Title: I Can Feel It! 1/17

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Manon

Rate: PG-13

Warning: Behold the scene! Violence, Guilty. Character death?

Disclaimer: I do not own J R R TOLKIEN's character.

Spoiler: Movie Verse. AU.


Four arrows hit the Mirkwood elf before he fell.


Words had been said, but no one can turn back time.

"I should have listened to you before," Aragorn said, as he tried to save his best friend's life…


The Fellowship sailed past the statues towards a great, roaring waterfall. On either side of the falls the land rose in two hilltops crowned by distant ruins. In the center of the rushing water a pinnacle of rock rose sheer from the cascade. As they disembarked on a gravel beach, Boromir looked troubled and appeared to be fighting a conflict within him, and Frodo glanced at him, looking perturbed. The Fellowship started to make camp.

"We cross the lake at nightfall. Hide the boats and continue on foot. We approach Mordor from the north," Aragorn stated to the others.

Gimli said "Oh, yes! It's just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil? An impassable labyrinth of razor sharp rocks! And after that, it gets even better!"

Suddenly Pippin looked up, alarmed.

"Festering, stinking marshlands, far as the eye can see!" Gimli said.

"That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf," Aragorn said to him.

"Recover my…! Phrrrrr…" Gimli said angrily.

Legolas moved towards Aragorn. "We should leave now," he said, still scanning the area around them.

"No. Orcs patrol the eastern shore. We must wait for cover of darkness." The man didn't agree with his friend.

"It is not the eastern shore that worries me. A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind. Something draws near... I can feel it!" Legolas said to him, and Aragorn could swear he heard fear in the elf's voice.

Legolas' gaze wandered over the dark pine woods, a dark, brooding statue nestled amongst their needles.

Gimli said angrily: "No dwarf need recover strength!" He turned to Pippin. "Pay no heed to that, young Hobbit."

Merry returned with some wood for the campfire and looked around. "Where's Frodo?" he asked.

Sam, who was half-dozing, roused with a start. Aragorn looked over the camp, and his gaze stopped on Boromir's shield, lying with his baggage.

'Something is wrong, ' Aragorn thought. He turned to Legolas and Gimli, saying: "Legolas, Gimli, watch them; I do not want to lose anyone." He left before they could protest, following Boromir's tracks.

After he left Legolas wanted to prepare Gimli for the worst. He could feel the evil around them, and asked himself: 'Why does Aragorn never listen?'

"Gimli, start sharpening your axe; the enemy is closing. I can feel them… they are so close," Legolas whispered as he scanned the area.

"And where is Strider? Where did he go?" Merry asked.

Legolas felt the whole world was falling about him, and looked at Gimli with worried eyes, wanting his help to answer the hobbit's question.

"Help me my friend, watch them. I am going to find Aragorn before it is too late," he said, and started to run, going the same direction Aragorn had.

"What is going on? Where is everyone?" Merry asked worried. The only thing he could see was Gimli trying to calm them down.

"We must to stick together, my dear hobbits," Gimli said. "For the sake of our friends."

"We need to find them, Master Dwarf," Pippin said. "They might be in danger." He grabbed Merry's arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gimli asked as he tried to catch their arms, but it was too late; they had already run from him.

'Legolas will be mad at me; I can't even watch the hobbits,' Gimli thought and saw Sam running into the forest and screaming for Frodo.

'There is nothing more I can do here,' he thought, and ran to where he thought Legolas might be.

"What are you doing here, Gimli? Where are the hobbits?" Legolas asked.

"Ahh… ah…" Gimli started to stutter. He did not know what to say.

"Did you lose them?" Legolas asked worried. "How could you? They are only hobbits, how could you?" Legolas asked again, and Gimli could hear the accusation in his voice.

"See, lad, they are worried about their friend, and they could not sit without doing anything, like me," Gimli explained, but it seemed that did not convince the elf.

Legolas turned his head, as he feared the approaching enemy.

"They are here," he said quietly and ran to find Aragorn. Gimli hurried to be close to him.

They heard the sound of metal hitting metal – the battle had started.

Legolas was ready to pull out one of his arrows, ready to strike, and to kill.

They ran into the clearing and saw Aragorn was there, fighting and killing the Uruk-Hai. Legolas was shooting arrow after arrow, and Gimli was swinging his axe. They were killing as many as they could, but more were coming.

The elf saw Aragorn struggling with one of the Uruks. Legolas aimed and shot it in the back. Then the Horn of Gondor was heard, and the sound caught Legolas' attention. He did not notice the blow from an Uruk's sword, piercing his thigh.

He did not feel the pain at first, as he had come to fight, and defend those who needed his help.

End of Chapter 1.