Author's Note: You guys who are waiting for me to update one of my other stories are probably going to kill me for putting another up, but I couldn't get this out of my mind. I thought of it while reading SilverLily aka Blood Moon (one of the greatest authors on fanfiction) story called Alias of Chaos (a brilliant story) and Mastery of Darkness (also very good) by Mystic Shadow. So I won't take all the credit for this idea. This will be going in a different direction than these stories, I promise.

Now being that I live in one of the dumbest place on earth, we don't get WB and we have just started on Battle City, so some of the things in here might be a bit off. If they are, please tell me and I will fix them. We are also only on manga 5 or 6 and I am bloody poor so I haven't been able to buy any (TT.TT).

Summary: The balance between darkness and light has been disturbed, and now Darkness will do anything to repair it; even if it means destroying whole civilizations to do it. Being taken from the only home that they know Yami and Yuugi have thrown into the Wizarding world. Voldemort will do anything and everything to get Chaos' favorite son, even if he must destroy the purest being to do so……

Warnings: Shounen-ai/ Yoai: Yami/Yuugi maybe some Ryou/ Bakura. Het: Harry/? Slash: Remus/Sirius

Spoilers: PS, CoS, AoP, GoF, OotP, This is after fifth year, but there are some differences you will see them as they come.

/Hikari to Yami/

::Yami to Hikari::


Disclaimer: I don't Harry Potter or YuGiOh. If I did, I promise that Yami and Yuugi would have at least kissed by now. Also this idea came from reading Alias of Chaos and Mastery of Darkness, so it is not entirely mine. But any OC characters (which won't have a big part) are mine and there for are mine to do with what I wish, if any are taken with no mention of me (though I doubt this will happen) Then I will report it. This disclaimer is the only one I will put up so pay attention.

"Shadows and darkness are not all evil as people believe, oh no, they can be warm and comforting…if you are the one they are looking for."

Chapter One:

Into the Shadows

It was so dark.

Nothing could be seen.

Nothing could be felt.

But there was something calling out.

What was it?

It was so hard to hear. The voices around him were deafening in their silence, yet there was one voice that seemed to be screaming for release. Screaming to be heard.

What was it saying?

He couldn't tell where it was coming from. Hell, he couldn't tell where he was. He turned around in a circle, though his movements were slow and sluggish. It felt like the shadows around him where trying to squeeze the life out of him for being here.

But he didn't want to be here!

This was not his home, this was not his family!

But, then where was his home?

Where was his family?

Brilliant emerald green eyes clouded with tears.

His only home was lost to him when he died.

His family was long since dead.

There was that screaming again. Louder than ever, too loud in fact as it hurt his ears to listen to it. With a wince he put his hands over his ears.

"What do you want?!" he called out.

"'Arry…get…way…vold…kill…light…!" The distorted voice screamed out.

"What?!" The voices got louder and the world around him got heavier, darker than before.


Suddenly it all stopped.

Harry Potter, resident world savior of number four Pivet Drive, shot up straight out of his bed. His breathing was ragged and he was drenched in a cold sweat. He was once again locked in the second bedroom that once belonged to his cousin Dudley. Wild ebony hair was now plastered to his skull by the sweat and his green eyes were clouded with confusion.

'What was that?!' he thought. That dream hadn't been another vision from Voldemort as his scar wasn't burning, and it wasn't his usual guilt ridden dream of Sirius falling through the veil or Cedric Diggory's untimely death. 'I have to tell Dumbledore about this.'

Tossing the thin covers from his body, Harry got out of his bed and over to a small desk/dresser. Taking a quill and a piece parchment, he began to write down what he could recall of the dream. When he was finished he gave the letter to his owl, Hedwig, and sent her to Dumbledore.

Something was wrong in the Wizarding world, and this Harry didn't think that it was only Voldemort.

Mouto Yuugi woke up to a dark room; the only light around him was that of the sickle moon. Wide amethyst eyes looked out his window and to the moon hanging in the starless sky. Something was off it seemed. Around him the shadows were restless, more so than usual. They seemed to want to lash out at something or someone, and that never bode well for the hikari and his Yami.

Speaking of his Yami, Yuugi felt two strong hands wrap themselves around his waist and the face of his lover bury itself in his neck. Giggling, Yuugi leaned back into his look-a-like's hold. Yami was truly his match in every way; although they both looked alike they were almost total opposites.

Yami's cold, crimson eyes held a thirst for blood that only his light could quench. Golden bangs framed his sharp, tanned face, though some shot out over his ebony hair. Outlining his strange ebony hair were highlights of blood red, and oddly enough his hair seemed to defy gravity much like his aibou's.

