Makoto to Ami- That First Dance
Discliamer: No the characters don't belong to me, they belong to the
wonderful Naoko Takeuchi!
Summary: Just Makoto's thoughts during the Super S season where she and Ami
Pairings: Ami/Makoto

When we shared that first dance, with one another
I watched you sway with that unfailing grace, As our eyes met
we shared an intence connection with each other, those
delecate blue eyes that belonged to only you, the ones that set my heart

I move to take your gentle hand, never taking my eyes away from
that gentle face which is yours, closing the distance between us,
I bring you closer to me, seeing your smile takes this sadness away, no
matter how many battles we must endure, as long as you're by my side,
destiny brought us together, and if this never ending battle should seal
our fate, I don't care, as long as we're side by side.