiated over her bed sheets. It had been eighteen months since she moved in with the others and formed the Teen Titans; and only a few months since they've been living with the newest member of their team, Terra.

Rolling onto her stomach, Raven wrapped her arms around her pillow and savored the warmth of her blankets wrapped around her slender form. She closed her eyes and turned away from the window, resting and thinking about all she'd been through with her fellow companions. Unfortunately, the obnoxious yelling of Beast Boy pounding on the doors of everyone and running down the hall waking everyone up ruined her moment of peace and solitude. Sighing, Raven forced herself to sit up as she looked at the door. She could hear the others – more specifically Cyborg - yelling at Beast Boy for waking them up on a weekend. Closing her eyes, she cracked an ever so small smile, It's going to be one of those days, she thought.


Beast Boy's yelling woke him up. Growling to himself, Robin slowly opened his eyes, flinching as the morning sunlight assailed his vision. He had forgotten to close the drapes and now his entire bedroom was engulfed in the morning light. Turning over so that he faced away from his window, he slowly tried to open his eyes again, adjusting to the light in the room. Damn-it, Robin thought, as he laid in his bed, not really wanting to get up. Last night, he had sat by his open window, admiring the night and the calm. No offence to the daylight, it was beautiful watching a sunrise, but he lived for the night. He enjoyed the thrill of fighting crime especially at night, where he felt more like himself than ever. He blamed Bruce for the attraction to the night, but secretly, he loved it. It was his connection to the dark that made him enjoy and fight so vigorously; it was also a comfort. The night was dark and mysterious, it was also misunderstood as people feared what they could not see or didn't understand. Robin felt the same way, as leader, it was very difficult to protect and maintain an image of a cool exterior despite how bad a situation got. No one would ever comfort or reassure him until all was said and done. Only after the battle was won, only then, someone would acknowledge him and his success. But if he ever made a mistake, they would never let him forget. But that was the responsibility that came with the territory of being leader. Leader of the pack, Robin blinked, as he pushed himself up. Leader of a crazy pack.

"Get away from me!" Beast Boy screamed. Robin could hear him running down the hall and jumping down the stairs.

"Get your ass back here Beast Boy!" Cyborg yelled. The sounds of his heavy footsteps trailing after Beast Boy.

"Leave him alone! He was just trying to do something nice!" Terra yelled back, as her footsteps resounded after Cyborg's.

They were chasing each other. Suddenly, Robin heard a loud crash and heard Beast Boy and Cyborg yelling some more, Terra's voice barely able to calm them. "Ugh…" Robin signed, as he kicked his legs off the bed, it's going to be one of those days


By the time Robin made it downstairs, he found Terra and Starfire keeping the peace between Beast Boy and Cyborg. Terra was petting Beast Boy's hand while Starfire held onto Cyborg's arm, speaking softly and warmly to him to keep him away from Beast Boy.

Looking around, his eyes caught sight of Raven, floating in the corning, meditating. She probably was irritated by their behavior and was trying to keep her emotions in check. As he made his way through the living room towards the kitchen, the others took notice and decided not to upset their leader. Beast Boy and Terra moved to the kitchen and got some food ready, making stacks of pancakes within minutes. Cyborg pulled out a cup of coffee before dragging a chair next to Raven and sitting down. Starfire smiled warmly at Robin and joined him by his side as he too made a cup of coffee.

"Morning." Robin said, as Starfire bumped him on the shoulder.
"Good Morning," she responded, as she grabbed a chair to sit next to him.

"Now that you're all here," Beast Boy said, "I've got plans for today. First, Terra and I are making you this amazing breakfast…" he said, as he threw several plates forward, each one stopping perfectly in front of everyone except for Raven; she opened her eyes and noticed Beast Boy had a nice cup of tea for her. "Here you go Rae."

Raven blinked once, acknowledging her thanks, before floating down and taking the cup of tea. Beast Boy stared and pouted, waiting for her verbal thanks but it never came. Robin smirked. She already thanked him with her eyes but that went unnoticed by everyone. Everyone except Robin. Beast Boy shrugged, and walked back to Terra. "As I was saying, we've made you this amazing breakfast in the hopes that you'll give us both a day off."

"A day off?" Starfire asked confused.

"We'd like to spend some quality time together," Terra added, pushing Beast Boy to the side who was already practically drooling over her with bulging heart-shaped eyes.

"We don't really have plans. We just respond whenever something comes up on the screen…" Starfire mentioned, as she turned to Robin. "What do you think?"

"It's fine by me as long as you guys keep your com-links on and with you at all times. Just in case something comes up." Robin answered.

"Yes!" Terra and Beast Boy said in unison, before laughing and grabbing seats to eat next to each other.

"What are your plans for today?" Starfire asked, as she turned to Raven and Cyborg.

"Meditation." Raven answered nonchalantly, as she sipped her tea and then used her magic to levitate some bread and butter to her side of the table. She wasn't a big fan of pancakes.

"Going out to buy some equipment." Cyborg responded, as he ate the pancakes before pulling out a list of items he needed for his car and motorcycle.

