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Pairings...Ok Real pairings: R/BB...Fake pairings (AKA revenge pairings) Ra/Aqua, BB/Te


Oh, the day started out as any other. The Teen Titans woke up as usual. Raven was obviously the first to be awake because when Robin got downstairs she was already engulfed in her book. After Robin, it was Cyborg then Starfire.

Soon after them Beast Boy ran down followed closely behind by Terra. It had been a few month since the Titans had successfully reanimated Terra from her stalagmite state. Beast Boy naturally had been overjoyed that Terra had been brought back to life but Raven...

Terra chased Beast Boy around the living room for a bit until she tackled him, both of them rolling across the floor in a fun ball. Raven rolled her eyes behind her book and thought, 'Immature children...' Terra and Beast Boy stood up with each other's help and said in stereo, "What's for breakfast?" Cyborg the cook for the morning said, "Bacon and eggs, REAL bacon and eggs BB."

Beast Boy got angry and said, "Dude that's not cool! I'm gonna get myself some tofu then." Beast Boy angrily marched over to the refrigerator Terra hot on his heels as he probed the fridge for some edible tofu. Beast Boy had noticed that Terra had become a bit clingy to him since she had been brought back from her catatonic state. He had also noticed that Raven was acting more and more...distanced from him.

If Beast Boy didn't know any better, he would have thought Raven was jealous. Beast Boy, however, 'knew' that Raven felt nothing towards him besides anger...and the rare occasional showing of friendship. 'Now where's that tofu?' Beast Boy asked himself mentally as he searched for the elusive prize.

Raven sat in her chair watching Beast Boy hunt for the tofu with Terra very close behind him. 'Look at her...she is practically on top of him...' Raven thought irritably as she peeked over her book at the two. Raven slightly shook her head and rid herself of those thoughts. 'Raven quit looking at on your book!' She yelled in her mind as she attempted to forcefully concentrate on her literature.

This had happened a lot lately, actually since Terra had be brought back to life. The second Terra was reanimated Beast Boy and herself had gotten to where they had left off. Of course, all the Titans had been skeptical of having her around again but Beast Boy convinced them to let her stay. All except one...Raven.

Raven still held her doubt about Terra being loyal but another thing bothered her even more now. Terras clinginess to Beast Boy. She had been with him non-stop and this above all else, for some reason, bothered Raven. Raven couldn't be jealous, at least that's what she kept telling herself.

Beast Boy finally found some tofu in the deep dark recess of the fridge and he began to cook it in the microwave when he noticed Raven looking at him over her book.

Her eyes met his and she quickly darted back to her reading. 'Is she blushing?' Beast Boy asked himself noticing the red tint of Ravens normally pale cheeks but he ignored it in favor of his random thoughts, completely ignoring the exploding cup to his left.

Come to think of it, now a days BBs thoughts (if you can call them that) weren't so random. And they weren't centered around Terra as you might think. They were becoming centered around Raven. As she grew more distant from him...he felt more alone.

Of course, he had the other Titans and Terra but he thought of her as a really good friend and not really much more. Yeah he did have a huge crush on her in the beginning but with time, he simply lost his fondness in her. They were still close friends but just not that know what I mean...

Raven once again got lost in her thoughts instead of her book and began to peek over the top at Beast Boy. 'What does he see in her?' Raven asked herself referring to the overly friendly mood of Beast Boy and Terra. Beast Boy had finally found something in the fridge and he turned his eyes landing on Ravens.

Raven noticed her staring and her thoughts as she frantically turned back to her book blushing. 'Bad Raven! You shouldn't stare! It's not like your jealous or anything.' Raven thought but an exploding cup proved her wrong. Raven sighed, mentally gathered the cup together, and threw it in the trash as she returned to her book.

Beast Boys attention was now dually focused on Raven. He thought of her as his closest friend but Terra wouldn't let Raven budge in on her 'territory' so she kept as close to Beast Boy as possible keeping Raven out of the picture. "SO Beast Boy what are you doing today?" Terra asked Beast Boy in her normal happy and cheery mode as she side glanced at Raven.

