Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and the Inu gang
(as you can tell this is an Inu/Naru crossover.)
Sasuke walked through the woods after training thinking his usual thoughts about Itachi. Wondering about the fateful day when at last he would face off with the man he was destined to kill.

All of a sudden, he sensed someones Chakra. He immediately ran back to the training grounds , whoever it was, it was very strong is it ... Itachi?

He suddenly noticed that the others were almost exactly in the way of this huge power! He gritted his teeth and his eyes widened as he saw a horde of huge... demons?

"Everyone get back here now!!!!!!!!!!" he didn't know how but he sensed that this would be the only safe place.

Everyone was only about 20 meters away so they immediately turned to see what was wrong. Sakura was the first to reach his side

"What is it Sasuke- kun?" then she followed his gaze to the sky.

Naruto and Kakashi ran up tothem almost immediately afterwards and they also looked up.

Naraku stared at the village below him incontempt, 'So this is where he was staying hmm'.

He slowly raised his hand and with a slight twitch of the fingers sent thewhole horde of demons down to the village completely ignoring the woods beside it.The inhabitants of the village managed to hold on for a while and brought down a lots of demons but it was only 1/10 of all the demons.

Eventually the entire village was annihilated. Naraku looked down at the village slightly amused, even impressed
if they managed to bring down just one demon they would have been considered extremely strong among humans and yet..

Ah... of course that meant he was staying in a ninja village...


It was a wise decision, but not wise enough to fool Naraku, and look where his decision led him ... To the next

"Pity... He could have simply joined me." He said aloud.

"Who?" Kanna asked slightly perturbed.

Naraku turned to face her, Kanna was a little confused Naraku almost never even acknowldged her presence let alone answered a question. Then again she had never asked a question.

"I'll tell you who...

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