Turtle Doves - Epilogue
By Lebnaniya

I do not claim any rights to the Teen Titans series in the animated format or the comic books. All copyright material belong to their respectable owners. The following story is entirely fictional and pays tribute to the amazing characters developed by said owners. As a fan, I am writing this out of respect to the owners as well as to elaborate on this couple because I don't think the series gave Robin and Raven a proper relationship and ending.

In looking back at the other versions of this story, I have to say that I am finally happy with the end product. I always felt like something was missing or off regarding the previous versions but now I'm just happy with everything. Thank you again for reading, it was so much fun re-writing the scenes between Robin and Raven and making them better. Thank you for the wonderful reviews and if you're interested, please check my page to read other stories.



"Hmm?" Starfire blinked, when she heard her name, interrupting her train of thought. She had been in the Watchtower for quite some time and failed to notice Supergirl approach. She was staring through her reflection in the glass windows that overlooked the beautiful Earth, the planet she once called home.

"I just got word..." Supergirl commented, as she put her arms behind her and leaned forward. With an anticipatory smile, "They're arrived." Starfire smiled too, before Supergirl turned around and walked away, looking strong and powerful in her new red and blue costume - a replica of Superman's. When Starfire arrived, Supergirl had welcomed her to their tower, saying she had just finished an assignment that took them from Japan all the way to the North Pole, where she, Pat, Stargirl and Green Lantern had just finished dealing with a war. After resting, she was assigned to recruit the former members of the Teen Titans and then her next assignment would be to work more with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, to further master her skills.

Once Supergirl was gone, Starfire blushed slightly to herself, thinking about her old friends. It had been many years since she last saw them, she was in her early twenties now, just like Supergirl, and they had been invited to join the Justice League. It had been a long time since their pre-teen adventures at Titan Tower; she wondered what would they think of her now? Would they be as close as they use to? No, probably not. But that's what happens with time. It changes everyone.

Starfire was very grateful to Supergirl and the Justice League. Recalling all her wonderful memories on Earth, by the time she had reached her late teens, the Teen Titans had disbanded. Starfire had to return to her homeland to further her training and take full responsibilities for her planet. Raven left as well, returning to her home planet of Azarath. Robin had returned to his mentor, Batman, while Cyborg returned to the inner cities, where he worked constantly with younger kids. Beast Boy decided to leave the country, to further his own training skills and Starfire was happy to hear that he took Terra with him, as the two rekindled their relationship and decided to give it another chance. Somehow, she knew that they were destined for each other. They both complemented the other perfectly.

Robin, Starfire thought, as she recalled the special relationship she had with him. Many years after that incident in Tokyo, where she and Robin finally became a couple, they had spent many years together before Robin broke it off, but despite their failed relationship, he was still very special to her. He was the first boy she had fell in love with on Earth. But Robin was no more. Starfire couldn't help but wonder about Nightwing. He had renounced his title as Robin after a very unfortunate event that affected everyone close to him. Although they had all gone their separate ways, they still kept in touch, and that, Starfire was grateful for. She and Raven had kept their com-links so every now and then they'd get back in touch and catch up on the new events taking place in their lives.

When they both found out Robin was dating Batgirl, or they should say, when Dick was dating Barbara, he seemed the most happiest during those times. They complemented each other more than anything. They understood each other whole-heartedly. The relationship was so strong, that Dick nearly went insane when Barbara was kidnapped by Dr. Freeze. Luckily though, she was saved just in time. However, because Batman knew about Barbara's identity as Batgirl and never told Robin, he felt betrayed. Betrayed and hurt, as if in some subconscious way, Batman still saw Robin as an amateur or child, not capable of understanding. That was the breaking point. Robin had constantly tried to prove himself to Batman but to no avail. Batman would never see Robin as his equal...he would always see him as his apprentice and that's why Robin left him, renouncing his title along the way.

When Starfire had heard, she had wanted to return to Earth to see him, but Robin convinced her not to. He had thanked her for her concern, but he was fine. Casting her eyes back to Earth, Starfire wondered just how different he was, and how much he was still the same. Always carrying the burden by himself.

Things got better between Barbara and Dick, but Robin was gone. Robin became Nightwing.