Raven peeked over he book and watched as Beast Boy said, "Dunno. Maybe go hang at the mall." Terra smiled and said, "Oh Beast Boy mind if I tag along! We could go see a movie or something!" Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ok it might be fun."

Raven got an angry look on her face and she glared daggers in the back of Terras head. Raven glared as she rose from her seat saying, "I have to go meditate." Beast Boy smiled and said, "Hey Raven want to join us later at the mall?" Raven scowled and said, "No I was thinking of seeing what Aqualad was up to..." It was Beast Boys turn to scowl.

He didn't like the fact that Raven was now hanging around that 'water breathing jerk' as Beast Boy put it. Raven said they were just friends but Beast Boy kept getting the feeling something deeper was between the two. It made his blood boil with a new kind of anger that he couldn't place his finger on yet.

Raven knew this made Beast Boy furious and for some reason it made her feel good to do this. It was like a sense of payback for going to the mall with Terra. Beast Boy looked at the microwave and saw the time was about 10:00. "Com'mon Terra lets go to the mall now. We can find something cool there." Beast Boy said grabbing Terras hand dragging her to the entrance to the kitchen.

Raven saw the holding of hands and glared at the both of them feeling her blood turn to fiery streams of anger as some random object exploded in the background. Raven stomped off to her room to 'meditate' as Beast Boy and Terra left for their 'fun filled' day at the mall.

"Is it just me or are both of them in DEEP denial?" Cyborg asked from his position at the stove. Robin nodded his head along with Starfire and said, "Yeah, those two are getting more and more obvious everyday to everyone except themselves."

Cyborg rolled his eyes and muttered, "They're not the only ones..." Cyborg glanced over at the two as they exchanged confused looks. They both turned back to Cyborg and asked, "What do you mean?" Cyborg sighed and shook his head saying, "Nothing..."

Beast Boy went to the mall with Terra and they both decided to see the movie 'Wicked Scary 2'. The entire movie Terra was leaning on Beast Boys shoulder and holding his arm. Beast Boy found this just a slight bit annoying but he forgot about it thinking how wonderful this fodder would be at pissing Raven off.

Meanwhile Raven and Aqualad were simply talking on the shore of Titans island. Raven would sit in her normal cross-legged position but Aqualad would constantly scoot closer to her, eventually so close that his arm was draped over her shoulder. Raven felt anger and some bit of disgust at this act but let it slide as a way to get payback to Beast Boy.

Beast Boy and Terra arrived home seeing Raven and Aqualad sitting on the beach talking, and Aqualads arm was on Ravens shoulders. While Terra rejoiced that her competition for Beast Boy was, 'interested in other ventures' Beast Boy fumed and began marching over to the pair. Terra attempted to stop him but Beast Boy was now a man on a mission.

"GET YOUR ARM OFF HER!" a voice yelled behind Raven and Aqualad. Aqualad turned to see a gigantic ape fist flying at him. It made contact with his face sending him flying into the bay. Raven looked at Beast Boy with wide eyes wondering how much he saw. However, what she was more worried about is what he thought was happening. "What's your problem!" Aqualad yelled jumping out of the water attacking Beast Boy.

Aqualad and Beast Boy continued to fight as Raven and Terra watched on. After twenty minutes, it got boring and Raven stopped the two with a wall of her black and white aura. "Stop it you two." Raven said with her usual monotone voice.

"Hey he started it!" Aqualad yelled pointing at the psychotic ape on the other side of the wall that was Beast Boy. Beast Boy changed back to human form and tried to get passed the black and white wall by running to one side but it would just stretch, consequently making his efforts in vain. "What's a matter Beast Boy? Angry that I stole your girlfriend." This caught Beast Boy and Ravens attention as they both yelled simultaneously, "Raven/Beast Boy is not my Girlfriend/Boyfriend!"

