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Pairings: R/BB KEEP THE FAITH (Lighter)



Suddenly Mad Mod lifted his cane and said, "Wait my duckies...let's have a little pop quiz before the destruction really begins..." Mad Mod grinned as out of nowhere two cloaked figures appeared rising from the ground...

"Whoa..." Beast Boy said looking at Mods screens seeing two cloaked figures, one in a green cloak one in a purple one. "Mod what are you doing?" Raven asked getting a little angry. "I do say you wanted this to be personal wright?" Mod said pulling a lever and two microphones popped up in front of Raven and Beast Boy.

"What if they recognize our voices?" Beast Boy asked tapping the microphone. "Don't worry lad, Moddys got you covered." Mod said with a grin as he made gestures telling them to say something...

The two cloaked figures stood before Terra and Aqualad as one of them said, "Uh, hello..." The voice was obviously warped as it sounded like several voices speaking at the exact same time. "Who are you and what do you want with us?" Aqualad yelled getting angry at the figures.

Raven and Beast Boy smiled at each other in the control room knowing that the two in the 'school' didn't have a clue what was going on. "Ready?" Beast Boy whispered away from the microphone with a glint in his eye. Raven nodded and she spoke into her microphone.

"Us, we don't want a thing...except for you two to die." The figure in the purple cloak stated as if it were the most obvious fact in the world. "What?" Terra and Aqualad yelled together. Mad Mod stepped forth and said, "Oh nothing to fret about lad and lovie! This won't take long!"

"Ok Mod we'll play your game..." Aqualad said through gritted teeth. Mod smiled and said, "Good, but it's not me who's running the show lad! It's them!" Mod waved his cane at the two cloaked figures. The figures both nodded as one of them began to ask a question. "Ok...Terra what is Beast Boys favorite Tofu place?" The green figure asked the question with a smirk. Terra thought for a moment and said, "Oh uh...Chans tofu?"

Above Aqualad and Terra, a gigantic red light illuminated and a deafening buzzer sounded. "Oh sorry lovie that's wrong..." Mad Mod said as he waved his cane. From behind Terra, a chair crept up and grabbed her in its golden binds. "Terra!" Aqualad shouted.

"Ah, ah, ah lad. You move from that spot and well...let's just say that these two will be having a spot of fun with her spleen." Mod said to Aqualad as he gestured to the cloaked figures. Aqualad scowled and remained in his stationary spot.

The purple cloaked figure spoke next as it said, "Ok Aqualad, what is Ravens favorite drink?" Aqualad thought for a moment and said, "Uh...water?" The light and the buzzer activated once again and Mad Mod said, "Oh so close my duckie but a tad bit off."

Suddenly a chair tackled Aqualad and it held him fast in its steel bonds. "Ok since you to failed the pop quiz...the final question is what to do with you?" The purple cloaked figure said...

"Ok so what do we do with them?" Raven asked putting her hand on the microphone. Beast Boy shrugged and said, "Hey Mod do you have and giant screwdrivers?" Mod shook his head and said, "Sorry lad fresh out." "Dang how about some spinning tops of doom?" Beast Boy said diving for ideas. "Customs wouldn't allow them in the country." Mod said with a frown.

"Dang...uh how about..."Beast Boy started but Raven stopped him with a hand on his mouth. Raven whispered in Mods and Beast Boys ears and they both produced a menacing grin. "As I said you two have turned quite evil!" Mod said with a psychotic laugh as he pulled levers and turned cranks. "Wait a tick what will we do after this?" Mod asked. Raven shrugged and said, "We'll think of that when we do. Now just get them Mod."

Aqualad and Terra sat struggling in their separate chairs as Mad Mod paced back in forth in front of them. Mod then suddenly smiled and he waved his cane at the Raven and Beast Boy shippers beckoning them forth. Mod whispered to one of them and then a gigantic and incoherent murmur rose in the group. The mob marched over to Terra and Aqualad and picked them up in their chairs.

"A little more to the left...and...There good!" Mod said as he instructed the mob where to drop Terra and Aqualad. The mob dropped Terra and Aqualad, proceeding to back off afterwards. "Ok my duckies time for a little After School Special!" Mod shouted as a large steel box dropped on the pair, completely cutting them off from anything outside of the box. As soon as the box hit the ground, it began to play images of Raven and Beast Boy together. On the outside, everyone present could hear a enormous shout of "NO!"

Up in the control room Mad Mod said, "Well that certainly takes the cake..." Raven and Beast Boy quirked and eyebrow and looked at Mod asking, "What does?" Mod turned around with a grin and said, "That box is supposed to be soundproof..."

