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Summary: The balance between darkness and light has been disturbed, and now Darkness will do anything to repair it; even if it means destroying whole civilizations to do it. Being taken from the only home that they know Yami and Yuugi have thrown into the Wizarding world. Voldemort will do anything and everything to get Chaos' favorite son, even if he must destroy the purest being to do so…...

Warnings: Shounen-ai/ Yaoi: Yami/Yuugi Ryou/ Bakura. Het: Ron/Hermione. Slash: Harry? Remus/Sirius. Blood, gore, adult themes, character death, MPREG/male pregnancy, Implied Sexual Content, OoC/ Out of Character and language.

Spoilers: PS, CoS, AoP, GoF, OotP, This is after fifth year, but there are some differences you will see them as they come.

/Hikari to Yami/

: Yami to Hikari:


"Speaking Japanese"

Emphasis or spell

(Bond of mates)

"Shadows speaking"


Egyptian spell or Ancient Egyptian Speak

Last Time:

"Thank you, Mum Black, for helping me." Yuugi smiled at the aged woman. "With you here watching over me, it almost feels like my own kaa-san is looking out for me."

Mrs. Black gave a rare smile, "I will do anything to make you happy, my little Yuugi."

The tanned boy sat down near the wall and rested his back against the wall. Harry's emerald eyes looked around the room. It hadn't change much since he had last seen it, with the exception of the absence of Buckbeak. He was grateful for the silence that was given to him at this moment.

As Harry began to doze off, he could feel the fire within him beginning to rise again. He paid it no mind, and decided to indulge in some well deserved rest.

Yami jumped slightly, as he felt something by his side move. Instinctively, the dark spirit moved away from it and brought his hands up, in case he had to defend himself.

The movement by his side was caused by the figure of a boy under the covers. With a slight moan, the boy pulled himself off of his stomach and into a semi-sitting/laying position.

Yami gasped as his crimson eyes meet the pure, stormy blue-grey eyes of the small boy.

"My Pharaoh, beloved, are you alright?"

The house elf had almost reached the lower level of the dungeons, when he saw a boney woman walking toward him. Pulling himself behind a random suite of armor, Kreacher watched as Bellatrix passed him by without so much as a glance. Behind her, a young boy with snow white hair hovered in the air.

Kreacher cursed to himself. That must have been the boy. Kreacher knew that he could no further than he had already, lest he be caught. Hopefully his mistress wouldn't be angered by his lack of progress.

The darkly clad figures approached Ryou, some tried to touch him, while others used spells. Those that tried to touch the boy's skin were quickly burned. The shadows around Ryou refused to fail their light again, not now, not ever again.

The Vampire watched as the Death Eaters tried to touch and rape the boy. They never got close enough to do any damage to the light, but the Vampire knew that soon they would get frustrated and start using harmful curses.

Coming up from behind the boy, the Vampire whispered in his ear, "I will get you out of here. I won't let them hurt you any more."

"Darkness, don't let them hurt my child." The light whispered back, before allowing the Vampire to knock him out and take him back to the dungeons.


When Harry woke up from his short nap it was to the sensation of a dry, rough tongue lapping at his face. Sputtering in confusion Harry pushed himself off of the wall, his hands flung out to grab the offending creature that had disturbed his sleep. A sound akin to chirping greeted Harry when his fingers brushed against smooth feathers.

"Buckbeak!" Harry exclaimed as the Hippogriff continued its playful assault on the young boy. The happiness seemed to flow out of Buckbeak in heavy waves, causing Harry to smile and laugh at his antics. "Buckbeak, how did you get in here? Did one of the house elves let you in? What's gotten you into such a chipper mood?"

The Hippogriff stopped his attack on Harry and began to prance around the room. The emerald eyed boy laughed out loud again.

"You are making too much noise mortal." Bakura's dark voice startled Harry out of his laughter.

Buckbeak, wanting to know why his friend had stopped laughing, sniffed the air. He smelled something ancient and dark. It was full of pent-up power. Thinking that his human was in danger Buckbeak flew in front of the boy, with his wings spread wide and talons read to attack. The Hippogriff let out a threatening screech.

"Damn it boy!" Bakura yelled out while he covered his ears, "Shut the damn beast up!"

Harry, though he couldn't understand what the spirit was saying exactly, nodded his head and placed a comforting hand on the angered magical beast. "It's okay Buckbeak, he's a," Harry paused not quite knowing what to say, "he's a friend."

