They call him the Quiet One

But no one sees inside

To where the real person is hidden

Tears and joy and fears

He doesn't want seen

His brothers don't see past

The scientific babble

To where a heart of gold

And true feelings lie

He loves his family More than Life itself

But the words won't always come

The simple weapon of choice

A reflection of his peace loving soul

Violence abhorred

The enigma of the Ninja pacifist

His intellect knows no boundaries

No one can deny

But even with that mind full of science

He's not lost to the world

It hurts to see his father growing old

And his brothers conflicted

He keeps it all within

For he's the quiet one

The calm and bright one

Any flash of real feeling would stun

Sadness and anger muffled

Excitement and happiness subdued

He's set apart

Even among his own.