Raven and Beast Boys eyes opened in surprise and said, "Wow...well this is nothing compared to what's next..." Mod nodded and he cranked a lever sending several thousands of pounds of maggots, spiders, worms, and other various insects and arachnids into the chamber.

From the container and even louder ear piercing, scream of "NO!" could be heard. Mod sat n his control chair and said, "I didn't think it was possible but this proves it..." "Proves what Mod?" Raven asked. "Those two brats are generating new levels of loud in there." Mod said shaking his head.

"Wow...well we better tell all the fans down there to put in the ear plugs..." Beast Boy said as he slipped on his own pair of earplugs followed quickly by ear muffs. Mod nodded as he put on his ear plugs.

"Ok my duckies here's the big one, everyone got their earplugs?" Mad Mod asked the fans. All of them nodded and they proceeded to put the earplugs in their ears. "Wright then...let's get this loud." Mod said as he waved his cane at the box.

Inside the box, where the bug covered Terra and Aqualad sat the TVs around the room began to flicker and change channels. Now instead of it being Raven and Beast Boy moments...it was the Teletubbies.

From the box came a few moments of complete silence...followed quickly after by what had to be the loudest pair of yells and screams in the entire universe. "TURN IT OFF FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" someone, most likely Aqualad, shouted from inside the box. "THE BABY IS THEIR GOD!" Another voice, probably Terra, yelled.

Beast Boy was on the ground laughing, holding his sides so they didn't split. "Oh my god it hurts!" Beast Boy yelled as he laughed. Raven smirked and laughed lightly as she watched their torture through a screen that had no sound. "All Wright lovie, you're the evil one so what's next?" Mod asked looking over at Raven. Raven shrugged her shoulders and said, "Don't ask me...it's his turn." Raven pointed to the, incapacitated by laughter, Beast Boy.

Beast Boy was trying to talk between laughs, "Ok...HA, HA...I got...HA, HA...an...HA...idea!" Mod quirked and eyebrow and said, "He...has an idea?" Raven rolled her eyes and said, "Hard to believe isn't it." Mod nodded and said, "After seeing how easily this lad was susceptible to my hypno screens I thought he might not have a brain a t'all."

Beast Boy was laughing and saying, "No brain...HEY WAIT!" Beast Boy stood up and said, "I so have a brain...it's just a little lazy." Raven looked at Beast Boy and said, "Just tell us your idea Beast Boy." Beast Boy grinned and said, well this is for Aqualad but..." Beast Boy whispered in Raven and Mad Mods ears as they listened with at least little interest. Mod shrugged and said, "Ok lad, whatever you say." Mod pulled levers and turned cranks as the box rose from around Terra and Aqualad.

As the box was lifted back into its original position, millions of bugs spilled all over the ground. After the box was back in the ceiling, everyone looked at Terra and Aqualad. They were both as white as ghosts and they looked like they had just gone to hell and back. "Well my duckies how was the show?" Mod asked walking up to the pair in the chairs.

Terra was rocking back and fourth in her chair, as much as she could anyways, saying, "Make it stop...please make it stop..." Aqualad was silent but he was holding onto his chair so tight that the wood and steel was actual cracking. "Well lad and lovie it'all be over soon." Mod said with a grin and he waved his cane making Aqualad disappear into trap door.

Aqualad landed with a thud on the cold concrete ground of a room completely devoid of anything. Mod appeared in front of him and said, "Well laddie twas fun but we really must be going so ta!" Mod waved his cane at Aqualads chair and it encircled him in a large steel box that had air holes.

Mod turned to the wall and said, "I love irony don't you lad?" Mod waved his cane and the room began to fill with water. Slowly gallon by gallon, the water began to fill the chamber that Aqualad was in as he squirmed to free himself. The water was ice cold as it rose inch by inch to Aqualads head.

Aqualad struggled with all his might but could not get out. Suddenly the water filled the box completely ands Aqualad yelled...that was until he figured out that he could breathe underwater. 'Boy does Mad Mod have to think of better deaths...' Aqualad thought attempting to get loose.

"Beast Boy that has to be the dumbest idea that I have ever heard..." Raven said glaring at Beast Boy. Mod nodded and said, "She's speaking the truth lad. That was corny, even for me." Beast Boy held up a hand and whispered something in Mods ear. Mod grinned and he began to frantically pull levers. Raven quirked and eyebrow at Beast Boy but he just smiled in response.