Buckbeak stopped his screeching, but he didn't leave his alert position. When Buckbeak began to growl menacingly, Harry stepped in front of the animal and began to caress its beak while whispering comforting words.

"Hush, Buckbeak, hush. Trust in me for the time being, he won't hurt me." Harry smiled as Buckbeak nudged his (Harry) face.

"By Ra." Bakura gasped as he saw the new light's back. Harry, not realizing that he had forgotten to replace the masking charm on himself, ignored the dark's gasped and attributed it to the wonderment of seeing a Hippogriff for the first time.

Bakura, in some what of a daze, walked up to Harry and ran his hand across one of the scars that littered the boy's back. Harry froze as he felt a cold, yet some how burning, hand travel down his back. His breathing quickened.

"These weren't done by your yami, were they?" The thief whispered quietly.

"I-I can't understand you." Harry said, his voice trembling with the realization that someone had discovered his secret.

Bakura cursed under his breath. "We share a body, yet that idiotic Pharaoh doesn't have the sense to place a translation spell on you." Bakura waved his hand and manipulated the shadows around himself. "Why do you tremble? Do you fear me?" he asked with a smirk.

Harry, resorting to anger to defend himself, glared at the spirit. "I can understand you now, why?"

Bakura waved Harry's question off with a chuckle. "It is not important; your scars, however, are."

Harry wrapped his arms around himself, to cover his scars from prying eyes. "My life is mine; you have no place in it. You don't know anything about me, so you can't possibly care."

Fury filled the long dead Egyptian man at the attitude of the new light. "Wrong!" Bakura yelled, pushing Harry into the wall and caging the light in between the wall and his body. Buckbeak roared his protest, but Bakura used his shadows to cage the beast; all the while he never took his attention off of Harry.

"The moment you accepted the Sennen Ring our lives became intertwined. I now have all of your memories in here," he pointed to his head, "I know every laugh, every scream, and every tear that spilled from your eyes. I know how you got every scar that you carry on your body."

"Get off of me!" Harry barked back. The emerald eyed boy tried to push the spirit off of him, but the thief held strong. "Every scar I have is because of my own mistakes! They are mine and mine alone!"

"Wrong again, light! Each scar that you possess was not the fault of you or even that despicable family of yours, but the fault of your darkness! He is the one that failed to protect you! Why was he not there? A darkness is always there for their most precious treasure!"

"Shut up! You don't know anything about my dark! I'm probably the last thing that my dark wants right now! It'll be best if we never meet!" It tore Harry's heart apart to utter these words, but in his heart he believed them to be true.

Bakura's anger at the new light's dark faded for a moment of disbelief. "You would rather die than meet your darkness?" When Harry failed to answer, the thief's anger returned, "You are a light, Harry James Potter, no matter how pathetic of a light you might be, and you must be protected by your darkness. A yami will always protect their hikari!"

"Then go and protect yours, because you seem to be doing such a damn great job at it currently!" Harry finally pushed off the white haired dark. Not allowing a moment for the dark to get a hold on him again, Harry pulled the shadows from around Buckbeak and allowed the Hippogriff to distract Bakura long enough for Harry to grab his shirt and run out the door.

The burning in Harry's chest began to intensify.

Remus had been watching his lover since he returned from escorting Yuugi to his room. The large grin that adorned Remus' face was undeniably the largest he had in years. The werewolf was currently cuddled against Sirius' chest; a tan hand caressed the chest beneath it, scarcely believing that the heart underneath it was still beating.

Sirius absent mindedly ran his hand through the silver-gold hair of his mate. His mind was still unsettled from his recollections about Harry and about the young boy who had helped him return to his family. Once he got his strength back, which Remus was certain would return within the next day or so, Sirius would go searching for the boy and Harry. The werewolf had informed his mate of the events concerning Yuugi and the Order. The blue eyed wizard had been furious when he found out what had been done- what could have been done- to the boy who had saved his family.

"Calm down my love." Remus' voice was a caress against Sirius' ears. "Harry and Yuugi are fine for now, and once you are well again we shall go and you shall meet Yami and Yuugi properly."

The grim Animagus smiled gratefully at the werewolf that was currently laying on his chest. Remus' wide golden eyes sparkled just like they had during their time in Hogwarts. It was almost as if James and Lily were still alive and having a midnight rendezvous in the Room of Requirements, while Peter was wondering in the kitchens and Sirius and Remus were sharing a bed in the Gryffindor dorm.

