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Really Gone?

As he opened the car door and climbed in, he tried his best not to look back at the house. He knew that the two would still be looking out the front window, begging for him to return. He snapped the car door shut and started it up. He felt bad for leaving them with that babysitter. After all of these years of promising himself that he would never turn out like his parents, here he was repeating history.

"They'll be fine." He said to himself as he began to drive away. How did he know this? He wasn't there with them to know what was truly going on, but he still knew. For there were several hints that reminded him that they were never in any danger.

About twenty years before, he was told that he would forget the two people that he cared about as he grew up. This was true, but for only a short time. As a teenager, his attention turned elsewhere with girls, his studies, the football team, and the normal things that all teenage boys like to pay attention too. Then as he went off to college and soon onto his working life, there were little piece of his memory that began to surface.

That day he graduated Dimmsdale High, his tassel on his hat would change from blue and silver to green and pink at any given moment. When he moved into his dorm room a few months later, he found a green lamp and a pink storage box in his belongings. He had no idea where they had come from, and they disappeared shortly after he began to clean out the boxes. The day he married his beloved Tootie, there was a pink balloon tied to her chair and a green one to his. He couldn't help but look up at them fondly as him and his bride danced for the first time as husband and wife. When his twin son and daughter were born two years later, they were covered with pink and green blankets. Even on each birthday, he would find little trinkets on his front step. Most of them were in either in the shape of a crown or a star. One year, he even found pink and green monkey shaped charms.

Everywhere he went, the pink and green followed him. At first, he didn't know what the heck was going on. Then, little chunks of his childhood came back to his mind and it didn't take long for it all to come back into place.

"Oh my gosh! Did I really have Fairy Godparents?" He thought to himself one day at work. It was a very bad place for something so huge to click, but it clicked none the less.

"You're losing your mind. Has it ever crossed your mind that you just really like the colors pink and green? After all, you did wear a pink hat for a long time when we were kids." Tootie would tell him every time he brought it up.

"Then how do you explain that Crimson Chin doll I gave you when we were ten? That it knows that many 'I Hate Vicky' phrases?" Was always his answer. The conversations would never go farther than that because Tootie would just get frustrated and leave the room rolling her eyes at him.

He looked back at the house he had grown up in for so many years in his rear view mirror. He has bought it from his parents when they decided to move to Reno. From the window that used to contain his bedroom, he saw a familiar flash. A bucked tooth smile crossed his face.

"You show them an adventure Cosmo and Wanda. It sure made my life a whole lot better." He snickered. Those two were the only reason why he left him with that evil robot almost everyday. He knew that if he did, his children would receive the same gift he got at their age. Sure, it made for two unhappy eight year olds and he felt bad for leaving them behind. Yet, somehow, it would all be worth it.

When his twins brought him that time capsule that he had buried twenty years before, it brought back the memories of why he had buried it in the first place. The adventure of being inside a television had shown him the truth about what was suppose to happen as he grew up and he wanted to prevent those times from floating away.

The two fairies had no idea that he still remembered them. He never let on that he knew that the two goldfish were more than they appeared. How could he forget the two people he loved just as much as his own parents? They were the world to him and he wasn't about to let them just slip away from his life. They were the reason that he made it through his pre-teen and teenager years unscathed by what comes with it. He pulled the picture out of his front pocket and looked at it quickly. The photograph only showed a confused, younger him standing in front of a bowl with two ordinary. He guessed that either they had changed the picture, or that idiot Jorgon Von Strangle. He wanted to tell them very badly, but this would mean that Tammy and Tommy would lose them forever.

"I'll tell them...someday." He whispered, returning his eyes to the road.

With that, Timmy Turner lost sight of his home.

What did you guys think? I really don't think he forgot after all of those years he had with them. I mean, did you see how he looked at that picture and smirked? No way! Also, why else would he leave them with the evil Vicky bot? This story was bugging me for a few days, but I couldn't write it until now because I was busy with work. I think this is the first one that is based on the Channel Chasers movie. If you guys find anything that I need to fix, don't be afraid to tell me. Maybe I'll write more about this in the future. That is, if I don't forget about it.