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Eternal Rhapsody

Chapter Four: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 5/5

By: Sapphire Rose (aka Lily Flower)

"Love someone completely with all your heart. Love someone completely with your entire mind. Love them completely with your spirit and your body. Love them in every way you can. Take them wholly into your heart. See them at their best and their worst. And then you shall find your heaven on earth - your Eternal Rhapsody."

Veronica Palermo (Myself)

Heaven - that's the only word I can think of to describe that night. It was everything I dreamt it would be and more. It was tender; it was sweet and ever so soft. I felt loved and I felt safe in Harry's arms that night. That night Harry and I were one - our minds, bodies and souls became one mind, one body and one soul. I don't know if being magical made it all the more special but I swear I could feel the magic flowing from my body into his - it was absolutely surreal. Every touch and kiss set off a fire of desire through my veins. I'm starting to sound like a love sick girl here - then again I am so it's alright.

Harry was absolutely perfect that night. It was still burned in my memory. But then what? Where was our relationship headed? Even though we shared one perfect night that didn't mean things would lead to a relationship. Yes Harry and I shared something that night but he could change his mind and write it off as a mistake. And me being the girl that I am would hide my true feelings and go along with it. I would have to watch him be with other girls - watch those girls share something that should have been mine all along and I don't think I could do that. I know that sounds selfish but I can't help but feel this way when it comes to him. After all we both did drink a little too much - what if that was the wine and not our true feelings? The logical Hermione kicked into gear and I became very worried about what would happen between Harry and I the next morning?

I just wish I could live through that night again and never let it end. One absolutely perfect night - I found the person I was supposed to be with and there was a chance I could lose him. Oh Merlin be kind and just turn back the clock so I can relive every touch, every kiss, every sweet nothing whispered in my ears. Oh please let this not be a dream - I don't know what I would do. I'm in love with Harry Potter, my best friend and I'm scared to death of losing him. And oh dear what about Ron?

The sun rose steadily over the houses below - it promised to be a beautiful day. All were asleep in apartment belonging to the famous 'Trio' expect for one. It was around eight thirty in the morning and Ron had just woken up from a peaceful sleep. He stretched lazily, arms high in the air as a loud yawn escaped his lips. He paid little attention to the women lying beside him - his current girlfriend at the moment leaving her to her own devices. Just like any other morning Ron hopped out of bed (not bothering to grab a robe he walked out of the kitchen in his Chuddly Canons boxers) and headed for the bathroom which was on the opposite side of the apartment.

Ron swiftly made his way into the shower and turned on the water putting it to the temperature he liked best. After a night like he had he would always take an extra long shower - relaxing in the steaming hot water. As soon as he was done washing his hair and cleansing his body he turned off the water and reached for a towel hanging on a rack. He quickly towel dried himself and wrapped it around his waist. Once out of the shower he walked all the way back to his room to put on an outfit for the day. Deciding on a pair of jeans and a maroon short sleeve shirt to wear Ron heard his stomach growl at precisely the right moment.

"Right on time."

The wide smile on Ron's face could be seen a mile away. Everyone knew that nothing came between Ron and his appetite, not even his current girlfriend. After sex he normally had an extra large appetite so he would indulge himself with all his favorites. The kitchen was right across from his room - he purposely chose this room because of its location. With a mum like Mrs. Weasley you had to know something about cooking - it was unspeakable if you didn't. Being the biggest eater in the family Ron learned all there was to know about cooking. His mother had taught him all the spells growing up. As a child he loved to help his mum out in the kitchen. As well as "test out" all the food that his mum had cooked for all meals of the day. But of course he had to take two, three or even four "tests" of each dish. Instead of getting angry Mrs. Weasley would always smile and laugh at him.

Waving his wand around the entire kitchen - bowls, mixers, milk, eggs, and all manners of kitchen supplies and food began to fly around the room. The stove started on Ron's command and the eggs "magically" cracked themselves into a frying pan. Taking in a deep sigh Ron sat down on a stool by the counter and watched as breakfast was preparing itself. Ron stared up at the clock - it was now almost nine thirty. Something had seemed off to Ron from the very start. Now that he thought about it there was something missing all together. Two somethings - or someones namely Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Where could those two be? Normally they were up and about before he had even woken up. Normally Hermione would be sitting at the table hovered over a book or the Daily Prophet and Harry would be either reading over a case or a Quidditch Magazine. But his two friends were no where in sight this morning.

Deciding the food would be fine on its own if he stepped out of the kitchen for a few moments he walked towards Hermione's room and gently knocked on her door. Having learned very early on that if he ever entered her room without knocking there would be severe consequences - he did not want to have to listen to her screeching this early in the day. He liked his hearing and his appendages in tact.

"Hermione? Are you in there?"

No answer, he waited a few moments before he knocked a little louder this time.


Hermione hated when he used that nickname but if she were still in there he would have received a reply. Inhaling deeply Ron braced himself as he cracked open the door slightly poking his head through.