Sirius pulled Remus' chin up towards him so that their lips met half way. The kiss was soft and sweet. Remus moaned; he had been waiting for another chance to taste his mate since his Padfoot had returned to him. After a few moments of losing themselves in each other, Sirius reluctantly pulled away. "You have no idea how much I've missed this." He said huskily.

Golden eyes nearly glowed with happiness and lust. "Nearly as much as I have, my mate."

Sirius grinned mischievously, and within an instant he had his werewolf underneath of him binned to their bed. He brought his face down to Remus' neck and breathed in deeply, taking in the delicious scent that belonged only to his mate. Remus tilted his head to the side, silently biding his lover to continue. With a canine like growl, Sirius attacked his lover's sensitive neck with kisses, nips, and licks.

"N-no S-s-Siriusss!" Remus moaned, "Yo-you're not –by the gods!- w-well en-enough."

Sirius stopped his actions, drawing a mournful sigh from the werewolf, and moved so that his lips were parallel with Remus' sensitive ears. "If I am well enough to stay in bed with you on top of me," he growled, "then I am well enough to stay in bed with you underneath me." With one slightly painful nip to the werewolf's ears, Sirius resumed his concentrations on his lover's body.

Ryou was floating in darkness. This wasn't his darkness though; this darkness was cold and unfeeling, its freezing solitude reminded Ryou of his Calling. The constant lonely chill that had nearly enveloped him whole until Bakura had come into his life and lit him a fire with a burning passion.

The white haired light moaned in frustration. No matter how much he tried, Ryou was unable to summon his body to move. It was almost as if his blood had frozen in his very veins. The last time this had happened was near the end of the Calling, Bakura had barely been able to save Ryou.

'Bakura,' Ryou thought, 'where are you? What have they done to you?' Questions about his yami's whereabouts and well being continued to flow into the young light's mind. While thinking about his darkness, Ryou noticed that his body began to feel warmer; it was not enough to enable to him to move, but it was enough to keep him from going insane because of the chill.

Ryou concentrated hard on his lover. A picture of his darkness came to mind, a cruel smirk slid on bloody lips as midnight blue eyes danced with lust and love at the sight of his light's blood flowing from the wounds that he had created. The pain that Bakura could create fueled the small light's passion and fire.

His darkness was the only one that was allowed to cause his body to bleed, and those that had tried to take Bakura's right had been dealt with in the most painful of ways. At first, Ryou had been adverse to the idea of the spirit of the Sennen Ring causing pain to anyone, including himself; Ryou had tried to deny the pleasure that accompanied the pain that his yami's touch created. It was supposed to be unnatural and unwanted, yet the young light was drawn to the pain and could settle for nothing less than what Bakura would do to him.

Ryou had been told all his life that his partner in life was going to love him completely and never want to hurt him. His partner would want to save Ryou from experiencing any type of pain, he was taught to fear pain; however, the hikari's biggest fear now was to never know the painful yet pleasurable touch of his yami again.

Concentrating hard on the memory of Bakura, Ryou could almost feel the fiery caress of his lover. The phantom touch gave the white haired boy enough strength to finally move, all be it that it was only his fingers that made the barest of movements. Fire was burning through his blood and into his body, giving more and more power and energy to Ryou and his shadows.

Inside of the light a small fire blazed brighter than any other, the blaze gave Ryou a brilliant amount of comfort. With this flame inside of him, Ryou wouldn't give up hope. This was his small piece of Bakura; this was their baby, their son. This was the child that was giving his carrier the strength that he needed to escape from his frozen prison.

Sea-foam green eyes snapped open as Ryou was pushed from unconsciousness to consciousness with a vicious shove from his son. Panting heavily, the light tried to gather his wits.

"You're awake." The words cut through the air, and Ryou turned quickly to find the source of it.

Ryou found the speaker to be the yami that had saved him from Lord Voldemort and his followers. "You're a yami!" the light exclaimed. Excitement flooded him, if there was a darkness here than that meant that his light must be near by. If this was so then Ryou would be able to speak to the light and find a way back to his Bakura! "Where is your hikari? May I speak with him?"

"Slow down," the Vampire said calmly, "now let us start from the beginning. If you tell me who you are and why the dark lord wants you, I'll answer any questions that you might have."

Ryou smiled brightly. "Very well, Darkness, but in return I must ask that you do not repeat anything that I am about to tell you," at the other's nod, Ryou continued, "My name is Ryou Bakura, I was abducted by some of those people that you saved me from," his smile faded as his eyes clouded over in despair, "there were others with me. I'm not sure what this Voldemort person wanted with me, but I was the only one that he wanted, he killed the others."