Aqualad looked out one of the air holes and saw Mod swim by in a scuba suit that had the British colors on it. "Hey Mod! You need to think of your ironic deaths more carefully!" Mad Mod smiled and said, "Don't worry my duckie! Moddys got it all covered!" Mod said as he opened a small hatch, about the size of his hand, in the top of Aqualads cage. "I see that you're still bleeding lad." Mod said with feigned concern on his face.

"Shut it Mod!" Aqualad yelled struggling even more in his bonds. "Hey no back sass to the teacher! Just for that, you will need to be punished." Mod said with a grin as he waved his cane at the side wall. Out of the wall, several dozen mechanical piranhas swam out. "Oh damn it!" Aqualad yelled. "Hey no bad language either!" Mod said disappearing once more.

Beast Boy was on the ground laughing his head off seeing the ironic punishment handed down by Mods ravenous little fish. "Hey Mod can they do anything else?" Beast Boy asked. Mod smiled and said, "Sure lad, just pull this one lever..." Mod said with a smile. Beast Boy pulled the lever and the piranhas ceased their disemboweling of Aqualad.

Aqualad looked at the mechanical fish the best he could with his one uneaten eye. The fish stopped their feast and they just seemed to be in a catatonic state...until they began to pulsate with light. 'Uh, oh.' Were Aqualads final thoughts as the several small fish gave a gargantuan explosion completely destroying the box and the Atlantian within it.

"SWEET!" Beast Boy yelled as he saw the box and Aqualad being blown to hell. "Ok lad your turn is over, lovie what is the death of choice for your...rival shall we say." Mod said looking at Raven. Raven grinned a supremely dark grin as he cloak covered her eyes in its shadow.

Raven whispered in Mods ear and his face twisted in disgust. "I'm sorry lovie but that's too malicious even for me!" Mod said turning away in distaste. "Fine..." Raven said whispering a new plan in Mods ear.

Terra looked around and saw the Mob was advancing on her. "Even though Mod told us not to kill you..." On person in the mob said, "We're really tempted to..." Another one said. "Now, now my duckies...you'll have your shot at her...after she's dead." Mod said as he walked through the mob with a sadistic grin on his face.

"What do you want with me Mod?" Terra asked with a scowl on her bloody face. Mod grinned and said, "Oh nothing difficult to get with steel and rock..." Mod waved his cane and a gigantic cage rose up around Terra, but something was different about this cage. It had spikes on the inside, all of them pointing at Terra.

"And where would your death be without the, small spot of irony?" Mod asked as he waved his cane over Terras cage. From the ceiling, a COLOSSAL boulder dropped towards Terra. Terra screamed and closed her eyes, awaiting death but it never came. Above the boulder, a mechanical hand had grabbed hold of the boulder and it wasn't falling anymore.

"MOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Raven and Beast Boy both yelled. "Building the suspense my duckies." Mod said as he moved from his chair. "Love would you do the honors?" Mod asked Raven. Raven grinned her dark smile and said, "Gladly..." Raven went up to the control panel and pulled the lever sending the gigantic boulder onto Terras helpless form.

The boulder stuck Terras cage with such force that it broke through the floor down into the next room that was demolished by Aqualads death. However, one piece of Terra remained on the first floor...he head. "Anyone for soccer?" Someone in the mob yelled. A gigantic cheer rose in the group as one person kicked the head setting off a chain reaction that caused the pulverization of Terras head.

Raven began a low dark laugh, which soon evolved into a full out evil villain laugh. Mod and Beast Boy backed away and Mod asked Beast Boy, "Lad is she a bit touched in the head?" Beast Boy nodded as Raven continued her psychotic laughter...

"Well thanks again Mod." Beast Boy said shaking Mods hand. "No problem lad, t'was fun." Mod said with an old and tired smile. "So what are you going to do now Mod?" Raven asked with her normal cold and distant voice.

Mod shrugged and said, "Dunno love. But if you have any problems with anyone else, give ol' Moddy a ring." Mod said turning around to his school. Raven and Beast Boy turned back to Titans tower and they began to take off when Raven asked, "Mod whatever happened to Terras head?" Mod shrugged not knowing where it went.

Deep inside of Mods madcap school several Raven and Beast Boy shippers paraded out of the school into a boat destined for the mainland...all the time carrying a pike with Terras decapitated head on it.

Well how was that? I think I'm done with this so tell me what you think over all. I had fun and I hope you did too! Special thanks to all the sick and twisted minds over at Raven and Beast Boy 'Shippers United! Cyah!