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Authors Note: This story takes place after Season 7 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, after Season 5 of Angel The Series and sometime around book 5 of Harry Potter. It is a direct followup to my last story "Judge, Jury..."

References are made to my Angel series finale stories all posted on :

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Part 1.

"Thirteen Hundred Greenwich Mean Time."

By OldScout.

Two women stared at a pillar in the busy train station. A passer by might think older and younger were sisters but their relationship was much more complicated than that. Both had long brown hair and were quite thin, but the older was slightly shorter, and wore glasses.

Other travelers rushed by the two as if it were common practice to stare at red brick pillars. A baby cried somewhere in the distance and the hiss of a releasing steam valve filled the gaps between the rest of the noise.

The older of the two said in a low, almost menacing voice "They have the same magical signature." She held up a train ticket that read "Platform 9 ¾". "This must be the portal to the transport."

"Ah, Fred voice." The younger whispered.

"I'm sorry Dawnie, where are my manners." 'Fred' responded with cheerful smile.

"So what are we supposed to do?" Dawn asked.

"Just walk through." A voice said from behind them.

A middle aged woman with bright red hair highlighted by some gray was walking up behind them.

"Yes, of course." Dawn smiled.

"I'm Molly Weasley." The woman said holding out her hand to the pair.

Dawn grasped the hand first. "I'm Dawn Summers and this is my friend Winifred Burkle."

"Nice ta' meet ya'." 'Fred' said with a smile.

"You're Americans." Molly observed. "Are you going to Hogwarts for school?" She looked at Winifred. "You seem a little old to be going to Hogwarts, are you a new teacher."

Molly looked at the two young muggle dressed women. The older appeared to be in her mid to late twenties and the other in her late teens, perhaps Ron's age. They were both attractive in a simple sophisticated way. Maybe a little too sophisticated for Ron, but she had a lot of grown sons and no grandchildren.

"We're just going to visit our friend Albus." 'Fred' replied.

"You know Headmaster Dumbledore?" Molly looked a little shocked. She hadn't realized Albus had many muggle friends.

"He's a friend of my sister's." Dawn said.

Molly looked around. "I'm meeting my kids here to see them off. Normally I'd suggest you stay and meet them, but they're always late and I think you ladies would like to get to the train and find a compartment before you're battling with a horde of young students for space."

"I have not participated in a good battle recently." 'Fred' observed gaining a strange look from Molly.

Dawn smiled. "We'd better get going." She picked up one of the suit cases by their feet and 'Fred' picked up the other two. "Here goes nothing." And she walked at, into and through the pillar.

'Fred' looked back at Mrs. Weasley. "Perhaps I can join in the battle next time." Then stepped into the pillar.


Platform 9 ¾ was amazing. It was not only a different platform, it was a different train station somewhere in the country. A beautiful old red locomotive with the sign "Hogwarts Express" sat serenely in the station, steam softly rising from its stack.

A short, thin nervous looking man in an old style conductor uniform approached them. "Can I help you ladies?" He smiled.

"We have tickets for the train." Dawn replied.

The man leaned down to look at Dawn's ticket without touching it. "Ah, yes, yes, yes." He said quickly. "Professor Dumbledore mentioned he had guests arriving today." He looked them up and down. "Are you muggles?"

"I guess if that's what you call people who are not Witches or Wizards." Dawn replied.

"Fine, fine, fine. Okay you should take a compartment in the first car, that's where staff and other guests usually sit. The rest of the train will soon be over run by students." He looked at the bags the two thin women were carrying. "I can take your trunks, and stow them in the baggage car for you. I can assure you nobody will tamper with them."

Dawn smiled and nodded to 'Fred' who dropped her two bags. "I'll keep mine for the trip, thank you."

As the two attractive women walked toward the train, the conductor was going to levitate the cases to the baggage car then remembered that the frail looking young woman was carrying them and if she could he sure as heck could. He stepped between the bags and leaned down to pick them up causing pain to shoot through his back as his muscles strained against two seemingly immovable objects. He quickly let go of the bags and stood up clutching his back. He stepped away and pointed his wand. "Wingardium Leviosa." The bags wobbled but didn't float. He tried again "Wingardium Leviosa." Finally, the two bags were floating a few inches off the ground. Now he could carry them.


"Here come the spawn." 'Fred' commented as she watched a steady stream of students begin appearing out of the pillar.

'Fred' was watching out the window of the compartment they had chosen. The passenger cabins were made of finely carved wood and appointed richly with leather and brass. Dawn glared at her companion. "What did we agree?"

Illyria's ice blue eyes flashed from the sweet Winifred persona. "When there is no muck around I should not be required to censure myself."

The flash of blue was deliberate. Dawn knew it. A veiled threat from the ancient demon. But she wasn't afraid. She learned very quickly how dangerous Illyria was and how she really was beyond the concept of good and evil. She also learned very quickly Illyria knew who she was and that she was more than just the 'Key'. That she really wasn't just the 'Key', wasn't just a ball of energy turned human, but an ancient being in her own right, not just 'The Key', but the 'Key Bearer'. Illyria knew the difference and treated her as an equal and had accepted her as her guide.

Illyria needed a guide, someone to teach her while she learned to live in the pathetic society created by the muck at her feet. How the hell did Buffy ever agree to this? Dawn still wondered. She knew, of course, but she still wondered.

"We are going someplace that will be filled with people who do not know, and would not understand who you..."

'Fred' raised her eyebrows and glared.

"Okay, who we are." Dawn amended. "Therefore, you must learn to maintain the lie at all times. It is your best way of learning to live in your new world."

"I did not choose this world." 'Fred' stated in Illyria's voice. "I would prefer to still be sleeping waiting for the humans to wipe themselves out again."


The door to the compartment swung open as a male voice called out "I think this one's open."

To be continued......