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"I hate it when you do this, Master." Seras Victoria complained to her master who sat across from her at the long wooden table.

"When I do what, Police Girl?" Alucard asked her. He knew what she was talking about, but decided to toy with her instead.

"When you drink that blood in front of me, it's disgusting." Seras responded, shuddering while watching her Master drink the red liquid from the wine glass he held.

And the liquid sure as hell wasn't wine. And Seras knew it. If only her mind could create the illusion of wine in that glass, things might not be so bad.

"You're going to have to learn to drink blood too, Police Girl. You'll wither away if you don't." Alucard said calmly as he took another sip of blood.

"I don't care if I wither away, I refuse to drink blood, it's inhumane." Seras said as she shuddered again.

"It shouldn't be inhumane, you're a vampire now, Police Girl, drinking blood is what will keep you alive." Alucard took another sip of blood.

"I'd rather die than drink blood." Seras growled.

"I'll make sure you drink blood, Police Girl, can't afford to loose another fledgling can I?" Another sip of blood.

"You can't make me drink blood, Master!" Seras slammed her fists down on the wooden table causing some of the blood in Alucard's wine glass to spill.

"What did you just call me Police Girl?" Alucard asked Seras.

"M-Master?" Seras stuttered afraid of what her master might do to her after her little out burst.

"Exactly. I am your master. You will do as I tell you, do you understand me?" Yet another sip of blood.

"I-I understand." Seras stammered as she cast her gaze from looking strait ahead at Alucard to down at her hands toying with each other furiously in her lap.

"Good girl." Alucard smiled as he finished the last of the vile liquid in his wine glass.

He got up slowly and walked over to Seras. The vampire placed his empty wine glass in front of Seras and filled it half way with medical blood.

"Now it is your turn." He said returning to his seat across from her.

"No, I can't do this, Master, please understand that I can't do this!" Seras cried. She felt like she really couldn't do this.

"Why can't you do this Police Girl?" Alucard asked calmly.

"I never wanted to be a vampire in the first place! By having you turn me into one I didn't think I was going to have to do these kind of things!" She cried.

"Then I guess I should have left you there to die that night in Cheddar." Alucard said scowling at her through his thick black hair that had fallen on his face.

"I guess so!" Seras just cried. This night felt like the night where she could just let all of her feelings about the previous ones.

"Do you want to die, Police Girl?" Alucard asked, still scowling.

"Sometimes I think about it." Here she was, letting it all out.

"I can kill you right now, Police Girl, if that's what you want." Alucard said pulling at his gun.

Leveling the gun at her head Seras' eyes filled with more tears then before.

"No, that's not what I want, Master." Seras said, pushing the gun down from her head.

"Then drink your blood." Alucard said with that trademark smile of his.

"I told you I can't do this!" Poor Seras, tearing up again.

That's when Alucard got up and locked the doors.

"The only way you're leaving this room, Police Girl, is if that glass is empty. That is, if you choose your other option, you'll leave dead."

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