The Vampire cursed, "How many?"

"Two, an old man and a woman," Ryou answered, his hands balled into a fist, "They were the grandfather and mother of one of my dearest friends. Without my darkness with me, I was unable to help them. They were murdered brutally."

The Vampire cursed again. Harry more than likely had to watch this torture. "I'm sorry." He offered his condolences.

"Thank you, but once I am with my darkness we will rectify the wrongs here." Ryou smirked. "They will regret the day that they ever placed a hand on my friends and on me."

The Vampire, impressed with the meek-looking boy's devious smirk, graced the boy with a quirk of his eye brow. "How do you plan on getting your revenge? You don't have a wand, and the shadows that you posses are weak."

A confused look crossed Ryou's face. "With my darkness with me, we are able to do anything and no magic is strong enough to oppose us; surely you know that a light is always at his or her strongest when they are with their darkness. Don't you feel it when you are with your light?"

It was the Vampire's turn to look confused. "I don't understand." He said, "Why do you keep calling me Darkness, and what does the light have to do with anything?"

A shocked gasp filled the air. "You don't understand? B-but you're a Darkness! You can control the shadows with a thought or flicker of your hand. Your light is your life, your love. He is the one that you long for!"

The Vampire shook his head, "You are mistaken, I am a vampire." he smirked, revealing his elongated fangs, "I can control the shadows because I am a demon, and I have no use of a 'light'. My mate is the only thing that I will ever need."

"A vampire?" Ryou questioned, "Even vampires do not possess the necessary skills to completely control the shadows around them, they can not understand, nor speak to, the shadows around them. Your light, your mate, will give you even more control over the shadows, and he will bring you total devotion and love, he can give you a child." The white haired light placed a hand over his growing child.

"You are with child yourself, aren't you." the Vampire stated more than questioned, "You told me earlier to not let the Death Eaters hurt your child."

"Yes," Ryou blushed, "Bakura gave me our baby. I was on my way to tell Yuugi, my friend, and I was going to surprise Bakura with the news later that night, but I was taken before I could find Yuugi."

"This Yuugi, he is like you?" The Vampire sat down beside Ryou, and the light leaned toward the somewhat familiar dark shadows.

"Yuugi is like me in the sense that he is a light, but he and I are very different; he is the one out of us that had the most knowledge of the lights. I went to him to learn more about what to expect during the pregnancy." A smile graced the light's face as he described his fellow hikari. "Yuugi is the Guide, he teaches the new lights about what he can. He's so small; you'd never be able to tell what a big heart he has."

'Then this Yuugi must have been the one that I saw with the similar force to my light, the darker one must be his mate. He will undoubtedly prove useful.' The Vampire looked intrigued. "You called me Darkness earlier; would that make my mate a light?"

Ryou nodded, "Yes, haven't you noticed how well your light can control not only his shadows, but yours as well?"

"I haven't been able to spend much time with my mate." The Vampire confessed, "I have only been able to see him a few nights a week."

"You haven't completed the bond?"

"No." the Vampire replied sadly.

"That's impossible! How are you still alive? Where is your light? Why aren't you with him?"

Anger flooded the demon, "You are beginning to get annoying."

Ryou bowed his head in apology, but he continued nonetheless, "You have to be the same age as me, if not older, yet you are without your light, without a completed bond, and you're still alive! Your light should have died from the Calling a while ago!"

"Be careful with your words, mortal, they may get you into trouble." The threat in his voice was undeniable.

"I make no threat to your light, Darkness. But you must know that if you don't find your light soon and bond with him, then he will die." Ryou looked determinedly into the Vampire's silver eyes, "We lights live for our darkness, and we will die without them. I doubt if your light will make it through the season should you continue to ignore the bond."

"You are without your mate now, how are you surviving?" the Vampire retorted.

Ryou placed both of his hands onto his stomach. "I have a piece of Bakura inside of me; our son keeps me alive long enough to search for his father. Your light, however, has no child growing in him and no bond to sustain him. Soon the Calling will take over him, and without the reassurance of the bond, he will surrender to it believing that you don't want him. The pain of the death caused by the Calling is barely paled by the pain caused by the knowledge of your darkness not wanting you." Sea-foam green eyes gazed into the hard silver eyes, "What could you possibly be more loyal to than your light's well being?"