The sun shone through the window lighting up the room in sunlight. His eyes scanned the bedroom but she was nowhere in sight. Before leaving Hermione's room he noticed that her bed was still made - she never slept in it. How strange? Then again there was a chance she could have fallen asleep on the couch or in the study like she sometimes did when she got too caught up in her work. Now it was time to check Harry's room. Only this time Ron didn't hesitate to walk into his room without knocking.


Once again he found the same results he did in Hermione's - the bed was made, no one had slept there last night. This was turning out to be a strange morning. Closing the door to Harry's room behind him he checked the study and the 'game' room as they liked to call it but there was no sign of his two friends anywhere. Well there was only one place left to check - the living room.

There was no other explanation he could come up with for why his friends didn't sleep in their rooms. Maybe they had fallen asleep while working on an assignment? Or maybe they fell asleep watching TV on the couch? Any of those things were possible. Ron walked into the living from the back entrance and at a first glance he didn't see any sight of his friends. The couch was facing the opposite direction from him blocking any further view.

"Harry? Hermione? Are you in here?"

Once again no answer so he decided to take a closer look. He approached the couch in a few short strides. His eyes fell downwards and they fell upon two figures lying on the floor wrapped in a blanket - holding each other ever so gently. Ron's jaw dropped in shock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. That couldn't be them, could it?

Boy was I in for a shock that morning. Yes everyone it is I - Ron - taking over the story at this point. Harry and Hermione are just a little - umm - busy at the moment. Anyway I guess you're probably wondering what went through my mind when I found my two best friends like that. Trust me I knew what happened - it was obvious for anyone. The glasses scattered on the floor, the empty wine bottle. You'd have to be blind and stupid not to figure out what occurred there that night. But I have to admit in the middle of the living room floor was a little bold for them but what I can say it's nothing I haven't tried before.

Now I know there was a time when I thought I loved Hermione but that all changed. You would think I would be hurt but I wasn't. To be quite honest I was perfectly fine with the situation. I knew my two best friends had feelings for each other and it was only a matter of time before something happened. I just wish they did it in their own room - now every time I look at that spot I get an image of them. I wanted them to be happy and I was happy for them. Of course now Harry and Hermione would be spending a lot more time together that most likely wouldn't include me. But I didn't care - I had my own relationship issues to deal with.

I'm happier then I have ever been before. If you're wondering I eventually did grow out of "player" status. Watching Harry and Hermione being all lovey-dovey made me realize I wanted something more then just a flavor of the week. I wanted someone I could love and they would love me back. I have been happily dating Luna Lovegood for at least 6 months next Saturday. She was at one of my Quidditch games and we just hit it off from there. Who would have thought? But anyway I think I hear Harry and Hermione coming back so I should probably head out and let the rest of the story play out.

Ron's eyes never left his friends sleeping figures. His ability to speak unfortunately returned before his ability to think. He always did have a way to speak without thinking first.

"Harry, Hermione it's time to wake up now!"

Ron said cheerily, he probably should have left the room and brought the topic up later but he no longer had that opportunity. He watched as Harry and Hermione began to stir from their sleep most likely wondering who was calling out to them. From the looks of confusion on both their faces he assumed they didn't remember what happened. He watched as their faces dawn with realization. If he were just a viewer he'd probably find the situation more amusing but he was the one that actually found them here.

"Ron we can explain!"

That was the first thing out of Hermione's mouth. She clutched the blanket to chest trying to hide her naked body from view. There was no way she could explain this without telling Ron the truth. No way around it. She couldn't help the blush that creped up into her cheeks - this was so embarrassing. And worse yet it was Ron which made this situation highly uncomfortable. She tried to hide her blush and looked over in Harry's direction. She could tell he was going through the same thoughts and feelings as she was. She didn't know what Harry and she were at the moment but they had to explain this somehow to Ron. If there was a relationship in the mix she didn't want to ruin it by leaving out their best friend. How would he take it? There was a time when Ron and she had dated but that was in the past. Still she didn't want to screw any chance she had with Harry. The best thing to do would be to tell him straight out; she could tell Harry had come to the same conclusion. They both simultaneously looked up at Ron and braced themselves for whatever was to come - Ron was their friend so how bad could it be?

"Alright Ron there's no point in keeping the obvious from you - "

"We never hid this from you it just happened last night and I really don't understand most of it myself."

"Look you're our best friend and nothing and when I say nothing I really do mean NOTHING is going to change that fact."

"We care about you and we want to make sure you're comfortable with all of this."


Ron stood there completely lost in the conversation. Later on he would find this amusing but right now they were making his head ache. He figured they were concerned about his reaction because they wouldn't feel a need to explain it to him. He mentally shook his head to clear his thoughts. He held up both arms in a defensive position in front of him to ward off the explanations.

"Alright - I get it."

"You do?"

"Yes Harry, I do."


"Ron we're sorry if we hurt you."

"Why do you think you hurt me Hermione?"

"Well you seemed stressed out."

"Well if you had walked into your living at this hour and found out your two best friends shagged each other and proceed to tell him in rapid detail about it - I would think you'd have a little too much going on in your head."

