Cross dresser


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Kagome decides that she wants to try something new, something changing genders for one! Yep, after strapping down her breast and dressing as a boy, and even cutting her hair!! She looks pretty much like a guy! But can she fool the others? Chaning her name to Dante, she goes to find out...What? Inuyasha...LIKES DANTE?! WTF?!!


Chapter 1: I HAVE NO BREAST!!!

Kagome sighed as she looked at her naked self in the mirror, "They're so's like they aren't even there..." She cupped her breast with her hands and stared at them. She made a few posses, but nothing worked. Her breast were too small!

She shook her head in dismay as she grabbed a pushup-padded bra and put it on, then pulled on some underwear. She looked at her clothes laid out on her bed. "Why would I wear a's like I'm not suppose to be a girl! For the love of Kami-sama, I DON'T EVEN HAVE BREAST!"

She grabbed a pair of pants from her closet and dusted them off, "Haven't worn these in a while...I wonder if they still fit." And Kagome easily slipped them on with a smile on her face. She grabbed a black t-shirt and slipped it on as well.

She began to brush her hair, "God...I hate my hair...It's" She grabbed a pony tail holder and put her hair up in a high pony tail. "I'm having such a bad hair day..." Spotting a hat, Kagome reached over and grabbed the black cap and stuck it on her head, pulling her pony tail through the hole on the back. "There."

After looking over herself in the mirror, she nodded and grabbed her backpack. "Mama, I'm off to school! Will you put my uniform in the wash!" Hearing her mother agree she ran out of the house and caught up with her friends.

"Hey guys!" Kagome ran through the girls into the middle of the circle of friends.

Everyone's eyes widened to see what Kagome was wearing, "Ka...gome?..." They all stopped and stared at her.

"Huh?" Kagome stopped and turned to face her friends, "What? What are you guys staring at?"

"What are you wearing?!" Eri tugged on her jeans.

" uniform is in the wash."

"Why aren't you wearing the extra uniform?" Yuka suggested.

"'s dirty?" Kagome laughed nervously.

All the girls looked at each other and shook their heads. They grabbed Kagome and shoved her gently against a wall, "Fess up Kagome!" Eri shouted.

"Eh?!" Kagome was pushed against a wall, as if being interrogated by her friends. "What do you mean? There's nothing to fess!"

"We all know that your extra uniform was just washed the other day! Plus you have another extra too!" Yuka pushed on.

"...They're just pants..." Kagome said annoyed.

"You never wear pants! Something is up!" They all yelled at the same time.

In the smallest voice, Kagome confessed, "I don' my body."

"What? Speak up Kagome."

"I said...I don't like my body..."


"I hate my body!!!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Eh!!" They all let go of her and stared, 'What in the world is she saying...Kagome has the best body of all of us! How can she not like it?!' They all thought amongst their selves.

Shyly, Kagome pushed through the barrier of her friends and continued to walk towards the school.

All of her friends stayed behind and stared at each other.


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