Harry Potter and the over used story line

A/n: Yes, I know, several stories have James and Lily coming back and calming Harry, and so I submitt mine in to the pool of Harry Potter w/his parents stories. Unfortunately for you I am not in the mood to go into detail as to how Mr and Mrs Potter came back, because I think some things should be left to the imagination.

Chapter 1

Life Changes

Harry Potter, along with all of the other students of Hogwarts School, had just gotten off of the train and was now standing on platform 9 3/4. Almost instantly in his mind Harry began the count down until school would start again. What a funny kid he was, most teenagers are all for summer holiday but then most teens didn't live with the Dursleys. No it was easy to say Harry was not looking forward to summer.

'There he is.' Harry thought as he walked toward Vernon, his uncle. "Hello Uncle Vernon." Vernon mearly grunted. 'Thats good, maybe I can just hide in my room all summer.'

But befor the two of them had even reached the car that his uncle's company provided a man in long dark tattered green robes came up to them, "Hello, sir, my name is Arthur Weasley, and I was wondering if it would be possible if my wife and I took Harry for the summer break?" Vernon looked like Chrismas had come early. With out a word he skipped to his car, Mr Weasley turned to Harry, "I guess that was a yes."

A sudden rush of excitment ran over Harry, this summer would be the best he ever had. Mr Weasley smiled and took Harry's things. The Weasley's home, the Burrow was constantly buzzing and full of life, unlike the Drusleys who insisted on everything to be in perfect order.

After getting into the Ministry cars, Harry, Ron, Arthur, Molly(Mrs Weasley), and Ginny drove to Diagon Alley where thy used Floo Powered to get to the Burrow. What Harry didn't know was what was waitting for him once he got there. "Harry dear, why don't you go on up and set your self up in Ron's room?" Mrs Weasley said. Both Ron and Harry bolted up to the overly decorated Chudle Cannons, Ron's favorite quidditch team(Though they aren't the best of teams.)

Mean while back downstairs Mr Weasley was talking to Mrs Weasley and two other guests, "So he is here?" said a soft voice.

"Indeed. He's just upstairs hanging out with Ron." said Mr Weasley.

"When can we see him?" asked a man who seemed very urgent to get to Harry.

"Now, if you like." Both of them nodded immedately. "Alright then, but befor warned, I have had 7 teenagers, they aren't the nicest or most friendly people." with that he walked over adn called up the stairs, "Harry, could you come here?"

Harry stuck his head out of Ron's door, "Is something wrong?"

"No just come here there is something I want you to see." Harry unsure of what was going on, hoping it wasn't another report on Sirius, thats all he needed to be reminded of the death that follows him where ever he goes. "So whats the surpirse?" befor Mr Weasley could answer Harry's jaw drop. There befor him were Lily and James Potter.

"Whats going on Mr Weasley?" Harry asked after several moments of silence.

"Well Harry these are you parents and they are sitting in my kitchen. Seemed pertty straight forward to me."

Harry didn't take his eyes off of either of them, "Mr Weasley my parents are dead remember that whole Voldemort wants to kill me so he killed them to get to me?" Harry was very confused everyone knew his story and his lack of parents because of it.

"No, I remember but there are somethings in life no one can explain. We've tried for weeks now to figure out what happend. I still can't even imagine. But here they are, you have wanted them for so long so go to them." Harry still stood firmly in his spot. It was true he trusted Mr Weasley but these people, who did look a lot like the people in the photos he had, he didn't know and there for didn't trust.

"Mr Weasley if what you are saying is true then how come no one bothered to send me an owl at school?" Harry said sounding a little hurt but even more annoied.

"Well, Harry, we didn't want to get your hopes up or anything, so we kept it a secret, they had to go through many test but I assure you its them," said Mrs Weasley.

"There is one more thing to discuss though Harry," Mr Weasley started, "I know you were really looking forward to spending your summer here but your parents wanted to know if you would like to spend your school holiday at Godric's Hallow."

Suddenly Harry went from confusing to hope, "Are you serious? I could go home?"

Lily looked at him and said very softly, "Yes, Harry, we want you to come home."