Yuugi though, had wide amethyst eyes that screamed innocence. His hair was much like his Yami's though his was highlighted in a soft, violet and his golden bangs framed his pale, cherub like face that made his whole appearance scream out child-like innocence.

Both could the shadows, but Yuugi had more of the healing and shield element of the shadows than Yami did, and Yami had more of the mind attacks and offensive elements than Yuugi.

Yami buried his face into his koi's neck. What's wrong aibou?

"I don't know Yami." Yuugi spoke out loud. "Something just doesn't feel right. It's almost like what I felt before Battle City, but it's more intense now. Something big is about to happen, and somehow I think that we are going to be right in the middle of it." The smaller boy held the golden puzzle pyramided that hung around his neck closer to him. "I don't think I could take it if some one is going to try to take you away from me again."

"Don't worry aibou, this time we won't give them the chance of separating us. Even if I have to I will bathe this world in blood to get you back." Yami placed butterfly kisses on Yuugi's neck and jaw.

The more child-like of the two knew that his darkness would do anything to keep them together, just as he would, but he was worried that if some one did manage to separate them then Yami would kill innocent people to get him back. He smiled though, and moved to capture Yami's lips with his own.

/Thank you Yami, I needed that./ Yuugi said, though not breaking the kiss.

::Anytime aibou.::Yami broke the kiss and pulled Yuugi back so that they both were laying on the soft bed.

The light snuggled against his darkness, with a small smile on his lips.

It was mid-morning when Yuugi made his way out of the Game Shop and toward Kaiba Mansion. Today Kaiba-kun and Jou-kun were going to have another duel, and Yuugi was to battle the winner (Kaiba-kun). Dressed in his usual leather attire, the boy made his way down the streets of Domino City. It was cloudy today, but the news had said that it wasn't going to rain. Still Yuugi seemed a little put off because of the weather.

::I thought you liked the rain, light?::

/I do, but today it just doesn't seem right. Yami I think that-/ Yuugi was unable to finish that thought as he felt a tremendous pulling on his soul.

The pain alone was able to falter his steps. Thinking quickly, the little cherub made his was into an abandon alley way. There he held out the puzzle.

/…/ Yuugi tried to speak to his Yami, but another wave of pain racked his body, this time sending him to his knees.

"…" Once again he tried to speak, yet his voice seemed to have abandon him.

What was going on? Never in his life had he felt like this. No, that wasn't true, when Pegasus had managed to pull him away from his darkness Yuugi had felt like this for a moment before the shadows took him. Was someone trying to take Yami away?!

"N-no." came a whisper. Finding what little of his strength he could Yuugi reached out and held on tight to his darkness, before his world faded from his site and he fell unconscious.

Gravestone were littered everywhere, some in disarray and others chipped or broken. It seemed that no one had been here in decades. The entire place reeked of death and torment, the shadows seemed angered and aggressive. Walking through the maze of grave stone were two figures carrying a large box between them.

The figures were both dressed in black robes and had on white mask that hid their faces for the world, and perhaps it even hid the shame they felt for what they were about to do.

When they reached an old mausoleum, one of them pulled out a long black stick. Then, after tapping it twice against the stone door, the door for the crypt slide a side letting them in.

As they walked in, they saw at least ten more people dressed like them in a circle around an alter. Bringing the wooden box in front of it, they set in down. After a moment hesitation, one of them opened it while the other took out a body that was wrapped in a black cloth with red-brown blotches on it. Blood. The cloth was stained in the blood of innocence. The two didn't seem to care as they brought the body onto the alter.

They laid the body so it was facing upward, long, straight black hair was pulled into a low ponytail at the base of the neck. No one could see the face because it was covered in the blood stained clothe, but that did nothing to lessen the pity they felt for this poor soul.

Another, shorter, person came from behind them and positioned the hands so that they crossed over his chest. Oddly enough this one had a silver hand in place of one of his hand. Then the first two walked back into the circle as another more imposing figure came from behind.

This one had the robes, but no mask. Glowing red eyes struck fear into any and all who looked upon them. Its face was that of a serpent, and its skin was paler than death. This was lord Voldemort. And the ones surrounding him were his most loyal Death Eaters.

"Wormtail." It hissed.

"Y-y-yes, master?" The Death Eater near the body stuttered.

"Is everything ready?"

"Y-yes m-master."

"Very good." Bowing low to the ground Wormtail made his way back into the circle.

Walking up to the body, Voldemort brought his hands into the air. In his left hand there was a blade, which was blacker than the darkest pit in hell. He began chanting in an old language that seemed to combine those of ancient times and those of today. No one could quite follow what was being said, but they knew it was working as the shadows in the room were gathering up above the body.