As Raven had pointed out, Robin had been defining himself in accordance to Batman, but now, it was his time to become the person he wanted to be. And so, Nightwing was born. Starfire smiled, recalling the memories she shared with Raven. They were so different, and yet, so alike. They both had loved Robin. Everyone use to think she was naive. She was, when it came to matters of Earth...but not when it came to matters of the heart. After her breakup with Robin, she had found console in Raven's wisdom. So when after all these years, Supergirl came to her planet and invited her to become an official Justice League Member, Starfire was thrilled.

"Yo Star!"

Startled for a second, and yet filled with joy, Starfire turned around and ran to her beloved once upon a time friend. Cyborg welcomed her hug as he turned her around and then put her back down. "Cyborg! I can't believe it's you!" Starfire said, with tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey pretty lady!" Beast Boy interjected, pushing Cyborg out of the way so he could hug Starfire.

"Beast Boy!" Starfire returned his warm hug as she then turned to his side to welcome the young lady standing beside him.

"Terra." Starfire did not need to say anything else. Her friend had finally come back to them. She had returned a long time ago to Beast Boy, and they had been together ever since, but she never came back to any team. Not until now. Terra smiled shyly before she started to laugh as both girls hugged. It had been so very long.

Starfire studied her friends...Cyborg looked the same, this time only bigger and older. Beast Boy was the one who changed the most. He was the youngest of the group but now he was a couple of inches taller than Starfire and he was lithe and fit. No longer the bonny or scraggly looking teenager he once use to be. Terra still had her long golden hair, and she still dressed like a Tomboy. I guess time can go by, but some people never change.

Letting go of Terra, Beast Boy made his way back to Starfire, picked up her hand as he brought it to his lips, giving her a small peck on the back of it. "You look Beautiful, Star." Blushing at his comment, Starfire embraced her friend again. It was too long, but the reunion was worth it. They were finally back together.

Beast Boy had in fact become very handsome; he was the equivalent of the Flash - this time in a black and purple outfit that contrasted nicely against his green skin - or so he was told as he strolled through all the corridors in the tower, meeting new heroes and even some of his idols. When Supergirl informed him that Starfire had joined, he couldn't wait to see her and immediately asked for her whereabouts.

"It's just like old times." Cyborg said, as he put his hand on Starfire's shoulder.

Supergirl cleared her voice, "Alright guys! Now that you're all here, let me take you down to the Welcoming Ceremony! Those old guys who run this show never threw a party, but we changed some of the rules. Plus, the old timers will never know because even though some of them do stop by once and a while, the staff here helps us watch out for them..." Supergirl laughed, as she recalled her older cousin's reaction to when she had just joined and asked for a party.

"We'll then let's get this party started!" Cyborg shouted as he started to head for the doors with Supergirl. Stopping in his tracks, he turned around and marched up to Starfire. "We've all kept in touch you know? Some more than others. But I did not hear much from you. Are you okay?"

"Am I missing something?" Supergirl asked a bit confused.

"None of us have been together like this in years." Terra added. "More specifically, they haven't been in the same room together since they disbanded."

Supergirl watched the members of the Teen Titans and smiled. She understood. "I know it's not the same thing to talk to someone through a computer screen but at least you got to see each other, even if it was not in person. Just like I could see my cousin on Earth. I see and talk to him almost every day. I know it's just through the lens but it's better than nothing." Supergirl added, understanding how emotional they were since they have not united since they left the Teen Titans.

"So where are the other two then?" Terra asked.

"Raven and Robin?" Supergirl responded.

"Did they not get the invitation?" Cyborg added.

"Of course they did." Supergirl said, a little agitated.

"They're probably on their way then, right?" Beast Boy asked.

"No. They are not." Everyone turned around to look at Starfire. Once again, she had walked towards the windows of the tower, placed her hand on the windowpane as she watched the scenery of Earth. "He's just like the Dark Night," Starfire started to say, as she turned around to look at her friends. "He's got more important things to take care of in Gotham. But like he said, 'if you ever need me, you know where to find me.'"