Harry didn't respond, just ran up to Ron's room to pack his things. Downstairs the Weasley's were trying to comfort the Potter's, who thought Harry was rejecting them. "It happends, some times boys his age get a little insencetive to other people, this is his tiem to think of himself..." befor Mr Weasley could finsh Harry had fumbled downstairs with his trunk, Hedwig's cage, and his Firebolt.

"Well, what are we waitting for?" he said. "Oh but thank you Mr and Mrs Weasley for inviting me to stay. If you don't mind could I come round some time this summer to see Ron?"

Mrs Weasley put him in a tight hug, "Of chourse, you didn't think we would let you go and never come back did you?"

"Well Harry when you are ready we'll go." said James who was now shaking the Weasleys hands.

"I guess I'm ready now, are you connected to floo?" Harry asked.

Both Potters looked at him like he was insane, "Of chourse, so lets go then, just say Godric's Hallow and you'll get there." said Lily.

James appearated home to see if Harry got there and Lily waited until he had left then appearated home. Harry fell through the massive fireplace. He wiped the soot from his eyes and got the first look of his house sence he was a year old.

"So," Lily started, "What do you want to do?" she asked Harry.

Harry thought about it for a moment, "I really don't know. What do you suggest?"

"Unpacking always is a good idea." she said, James grabbed Harry's stuff and they began to walk down what seemed like a never ending hallway, and then up at least 3 stiarcases. "It isn't much further, son." after another 15 feet or so they reached a door, in little gold letters on the door said, 'Harry Potter'

Lily opened the door to reveal a rather large room which was painted in pastel colours, "I'm sorry to say this was how your room looked when you were a baby, we haven't really had time to redecorate." but Harry didn't seem to mind too much.

He wondered in and looked on the walls, there were pictures of his dad flying, a larger print of his parents in the park. Harry's bed was rather large, his bed spread was all quidditch. While Harry took in his surroundings his parents put his things alway, and Lily nearly lost it, "Harry, I know its considered fashionable to wear you clothes really loose but this is insane."

Coming back to relality, "What, oh its Dudley's old clothes."

Lily began to eye him, "Do you have any clothes that are yours?"

Harry shifted uneasily, "Uhm, it didn't matter Dudley goes through clothes really fast."

"That does it, tomarrow we are going out and buying you some clothes." she said. No one challenged her on it.

When they had finished getting Harry settled it was nearly 8:00 pm. "Have you eaten yet?" James asked. Befor an answer was even given Lily had run downstairs to make dinner, "Well it shouldn't take her long, your Mother is a great cook."

"Thats good. So, ah, uhm." Harry said and then there was a very long silence, and then Lily called from downstairs. They walked into the kitchen where Lily had put the last plates on the table. It reminded Harry of the start of term at school. Lily was a lot like Mrs Weasley insisting he keep eating more untill he had had at least 3 serving of everything.

"Uhm well I think I'll just go to bed then." Harry said as he got up to leave. Harry pushed open his door, to find his parents waitting for him, 'stupid appearation.' he thought.

"We just wanted to put you to sleep." James said. Harry was 15 years old, why would he need to be tucked in? Of chourse the last time they saw him he was in diapers. Not wanting them to think he wasn't pleased to have them back in his life. So he nodded in agreement.

"Uhm, just let me change ok?" he said as he walked to his closet and grabbed his dressing gown.

He climbed into his bed, it was soft as a dow pillow, Lily was covering him and kissing his forehead. "Well I guess I'll leave you boys to it, good night Harry." and she walked out the door and into the hall way.

"Night." Harry replied.

James sat next to his son, "So what sorta story should I tell you?" he asked. Harry rolled his eyes, "Well fine then I'll make it sort then. Uhm well when I was your age I met Lily fell madly in love and she thought I was something viel. I had to put on that Potter charm to get her, and when that didn't work I drove her insane untill she said she would got out with me to shut me up." Harry appearently didn't want to know about his parents when they were dating, so he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. "Ah well, I'll tell you another time." he walked out of the room and into his own room where his wife was reading a book.

"All go well?" she asked, as she put the book away.

"I guess, he fell asleep during the best story ever." he told her as she turned the light off, "Night sweetie."