The Vampire was forced to look away from the other boy in shame. It was true that his shadows, along with his heart, were constantly demanding that they return and claim their mate. He wanted nothing more than to savor the ambrosia of Harry's blood while the smaller wizard writhed underneath him, but he was unable to do so as long as Voldemort still contained the amount of power that he currently held.

"Master," the harsh voice of the shadows caressed their ears, "there are wizards heading towards our location."

"Very well," the Vampire stood up, "Watch over Ryou Bakura, do not let any harm come to him; protect him until I return." The Vampire turned back to Ryou and said, "I promise to protect you and your child to the best of my abilities, but I must leave. Voldemort will want to know why I abducted you."

One of Ryou's hands shot out and caught the Vampire's wrist. "I wish to speak with you again."

Pulling his wrist out of the small light's grasp, the silver eyed demon nodded. "I must go to visit my mate first, and then I shall return." He replied as he walked out of the cell.

Ryou smiled, "Thank you, Darkness."

The Vampire stalked down the gloomy dungeon hall, before him were two Death Eaters with their wands in their hands coming toward him. Growling deep in throat, he confronted the men, "Nott, Avery, what are you doing down here?"

Avery glared at the demon. "The Dark Lord sent us," he said haughtily, "he wants to know why the demon took our prize. The Dark Lord was even generous enough to allow us to use any means necessary to get an answer." Both Avery and Nott grinned maliciously.

"Watch your tongue, Avery, lest you lose it." The Vampire turned away from the Death Eaters, giving them a silent insult. "I will go to see the Dark Lord, you are no longer needed."

It was Nott that spoke up this time, "Where is the boy? We want him back."

"He is mine now, you have no claim." The Vampire continued to walk down the hall.

"I thought that vampires were loyal to their mates." Nott taunted, "But then again, for all you know, your mate might be some common whore who'll open her legs for any man with a few coins."

Before either man could laugh the Vampire had pulled them both pinned high against the wall by the neck; his eyes had gone from their cold silver hue to a dangerous blood-lust red. "Know your place, humans! My mate and I are of no concern of yours," he barked harshly, "and if you so much as go near something of mine, I just may forget my promise to control my blood-lust while I am around our Lord's Death Eaters!"

"T-the D-d-ark Lord," Avery choked out, "w-wouldn't let you!"

"Do you think so?" The Vampire jeered, "We all may be pawns in our Lord's plan, but where I am a key pawn in this game, you are nothing but a stepping stones. He will forgive me for one moment of forgetfulness." Pearl white fangs elongated until they were brushing against the Vampire's bottom lip. "I am Dark, and you will do well to remember that humans!"

Opening a one way portal to the outside of the property, Dark carelessly threw the men into it; he did not bother to look behind him as he closed the portal and continued on his way to the chamber of the Dark Lord.

Ginny looked at her brother and Hermione. Both were unusually quiet, no doubt worrying about Harry just as much as she was. It had only been a few hours since the emerald eyed boy had gone up those stairs, presumably to go to bed. None of the young Gryffindors believed that he was sleeping, but none of them felt that it was the right time to confront Harry.

"We have to find him." Ron's voice broke the silence. "There is something that he is keeping from us!"

Ginny stole a glance from Hermione. They both felt that Harry was hiding something from them as well. "Like what?" Ginny asked.

Ron started pacing, "I don't know! But you both saw how Harry ran away from Sirius, then how he just rushed in demanding to save somebody that we hadn't even seen until a few hours ago! We haven't even sat down to say hello yet! What if something happened at the Dursleys?" Ron paled, "Wha-what if they hurt him?"

Hermione cringed and Ginny reached for her wand. "I-I am sure that Dumbledore would have mentioned something to us Ron." The brunette witch reasoned.

"What if he doesn't know?" Ron ran a hand through his fiery hair. "I mean, Dumbledore might know a lot of things, but who is to say that he might have missed some of the abuse? You remember when we busted Harry out in second year?" Ginny nodded, "Fred and George weren't joshing when they said that there were bars on Harry's window."

"Dumbledore," Hermione gasped out, "did Dumbledore know?"

"I can't be sure," Ron admitted, "but I know that he kept tabs on Harry, so it is extremely possible."

"We have to ask Harry what else they have done." Ginny gripped her wand tightly as she spoke. "I doubt that the extent of the Dursleys' abuse is a few bars on a window. We all have seen how small and skinny Harry is. I would bet a hundred galleons that they starved him too."

Both Ron and Hermione nodded. "Tomorrow," Hermione announced. " tomorrow we will find Harry and talk to him."

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