"You drive me crazy because you chill my bones."

"I would enjoy making you feel as though you had no skeleton, Police Girl."

Seras woke up beneath the bridge where she had last seen her master. He was gone and out of sight, yet he filled her dreams with seductive thoughts, none of which were even remotely appropriate for her current situation.

It was then that the police girl realized what the elder vampire was trying to do to her. He planned on using his deep, dark, lustrous voice to persuade her into drinking blood. Seras was unsure of the validity of this realization but for some reason she hoped that it wasn't true. Somewhere, buried deep inside of her small frame, she longed for her master to desire her, to have passion for her, to become a different master to her than he already was.

You have a naughty mind, Police Girl.

The dark vampire's voice flooded Seras' thoughts. He had been listening to her internal conflict.

Do you possibly think that I could have feelings for you? Think that I could desire you? Your lack of blood drink has made you insane.

There was no where for the police girl to run, while she could escape his physical presence, she could not escape his thoughts. She wanted to be away from him, but at the same time she wanted to run to him. He brought her a comfort that she couldn't explain, but at the same time terrified her to no end.

So Seras sat, again beneath the bridge, and watched the sun rise and fall. For all that time, she managed to stay free from her master's thoughts, and from her own. When she felt sleep overwhelming her again, she heard a familiar voice:

I hope that when you sleep, you dream of me.

OMG. I will continue this I totally totally promise! I'm soo sorry for my absence for the past few years ):