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The man came out of his hiding spot behind a thick tree. 'I should really pick a better hiding spot next time' the man thought. He had been hiding there for more than an hour and had gotten bored, nothing exciting to help pass the time. 'My condition has certainly made me impatient.' He thought grimly. 'No matter, it is all worth it.'

The time was eleven p.m. and location was the small forest like area near the western Prontera gate. As always, there would absolutely be nobody awake. Well, there were the guards and maybe some knights. An assassin or two hiding in the night or a drunkard doing...something... but that wasn't the point. The point was that, there were very few people awake and those were just too easy to avoid. It was time to head inside. Again.

He floated in the air, not too high above ground, around half a foot. He smirked. The levitating thing was easy to get used to. It was something he learned a week ago during the incident. He glided slowly, careful not to make a sound, towards the western gates. He stopped when he was behind the last tree closest to the gates. He surveyed his surroundings a bit. Two guards, not knights, were on the usual posts at the sides of the gate. 'God I'm such a kid, even in this state.' He grinned.

He used his cloaking skills and made a swift flight right through the closed gates, the guards feeling nothing but a cool breeze. "Wake up, little boy..." the haunting words that the breeze carried, instantly waking the guards from their near slumber.

"What in Odin's name...?"


Once he was at a considerable distance away from the gates, three houses at least, he stopped. The moon light shone, illuminating his features.

The embodiment of sin, an assassin would be the thought of any person that saw him. This assassin, however, was different. He wore normal assassin clothes except for the blood red cross-like symbol on his back. Assassin of the cross. He wore nothing to conceal his face, even the part of his uniform that covered his mouth was put down. He also didn't carry any weapon. No katar, jur, nor even a simple knife. His eyes, two glittering emeralds, went in contrast with his messy hair, light blue with streaks of silver, swaying in the wind.

Once again he scouted the area, as a pro this was natural. After confirming that no knight or guard was in the area, he disappeared into the alley with an inhuman speed, north being his direction. Even with this speed, he was careful not to make a sound. Within seconds he suddenly stopped, causing a gust of wind to flow forward. In front of him was the housing of the guild of the Prontera Knights. To the right was another building which housed the members of his former guild, the Imperials. His eyes roamed the second floor of the building till he spotted the room he was looking for, thankful for the open window. He slowly floated into the air and into the room.

As expected, he was greeted with the sight of a person sprawled out on the bed, sleeping soundly. 'So cute...' he gave a tender smile at the figure. He looked around the room, spending as much time as possible to remember everything, especially the angel-er-tomboy/woman on the bed. Her armor was hanging on the chair beside her table while her boots were beside the chair. Her gauntlets and her prized weapon, a plus five muramasa, were on the table beside her bed. He landed with a barely audible thud and walked towards the weapon, careful not to make a sound.

He observed the blade, remembering how the knightess obtained this fine piece of craftsmanship.

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