Harry and Hermione sat there and were promptly shut up by Ron's comment. Finally able to take a breath Ron inhaled and exhaled deeply. Now he could handle the situation. But where to begin?

"You don't have to be worried about me - I'm perfectly fine with this situation."

He gestured around the room indicating his two friends.

"You are?"

"Yes I am. It's about time the two of you work things out anyway. If I had to sit through another meal and watch the two of you stare longingly at each other again I was going to point it out to you. You both were completely blind!"

Harry and Hermione sat there dumbfounded. Eventually words returned to Harry's mouth and he was finally able to respond to this new revelation.

"You knew all along and you didn't say anything to either one of us?"

"Uh, yes? It wasn't that hard to figure out."

"Then why didn't you tell us?"

"Because it was something the two of you needed to work out on your own - besides there was no way I was going to get myself involved in any sort of drama."

A small chuckle filled the room as Ron looked on amused at his two friends - they were both sporting similar looks of shock, confusion and perhaps a little of their own amusement and embarrassment.

"I just want you both to know that I'm happy for you."

A general sigh escaped from both Harry and Hermione could be heard as they smiled up at their friend. That was the biggest obstacle when it came to their relationship - and knowing Ron accepted it took a load of their shoulders. But now nothing stood in their way.

"Thanks mate - it means a lot to us."

"I'm sure it does -"

"Umm - is it just me or does something smell like it's burning?"

Hermione's nose sniffed the air and she could distinctly smell something burning - what could it be? Curiosity heightened Harry and Ron began to sniff the air as well and they both could smell what Hermione picked up.

"You're right Mione… what IS that…"


Ron sprinted out of the room quicker than Harry or Hermione could blink - this caused the two to be in fits of laughter. Only Ron would run that quickly to save his food. If Ron had to choose between sex and food - he would choose food - no questions asked. The laugher soon died down and the uneasiness in the air returned. How were they supposed to act around each other now? One act changed everything and now they had to face the aftermath.

Hermione always being the more outspoken of the two was unusually quiet at the moment. Harry sat there before her twiddling his thumbs as he looked down at his hands. This shouldn't be weird - they had been friends for so long - why did they feel so awkward all of a sudden? The lack of clothes could be a small piece of it and the fact that their best friend found them that morning. It was just them and no one else. A deep sigh could be heard escaping both their lips as each of their mouths began to open.

"Harry -"

"Hermione -"

A small smile appeared on their lips as they once again tried to speak out.

"You first -"

"No you - I insist."

Hermione smiled sheepishly as she stared over in Harry's direction waiting to hear what he had to say. The blanket left little to the imagination; covering everything from his waist down.

"So -"

"Yeah - last night was - interesting."

Interesting? Hermione scolded herself for the lack of vocabulary she could grasp at the moment. She couldn't help but look down at her hands - waiting to hear Harry tell her this wouldn't work out. Her insecurities were creeping up and she didn't like it one bit. A smile played at the corners of Harry's lips as her reached over. Which a gentle nudge to her chin, he lifted her gaze up to meet his.

"Hermione I hope you know last night was a greatest night in my life."

After that nothing more needed to be said. Everything was communicated through their eyes - the benefit of being friends for so long. The shields were down and for the first time they could both clearly see what they felt for each other. Harry reached behind her head and gently pulled her towards him. Their lips brushed but a moment - it's simplicity was enough to show just how much they care for one another. It was the start of something wonderful. As they pulled apart the smiled were permanently etched on their faces. Silently and wordlessly they gathered their belongings and headed into their respective rooms - washing up and getting dressed for the day. When the normal morning routines were completed they met in the kitchen and joined Ron for breakfast.

"So Ron - you were planning on eating ALL of this food on your own?"

"Of course Hermione - that pile over there is for the two of you - I thought of you don't worry."

Ron pointed to a rather small pile of food off to the side. It was nothing compared to the spread Ron had created for himself. The prat he was - always eating more than his share. But Harry and Hermione rolled there eyes in unison as began to pile food on their own plates.

"Honestly Ron you're such a pig."

"What can I say Hermione? I'm a growing boy."

"You've got that right - a boy."

Harry watched in amusement at his two friends leaning back in his chair. This was how it would always be between those two and he was glad everything was still somewhat normal in the apartment. The smile only widened as he watched the conversation become a full blown argument. Well perhaps some things should change.

"Ron you're a prat - you only think about yourself!"

"Well Hermione you're a nag - you're not my mum for crying out loud!"

"You are insufferable."

"Takes one to know one."

Well everyone that is where we shall leave you. Don't think of it as an end for the story is still being written. And I can guarantee it still makes the Daily Prophet till this day. Everything from then on was an emotional rollercoaster - but what isn't when it comes to 'The Boy who Lived'? This just ends a chapter in our story but a new one will begin tonight I think. After all I highly doubt Hermione will reject my current proposal. She has no clue at the moment so let's keep it that way. My last parting words to you all out there, the best way to describe this part of my life. That part of my life that Hermione completes, the way she makes me feel, the way she loves me. I can only say simply - Eternal Rhapsody.

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