A mass of shadows swirled above the body as the Dark Lord finished his chanting. Then his face broke into what one could call a smile. Rising the blade even farther up into the air he called out. "Come forth Chaos Favorite Son and bow down to my command!"

The blade plunged down into the chest of the body, barely missing the heart. No blood came forth though. The body had reacted, surprising many of the Death Eaters, and arched up towards the shadows. A blood-curdling scream was brought forth from the body as a bright white ball of light shot forth into the shadows.

The body suddenly fell back to the alter, with its hands falling to its side.

As the Death Eaters watched, their master continued to call forth the Prince of the Shadows. Around them more shadows sprung to life and went toward the giant swirling mass.

Then, it all just stopped. The shadows no longer came forth, the chanting had ended, and the shadows fell into themselves.

Suddenly, the shadows shot out barely touching the hem of their master's robes. From inside the shadows many could make out eyes that lusted for what his eyes took after. Blood.

"Who dares to call upon me?!" A voice hissed out, sending shivers down their spines. The voice was livid it seemed, at being disturbed.

Voldemort didn't flinch in any way as he strode up closer to the darkness. "I am Lord Voldemort, I have called upon you and now you will do my bidding!"

The shadow's laugh echoed through out their bodies. "You mere mortal have no power over me. I am darkness itself I have no master. Tell me why you think that you, a pathetic mortal, could control me?"

"I summoned you with the soul sacrifice, I chanted for your release. I have released the darkness that I should now rightfully command!"

The temperature in the crypt lowered drastically. "You have no such power. I have already been released into this world to provide a balance. A balance that I would bathe this world in blood for! You're deaths shall be but the first!" The shadows began to snake its way around the Dark Lord. From behind him a long vicious snake stuck at the shadows causing them to retreat slightly.

As his snake struck the shadows, Voldemort brought out his wand and aimed for the darkness. "Necto Lumen!" a dark purple light hit the darkness.

All around them they could feel an enormous amount of tension and friction. Slowly from the shadows a large being of light

was being pulled out into the open. The shadows, not wanting the light to escaped, shrieked as the wrapped themselves around the light. Squinting into the light a few of the Death Eaters could make out the body of a small boy.

"MORTAL!! YOU DARE TRY AND TAKE AWAY THE LIGHT THAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! FOR THAT YOU SHALL DIE!" The voice boomed. "Shadows rip away their very being for harming our light! Bathe the ground in their blood!" As commanded the Shadows darted out toward the Death Eaters ripping them apart as they tried to run.

Voldemort stayed in place, though he was visibly fuming. "This is not over darkness, I will command you and when I do I guaranty that all of the light shall wither away." With that Voldemort disappeared.

Not satisfied by only being able to hear the screams of the six Death Eaters the Shadows had been able to capture, the darkness ordered the shadows to stop. Stepping down from the shadows, a figure of a young man around seventeen showed himself. Crimson eyes flashed dangerously as he pulled out a weapon on a chain from the shadows.

"You have chosen your fate by siding with that disgusting slime. Now prepare for death." With a smirk Yami made his way towards the people he found responsible for harming his Hikari.

Their screams would forever be on the whispers of the wind.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the most powerful wizards alive, arrived at the graveyard and looked upon it in shock. Around him pieces of what must have once been humans were flung across the graves, blood soaked the ground and formed little rivulets that flowed into puddles of blood. All of the bodies led straight to a mausoleum, it too was covered in blood.

Dumbledore singled for the other nine Order members to follow him. This must have been the results of a Death Eater attack, and as such they were to look for survivors or any clues that could help them solve what had happened here. As they walked one of the members, Remus Lupin, came up to the aged wizard.

"Do you have any idea what could have done this?" He asked looking at all the carnage around him. "There is no way this was only a Death Eater's attack, it's far too messy for them."

Shaking his head Dumbledore could only reply, "I have no idea Remus, but what ever it was I pray is not working with Voldemort."

Albus Dumbledore was the first to walk into the crypt, and he visibly gasped and stared at what lay within. This shocked the others because not many could boast that they had ever seen Dumbledore (defeater of Grindelwald) shocked.

Remus soon followed Albus into the crypt, and what greeted him would be forever etched into his mind.

In the mist of blood, gore, and different body part lain every which way was a boy, sleeping peacefully. Dressed in all black leather that was held together by buckles and chains, with an odd inverse, golden, pyramid hanging from his neck. Around him the blood parted, leaving him devoid of any blood, save the blood which stained his hands and the odd weapon in his hands.

But what shocked Remus the most was there, above the boy, laying on an alter covered from the waist down by a blood stained clothe, was someone he never thought he'd see again.

Sirius Black.

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