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The assassin remembered that day clearly. Gea's guild, the Empereans, found them in an inn at Payon. After settling the small misunderstanding (blame it all on Rue, Kaize thought), he was suddenly invited to the small guild by their leader, Peliez. Having nothing better to do, Kaize decided to find some amusement by accepting. Also, he did promise Gea that he'll take care of her...Kaize shook his head, clearly embarrassed.

Another memory hit him.


"Why should we let a murderer into the guild!?" the blond haired knight spat. She was sitting upright on the bed in the inn, her back against the wall for support. Throughout all her rants, she didn't seem to care that the topic of the conversation was sitting beside her on the edge of the bed, a protective hand laid on her shoulder.


Sin frowned a bit then shrugged, no longer caring. 'Doesn't matter anymore', Kaize thought. He left the desk, floating towards the bed, thinking more and more about the guild.

It was small, yes, but it is actually the newest branch of an even larger guild, Dee Ah Blow. That was really surprising. When he asked Peliez why it was like that, all the young knight said was that it was a tactic for war, in case something happens. Currently, there were five branches.

The leader of their branch was, obviously, Peliez, a flirtatious knight. Kaize really wondered how that happened. True he was a very skilled knight (one of the best sparing partners, Kaize added) but he always goofs around with women. Another memory flashed.


"Hey there, sweety," the redheaded knight purred. He put on a charming smile and spread his arms wide. "Howza about a pretty girl like you accompany a lonely, and might I add, good-looking man like me to a pub in town?"

"Why sure honey." Gea smiled sweetly. She moved towards the idio...Peliez. As soon as she was in striking range, she grabbed one of his arms and shoulder threw the redhead. "In your dreams, sicko."

On the sidelines, Kaize bent his head to hide a smile while the female priest, Altair, laughed her head off.


Ah Altair, the blue haired, brown eyed priest. One of the most caring people Kaize had ever met. Cherished by all, whether as an object for love or not. Kaize wondered what was wrong. There must've been a chance where it would be her... oh yeah, preaching...


"Prove to me that God would actually forgive people like me." Kaize's eyes suddenly widened as he realized his mistake.

"Well, I'll have you know that in..." and so the famous sermon's of Altair began. She didn't even seem to notice the assassin banging his head repeatedly on the table.


And there was the blond haired brother of Gea, Rue. That man was really something. He reinforced a curfew on Gea and, to his horror, Kaize himself.


"How long have you been spying on my sister?" the forger type blacksmith accused.

"What's it to ya?" Kaize replied coolly, not shifting his gaze from staring at Gea's sleeping form.

"I will not tolerate this invasion of my sister's privacy, young man." Seeing that the assassin didn't seem to be listening, Rue made up his mind. "I will inform Peliez to make a curfew for all of us."

Kaize's eyes, for once, reflected fear.


"Lastly, there was the brown haired wizard, Rudy. He was among the wiser people in the entire guild, not just the Empereans. 'what a book worm', the sin thought. 'With a damn good memory too.'


"What's this book about?"

"Ah that? I've read that a good two years ago. It focuses on spells casted by a very powerful sorcerer many years ago named Fenris Fenrir. Among these spells were..."

Kaize pleaded to the gods. 'What did I do to deserve such punishment?'


The emerald-eyed assassin noticed that he was already in front of her bed. He sat beside the sleeping knight.

"Beautiful..." he whispered lovingly. The moon's rays seemed to make her glow a pale color, illuminating and accentuating her features. The assassin studied her surroundings. As expected, her blanket was kicked off the bed while her body was sprawled on it. Covering her with the blanket, Kaize allowed a chuckle. "You're really beautiful, tomboy."

Studying her attire, he noticed things haven't changed. She still wore the knight's uniform, just without gauntlets, armor, and metal boots. Ever since Kaize joined, Gea seemed to be on guard...always.


The female knight walked down the path away from the main guild house, her hand fingering the hilt of her muramasa. A voice startled her.


"Kiyaa!" drawing her weapon, she slashed where she expected a neck would be.

"You could've killed me, silly girl." A sudden weight on her blade brought it down. Kaize stood arrogantly, one leg on her weapon while the other on the ground.

"But I didn't!" fiery blue orbs snapped. She swiped her muramasa from under the sin's foot and re-sheathed it.

"What if it was somebody else?"

"I had a feeling it would be you."

"Do you hate me that much?" The knight tensed at the assassin's words. Did she? Metal boots passed the embodiment of sin.


A familiar feeling pierced his heart. "You really did hate me, didn't you?" he asked sadly, glad that there was no response.

"" Gea weakly mumbled.

Kaize's eyes widened.


The blond haired knight and the blue haired assassin stood in the shadows behind the guild house of the Emperean's, talking. The knight suddenly turned around, ready to bolt away. A pair of warm, masculine arms enclosed themselves around her shoulders and waist, the owner's chin resting on her shoulder, halting the escape. Kaize pulled the blond deeper into the embrace.

"Don't go..." he nuzzled his cheek against her neck affectionately. "Stay...please..."

The knight flushed and tensed, resisting the urge to stay with him. The urge to lean back and return the warmth. The urge to accept. Tears formed in her eyes as her hands balled into a shaking fist. The assassin noticed this and responded by comforting her even more.

"" she weakly mumbled. In a sudden burst of motion, the knight freed herself from the embrace. She turned around in time to see the assassin prepare to embrace her again.

"I said no!" she screamed, shoving him hard against the wall, tears already streaming from her eyes. In her anger, she dealt a punch on his face, the pain amplified by her armored hand. Her eyes widened with regret. She covered her mouth and fled to her room, leaving Kaize to slide to the ground as he prevented his own tears from falling, blood trickling down from his bruised cheek.



"I really believed that you loved me." The blue haired man whispered to her sleeping form. "I did my best so you would accept me." He stared at his hands. "But I'm like this because of you.


Two bodies littered the ground, one breathing. The knight dropped her muramasa and opened her other hand. A flower with a note attached to it seen.

She cried.


"" she mumbled, eyelashes shimmering. "don' alone..."

The assassin smiled sadly at her words. Then he noticed it. A flower ring adorned her left ring finger. Looking at her face again, he noticed a tear sliding down her cheek. He instinctively reached out to wipe it then stopped.

A memory flashed.


"Don't touch me!" she screamed.


Bending down, he brushed his lips against her rosy ones. Nothing. He couldn't feel anything. He had been waiting for the time when he would kiss her for so long and now...nothing.


"I can't touch you, right?" he whispered, pulling back a little. "Even if I wanted to, I can't. Do you know why?"

He brought up a hand to wipe her tear. It passed through her face.

"Good bye, my silly girl."


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