"Oh then Ravens up for grabs huh Beast Boy?" Aqualad asked with a superior smirk. Beast Boy just wanted to rip that grin off Aqulads face but he saw out of the corner of his eye Raven grinning a his anger.

After Aqualads, little speech accusing Raven and Beast Boy of being girlfriend and boyfriend Raven saw how livid Beast Boy got and wanted to see how far she could push this. She walked up to Aqualad, gave him a slight hug, and said, "Beast Boy you don't mind us going out do you?" Raven on the inside wanted to kill herself right now because...quite simply she didn't like doing this in the least. However, if this was enough to push Beast Boy into a deeper rage then so be it.

Beast Boy glared at the two his right eye twitching as he walked over to Terra and prepared for the ultimate payback. Beast Boy cringed on the inside about what he was about to do but to him it had to be done. He walked up to Terra and... (God are all the R/BB shippers on the board gonna hate and kill me for this but in the name of the story...) Beast Boy kissed Terra on the lips. Terras eyes closed in bliss but Beast Boy looked out the corner of his eyes at Raven and saw...not a look of anger, but a look of pure hurt. Beast Boy separated from Terra and looked Raven full in the face...

Raven watched as Beast Boy took hold of Terra and kissed her full on the lips...and she felt like her heart had just been ripped out of her chest and stomped on repeatedly. Beast Boy separated from Terra and looked at Raven with a look of, concern on his face. Raven turned away from the two and floated off into Titans Tower. Aqualad called after her but getting no response, he decided not to push the issue.

Aqualad left and Terra was still in wonderland at BBs kiss. Beast Boy had disappeared into Titans Tower most likely to find Raven. Terra must have stood outside of Titans Tower for hours until she came too to find the sun was set and Beast Boy was no where to be found...god Terra that idiot...

Beast Boy rushed into Titans Tower to find Raven the second after he had kissed Terra and Raven left. It was simple actually to follow the trail of destroyed objects but Beast Boy felt guilt for doing such a thing. 'I kissed Terra...'Beast Boy thought to himself in disgust remembering the lip lock with the earthmover.

Beast Boy followed the trail of destroyed and melted objects up to the living room seeing all the Titans hiding behind the couch. "Beast Boy what did you do?" Robin yelled as he saw he changeling enter. "What makes you think I did anything?" Beast Boy asked walking over to all the Titans except Raven who was somewhere in the Tower.

"Well everything is blowing up for starters BB!" Cyborg shouted as he stood up from the couch. "Look I didn't do anything except kiss Terra." Beast Boy said. The second he finished that sentence he wished he could take it back because he was soon surrounded by yells of 'how could you?' and 'you idiot!'

"What? What did I do so magnificently wrong that you guys keep yelling at me?" Beast Boy yelled back. Everyone hit their head with their palms and said, "Beast Boy Raven likes you, you green moron!"

Beast Boy backed up and said, "Huh? Really?" Cyborg walked up to Beast Boy and said, "Yeah BB really." This made Beast Boy become lost in his thoughts but he turned and rushed off to find Raven and explain his actions.

Raven sat on the top of Titans Tower her knees up to her chest and crystal tears streaming down her face. "That jerk...he could have told us that he was going out with Terra..." Raven said to no one in her depressed state. Raven looked out over the bay at the city and saw that the lights were lit. I was a variable sea of fire in the city as each and every light burned. "Raven?" A voice asked from beside her.

"Leave me alone Beast Boy..." Raven said turning away from Beast Boys form. "Raven...are you ok?" Beast Boy asked placing a hand on her shoulder. "I said leave me alone!" Raven shouted as a powerful black and white force pushed Beast Boy away. This didn't discourage Beast Boy as he retook his crouching position next to Raven after the aura subsided.