"What about you Robin?" Starfire asked, as she turned to their leader.

"I'm staying here at the tower for a while, before I go out on patrol."

"I'd really rather go out today." Starfire said as she looked down. "How long do you think you'll be in the tower before you decide to go out on patrol?"

"I don't know." Robin said, as he turned to look at her. Realizing that she didn't want to stay in, Robin felt a little bad that she wasn't as fluent with their technology. She could sit with him and work on the computers but that wasn't her strength. "Hey," Robin said, as he put his hand on her shoulder, "Why don't you go out with Cyborg. That way, you'll get out of the tower. Unless you'd like to meditate with Raven." Robin grinned, before looking towards Cyborg and Raven.

Cyborg shrugged, "I don't mind the company Star. I can show you my side of town, where I go and what I do when I'm not in this tower. We can grab something to eat that's descent too." Cyborg jabbed, as he looked over to Beast Boy. For a second, Beast Boy's ears twitched but he ignored Cyborg as he and Terra kept talking to each other.

Raven just stared at Robin, and if he didn't know any better, he could have sworn that she was giving him a death glare for suggesting Starfire join her with her meditation; although, there was a small smirk on her face, indicating that she had a retort to his comment. Robin smiled back and Raven looked down. He realized she wasn't going to start anything today…which was a shame, he really wanted her to talk to him but it seemed that she was in her quieter moods today.

Starfire smiled. "Thank you Cyborg. As long as you don't mind..."

"Nonsense! I don't mind," Cyborg addressed Starfire before turning to Robin, "We'll keep our com-links on, so call us if something comes up."

Robin nodded. "I'll be at the communications center for a while before I head out. Depending on how things go, I'll head out and won't be back until midnight."

With that said, everyone finished breakfast. Terra and Beast Boy continued on their conversations about where they'd go, and how late they'd stay out, trying to decide if 5am was too late to be returning home. Raven and Cyborg exchanged a couple of conversations while Starfire and Robin shared a pleasant morning of small talk before everyone was done and went their separate ways.


Robin quickly made it back to his quarters, grabbing everything he'd need before he set out to the communications center where he'd check everything for a couple of hours before heading out on patrol. Terra and Beast Boy had already left and Cyborg and Starfire had just walked out the door. He wasn't sure where Raven decided to meditate, but he'd give her the space and quiet she needed to control her powers. In the meantime, he set himself to work and before he knew it, he was already out on patrol within a couple of hours.

Flying down the roads on his motorbike, Robin's thoughts kept drifting to the quiet and mysterious Raven. Although he felt strongly towards Starfire, he couldn't pinpoint the reason why his thoughts kept drifting back to Raven. She had gotten into his head and try as he might, she wasn't leaving his thoughts. Why fight it? He asked himself, psychologically speaking, the more you try not to think of something or someone, the more you do think of that something or someone. So as he patrolled the city streets, unable to find anything, he welcomed the thoughts of his dark friend. He welcomed their relationship. More importantly, he wanted to spend time with her.


Several hours later, Raven strolled the halls of Titan Tower, finding herself – surprisingly – missing the company of her friends. She couldn't pinpoint the real reason why she missed them. Every one of them had their flaws but she had grown fond of them and their quirks. She had spent a good portion of her time alone in her room meditating and practicing control over her powers. After that, she read several books on ancient magic and the wonders of ancient ages. Finally tired, she stepped out of her room to realize that it was late afternoon. She had spent the entire day alone in her room and now she was thinking of everyone else.

Her thoughts turned immediately to Robin and she recalled this morning's little incident when he tried to get Starfire to spend the day with her. Was he trying to instigate something? She wondered, as she recalled that stupid and handsome smile he had when he suggested it. Stopping in her tracks, she willed herself not to think like that. Robin's my friend. No more. No less. Sighing, she turned her thoughts to Starfire as she wondered down the hallway.

As hard as it was for Raven to like Starfire at first, the two did develop a genuine relationship with each other; especially after the incident when they switched bodies. But differences aside, they had a common goal, to save and protect the people they cared for.

Raven closed her eyes, as she recalled the memories she had made with the Teen Titans within the last year. Precious memories and important people she could never afford to lose. Everyone, was important to her and she knew very well that she would die to protect them…even if she'd have to protect them from herself…the thought scared her and she closed her eyes and exhaled deeply as she continued to walk the hallways.

"You sure do like to pace these halls," a quiet voice, unexpected in its proximity, jolted her to the present. Turning around in a graceful, yet defensive pose, she breathed a sigh of relief as she realized who it was.

"Robin." Raven let out in one breath.

"Did I startle you?" Robin asked, staring at Raven with his intense eyes. He was studying her, watching her, observing her every move.

"N-No." Raven replied, knowing that he could see right through her lie. She remembered all too well just how afraid she was that night when she lost her powers and her magic transformed itself into her fear. She also remembered how it was Robin who caught her when she fell down the elevator, helpless, and it was Robin who figured the source of all the trouble. Since when did he figure me out so well?

Her eyebrow twitched at the thought of being so helpless, especially in front of Robin. Why did being helpless in front of him bother her so much?