Smiling in front of everyone, with warm, moist eyes, "I'm happy for them both." Everyone nodded their heads knowingly. Rumor got around and since they occasionally worked with other superheroes, word got to them. After the tragic events between Batman and Robin, Nightwing told Starfire that he was fine, declining her offer to return to Earth to be with him. Nightwing had settled things with Batgirl, and it seemed that she too, had moved on. His focus then shifted. He said he had several missions planned, but one of the most important ones was to make his way to Azarath. He needed Raven and would ask her to join him in Gotham City. Starfire knew then, that the Robin she once knew was gone forever.

"There is an old saying from my home planet," Starfire said, as she walked to stand right next to Supergirl, intertwining their arms. "The greatest joy in life is seeing the ones you love happy. Their happiness is my happiness." The group fell silent, but they understood her words. Starfire loved Robin, but Robin was gone. Nightwing's heart belonged to someone else. Someone they too, all loved and cared for deeply.

"Alright guys, let's get going. We're supposed to be having fun, joining the big guys now." Beast Boy said, as he held Terra's hand and they walked towards the elevator doors together. Cyborg nodded as he too, followed Beast Boy and Terra. Starfire and Supergirl both flew up into the air, following the rest of the group. "Supergirl, tell me more about you're recent trip with Stargirl, her dad and Green Lantern to the North Pole."

"Oh where do I begin?" Supergirl smiled, as she began to recall the events of their last adventure.


Raven opened one of the drawers and placed the invitations inside. She was grateful for the gesture, but she and Nightwing weren't really big team players. If anyone needed them, they'd be there, but they were solitary figures by nature.

Walking through the large open space, Raven took one look around before hovering through the ceiling and making her way all the way to the rooftop. Nightwing's choice for a home was amazing. It consisted of the upper levels of a high-rise with floor to ceiling glass windows. She had been living with him for a few years now and had grown very fond of Earth once again.

The view of Gotham City was spectacular. Raven levitated to the Sky and felt the warm breeze, recalling the night when Nightwing made his way to her planet of Azarath, searching for her and asking her to return with him. He was no longer the Robin she once knew. He was a man now, capable and confident in his own rights. Just like she had transformed and mastered control over her powers and emotions. When she first saw him enter the citadel, she thought he was some kind of apparition, but the manifestation was real and he embraced her with the love she knew she had always kept just for him. She remained faithful all this time and waited for him; just like she promised she would and now, they were finally together.

In the night sky, she concentrated her senses and called out to Nightwing. Her Soul-Self formed and flew straight up in the dark, stopping for only a couple of seconds in front of the full moon before it dispersed; it was an exact replica of the bat signal but this time, it was a raven in front of the moon. Satisfied, she levitated back down and returned to the rooftop, where she positioned herself into her meditating form, crossing her legs beneath her and focusing on her breathing.

When Raven agreed to return to Earth, she was agreeing to more than just fighting crime and to protecting the innocent. She was agreeing to Nightwing's desire for them to be together. A dream and wish she had longed for. Robin was no longer there; Tim Drake came along and filled that spot, joining Batman on his nightly missions. The old Robin she remembered had transformed, just like she was now, a new and different Raven, much more confident in herself and her feelings.

She lost track of time in her meditation but knew exactly when he made it back home. For one thing, she could hear that obnoxious motorcycle. What is it with guys and machinery? She wondered, recalling Cyborg's infatuation with his car. She uncrossed her legs, so it looked like she was sitting on an invisible chair, letting her white cloak float around her as her dark, navy blue hair flowed slightly in the air as well.

Nightwing was watching her and he knew, she knew, he was there. Somehow, even with all his skills, he could never outwit her; she always knew when he was around. Raven was always an object of his affection, although, even when they were simply comrades and teammates at Titan Tower, he never admitted his true feelings. He thought in just looking out for her, protecting her, he could live with himself. But he was a fool, fooling himself to believe, even after their first kiss that he did not love her. But with each passing day, he found himself thinking of her. She kept intruding on his thoughts at night, both while he patrolled the city and in his dreams. For a while, Barbara had managed to keep his thoughts occupied. Maybe it was because she and Raven were a lot alike. Raven was not as outgoing as Batgirl, but they shared many similarities, more specifically with the comments they would direct to him, rendering him speechless, and their fierce loyalty, devotion and power as an individual.