Raven placed her head in the crook of her elbow and said, "Why don't you leave me alone..." "Because I can't..." Beast Boy said in a caring and soft voice. Ravens head lifted and said, "Why don't you go to your precious's obvious that you love her..." Beast Boy was taken aback. Sure, he kissed her but it was all in the name of seeing Raven get angry. He didn't like Terra in that way...the only one he thought of liking in that way was Raven. "Raven I don't love Terra..." Beast Boy said quietly trying to calm her.

"I don't want to hear your can you not love her. She's so happy and out going..." Raven said feeling her heart sink deeper into a sea of despair. "How can I love Terra If I already love someone else?" Beast Boy asked with a slight smile.

Beast Boy had just figured it out. He had just found everything he had desired in the entire world. He understood what all these angry emotion at Raven where when she was with Aqualad. Beast Boy was jealous and he just figured it out. He wanted to take Aqualad and make a shark eat him. He was pissed at how buddy-buddy Raven was being with the Atlantian. Beast Boy also figured another thing. "Who is it Beast Boy...who do you love?" Raven asked still in depression. "You..." Beast Boy said hugging her.

Raven pushed him off and said taking her hood off her head, "No Beast Boy...enough of your lies. How can you love me if you kissed her?!" Raven shouted getting in Beast Boys face her eyes leaking tears. Raven had also figured out everything in her mind as she sat on the roof alone and now with Beast Boy. She just heard the words she wished to hear 'Beast Boy loved her'. However, something still angered her.

It was the doubt still plaguing at the back of her mind telling her this was all an act...a cruel joke formed by Terra and Beast Boy to get back at her. Raven also realized that she was indeed jealous. She hated the fact that Beast Boy spent more time and paid more attention to Terra. She wanted Terra to die and rot in hell but...she didn't want to interfere with BBs happiness. Now Beast Boy was telling her that he loved her but, Raven just needed to be sure this was true.

"How can you give her something so freely that I have longed for, for so long?" Raven yelled getting closer to Beast Boy with each word. Beast Boy was sweating seeing a concrete out crop on the roof being encased in Ravens black and white aura and exploding.

Raven moved closer to Beast Boy their mouths only inches apart as Raven said quietly, "The one thing I've wanted..." Raven closed the gap between their faces and they met in a long kiss. Beast Boy at first was surprised but he so got over it in favor of returning Ravens kiss.

The kiss only lasted a few moments but to them it was and eternity waiting, and an eternity in the act. They never wanted to separate but they both had to breathe so they separated. Raven was in slight shock of what she did and so was Beast Boy but they were soon back in reality as they looked at each other. "You love me?" Raven asked tentatively. Beast Boy smiled and gave her another, smaller kiss saying, "Yes I do..." Raven smiled and said, "I love you too."

Afterwards they both sat on the roof of Titans Tower talking the night away. "So how long did you like me?" Raven asked Beast Boy. Beast Boy shrugged and said, "I think I started to when Cyborg and I went into your mind and met all of your emotions." That reminded Raven and she looked around the roof of Titans Tower to see ho much damage her powers did. A few things were blown to bit here and there but not much destruction really.

"Rea, how long did you like me?" Beast Boy asked with a smile. Raven thought for a minute and said, "I don't know...I think it was when Terra betrayed us. I just couldn't believe that she turned you away for control over her power. It made me think of her and you in a different light and it kind of grew into love." Raven said looking at Beast Boy.

"Speaking of which what are we going to do about Terra?" Beast Boy asked. Raven had a devious grin and said, "Well you could tell her off...but I have another idea..." Beast Boy quirked and eyebrow and he asked, "What's your plan?" Raven smiled and whispered her plan to Beast Boy. Beast Boys face twisted in disgust and he said, "Well only if I get to do something to Aqualad." Raven shrugged and said, "Do whatever you want I don't care." Beast Boy let lose a malicious grin along with Raven as they planned Terras and Aqualads demise...

Beast Boys smile broke and he said, "You know you kiss alot better than Terra..." Ravens face moved into a smile as Beast Boy said, "You taste better too...Terra tasted kind like dirt..." Beast Boy and Raven laughed at this as they soon returned to their scheming.

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