"What are you doing here?" Raven finally asked, realizing that he was supposed to be out on patrol.

"I realized that what I really wanted..." he paused a little, "was to be here at home."

"Oh." Realizing that he probably wanted some time alone, she turned around and walked off.


Robin watched somewhat disappointed as Raven left. In fact, even though he was having a great time on his bike, driving the streets and enjoying the city, whenever he stopped and found himself alone, his thoughts wandered back to Raven. He missed her reassuring gestures, her reassuring words of understanding. A small look, a hand on the shoulder, something to indicate that she was there to back him up and be there for him. Before he realized it, he was riding back to the tower with only one thought in his mind. I want to be with Raven.

Robin frowned and crossed his arms. He had made a decision to return to be with Raven. From her body language, he somehow knew that she misunderstood the reason why he returned. She walked away but he wasn't going to let her go. He could tell that she thought he wanted to be alone, but she was wrong this time. He didn't want to be alone; he wanted to be with her. Uncrossing his arms, he made his way through the halls, looking for Raven.


Finding herself on the roof of Titan Tower, Raven sat on the edge as she watched the sun descend beyond the horizon. This time on the roof was probably the only time alone she would have considering the group would be returning from their trip within the next couple of hours. She didn't really want the noise, the fuss, the arguments between Beast Boy and Cyborg, they fight just like brothers.

She did want some company, but company in her mind was someone in particular and at the moment, he didn't want to be disturbed. She looked down. Since when did she start thinking of Robin so much? They were friends. They were defenders of justice. And it was clear that Starfire really liked him. But her mind and thoughts kept drifting to Robin and she smiled at the thought of her beloved friend. Yes, he was important to her. For some reason, they had developed a unique relationship. She was the only one able to pick on him on equal footing, she was the only one to understand his humor and wit and out of everyone in the group, she felt like she could relate closest to him. Yes. He's very important to me.

Feeling the presence of someone behind her, raven looked over her shoulder but found no one. She felt disappointed. She was happy to see Robin but he needed space, well, at least that's what she assumed he wanted.

"He doesn't need me to bother him" she whispered. Fixing her gaze back onto the scenery. Then, she heard the familiar voice she had been hoping to hear.

"You can never bother me. Mind if I join you?"

Raven closed her eyes, unable to suppress the small smile that sneaked its way onto her features. Raven turned around just as Robin sat himself next to her. Robin felt his heart skip a beat as he saw her small smile. He hardly ever saw that kind of smile, the one that told him that she was happy. A smile and attention that was solely for him.

They both then turned to stare at the sunset. The warm colors of the day fading away to welcome the night. Robin moved his hand and laced his with Raven's. She squeezed his hand in return which was the sign he was waiting for. He needed to know she wanted him there, and she did.

Being leader required a lot of courage and strength to do the right things and at the right time. This was one of those moments. After a few minutes together, Robin let go of her hand, scooted closer and stretched his arm around Raven's shoulders, bringing her closer as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Raven was startled at her own actions at first but Robin was very gentle when he pulled her close. Realizing too late, that she had already - instinctively - rested her head on his shoulder, she soon realized that she did not want to pull back because she liked how it felt being held in his arms. Giving her arm one last squeeze, Robin moved his arm from over her shoulders to rest around her waist.



"What brought you back?" She asked, as she turned her head to the side to look at him.

"Just wanted to spend time alone with you," he answered truthfully.

Raven and Robin held each other's gaze for a while. There was no awkwardness or uneasiness. Sitting there on the rooftop, enjoying the comfortable silence that had settled between them both, Raven and Robin began to feel that their bond, even if it was for a couple of seconds, was growing stronger.

They both needed to be comforted once in a while, considering they were both very strong figures and played important roles in their team, not that the others weren't just as vital. But more pressure was always on them because they had more responsibilities, especially with their capabilities and powers.

"When you want to be alone, just let me know and I'll go."

Raven shook her head, "Don't go," grabbing his hand and lacing her fingers with his. "Just sit with me a little longer, just until we see the sun set completely."

Robin nodded.

Closing her eyes, Raven struggled to keep her emotions at bay. She had to control her emotions and maintain control. She could never let herself fall in love because of her dark past. But for a moment, for this one moment, she was content. She was at peace in the arms of Robin. "Thank You for always being there for me."

Robin looked down at her but could not find the right words to say. Raven was blushing very slightly and for a moment, he wanted to be the only one she blushed for and was intimate with.

"I've got to look after my girls now don't I?" Robin smiled as he gave Raven a small wink of the eye and then titled his head so that he in turn was resting his head on her soft, navy blue hair. Sitting closely, with their hands intertwined, bodies resting against each other, Robin and Raven could not help but feel at peace and in a world of their own.


Additional Notes
Clearly, this is set before Terra betrays the Teen Titans. I've tried to correlate this story with the events of the series. And as mentioned earlier, this is the third revision of the story – for those of you who've read it recently or recall the older version, you will notice I changed a lot. Hope you liked the new version and make sure you read the rest of the chapters because I've updated each one.