But in the end, it was Raven who Nightwing longed for. She was his kindred spirit. The child of hope, as he once called her. During their time together, Nightwing was impressed with her as always. She seemed to be the only one able to fascinate or amaze him in the things she did. She had finally full control of her powers and emotions. She had grown her hair out to the beautiful long length that he always loved and she bore her crystal white outfit, the symbol of her spiritual mastery of her powers. She was beautiful, both spiritually and physically but it was who she was as an individual that drew him to her.

Not bothering to conceal his presence, Nightwing purposely walked right up to her. Nightwing pulled his mask off, just as he closed the distance between them. Raven felt his desires and un-did her position in the air so that she was in a standing position, just as she turned around and opened her eyes to greet him; she blushed for only a second, for that was all she had before she closed her eyes and he pressed his lips against hers. Nightwing kissed her forcefully yet beseechingly. He was asking permission and she obliged, opening her mouth to his eager tongue as it dove for the warmth and sweetness that he knew would be there. Nightwing intensified the kiss, pulling her close as Raven smiled, enjoying the moment so much, she was tempted to stop time just to keep it going.

Nightwing could have sworn that Raven stopped time for them, but as they both drew away slightly, everything was still normal. Damn! A lot could have happened if she just stopped time.

Seeing Nightwing grin evilly, Raven slapped his arm playfully, fully knowing what was on his lustful mind. Nightwing rested his head against Raven's as he held her close. He then moved them over to a ledge that was as big as a balcony that was perfect for them to lay down on while they looked up into the night sky above.

Once on the ledge, Nightwing sat on the floor and gestured for Raven to join him by his side. Raven cocked an eyebrow, a slight smile on her lips. Nightwing was apprehensive at first, what's she up to? Before he saw her extend her hand and use her magic on him. With her magic, she positioned him against the side of the ledge so his back rested against the wall. Her eyes gleamed mischievously before she walked over to him, using her legs to push his legs open, so that she was able to sit between his legs, leaning back so that her head was resting on his shoulder. Nightwing's eyes shone with a passion and heat she knew all too well. He then closed his legs, bringing more contact between them and wrapped his arms around her. Leaning back into his body, Raven closed her eyes as Nightwing rested his chin on top of her head. They stood like that for a very long time on the roof top, enjoying the company of each other. They did not talk; they did not worry about tomorrow. They did not care about anything else in the world, except being with each other.

They needed each other. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. When they returned from Azarath, Nightwing took her to his room and never let her go. It was the first time she was able to let her emotions free and show him how much she loved him. For Nightwing, he was finally able to admit to himself that he was denying himself the woman he had secretly loved since his teen years. That night was to be one of so many, where they would sleep in each other's arms, their warm, naked love the symbol of their commitment to each other. But the real love, the truth of their strong bond was something intangible. Their souls were kindred spirits and they had finally allowed themselves to express their love with no boundaries.

"May I ask you something?" Nightwing asked, as he opened his eyes, knowing full well what another wonderful night this was going to be, as he inhaled the scent of her neck as his arms began to roam her body.

"Ask away."

"Please. Stay with me. Forever."

Raven opened her eyes and moved back slightly. Nightwing was surprised at first but his surprise quickly turned into desire as Raven answered his request. She turned around, straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around Nightwing's neck, pulling him closer. She kissed him on his forehead before cupping his face in her hands; Nightwing felt like every part of his body was on fire. Everywhere she touched seemed to drive him crazy. Raven smirked a little before she closed the distance, "Nightwing. I am yours. Now and forever."

Nightwing drew his hand to slowly caress her cheek. He pulled her closer, "You know I love you," he said, as he kissed her softly on the lips.

"I had no idea." Raven's monotone belied her humor.

Groaning deep in his throat, Nightwing laced his hand in her hair and pulled her close, deepening the kiss before flipping them over, so that he was straddling her. As he lowered his face to hers, Raven could see the intensity and sincerity behind his eyes. She smiled, "I love you Nightwing."

"I'm not letting you go tonight," he whispered, as his lips trailed a path down her neck before making his way back to her lips.

Raven smirked, "I'm going to hold you to that," she said before she engulfed them in her magic, phasing the two of them through the floor and down to Nightwing's room; her magic creating a shield for the two of them where they'd love each other throughout another night with no interruptions, together, alone in a world of their own.


The End.