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Chapter 9

The Next Day (part 1):

Phone Call

Vegeta sat at the kitchen table, eating. Suddenly the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Bulma said. She rushed to pick up the phone. "Oh, hi, Chi-chi. How are you?"

"Fine," Chi-chi said on the other end. "Goku keeps complaining that he can't spar with Vegeta. He said that when he called there, no one answered. I wonder why."

"We were at a cave by the beach. My parents went out of town yesterday morning. They won't be back until tomorrow. Vegeta's been a lot nicer lately. He wanted to help with my project, he was actually nice, in fact, since Tuesday. Amazing, isn't it?" Bulma said.

"Quite. Well, I'd better go. Goku's trying to learn how to cook. I don't trust him when he's cooking. Bye," Chi-chi said.

Vegeta finished eating, and stood up.

"C'mon, let's get to that cave," he said.

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