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A/N: It's been a while since I finished this story. Chapter 15 is the ending,but there were still a few things I wanted to explore, so I'm writing a few side stories. They aren't related to each other, but all relate to "I Like Hating Him". I hope you enjoy.

Side Story #1:

Life With Ayame

Kyou was feeling especially desperate. He and Yuki had been living with Ayame for a little over a month, and the snake was seriously driving him insane. The worst part was that Yuki was being entirely unsympathetic.

"I don't understand why you hate my brother so much," Yuki accused sulkily. "He's doing us a favor by staying here in Shigure's place."

"He aint doin' me any damn favors. He's ruining my life!"

Yuki fixed Kyou with an icy glare. "Whatever, you stupid cat. Name one thing he's done to ruin your pathetic existence.

"My existence is only pathetic 'cause I'm dumb enough to be with you," Kyou growled, hurt that Yuki always seemed to take his brother's side. "You and your brother complex."

"Yeah, right. Just because I'm trying to mend things between me and my only brother doesn't mean anything…you are such a jealous pervert."

"Jealous…of that fruit?" Kyou suddenly found himself trapped on the bed beneath his lover.

Yuki moved his hips against Kyou's. "Need I remind you who could also be classified as a fruit?"

Kyou sighed, enjoying the friction; it had been way too long, but he wasn't going to let Yuki change the subject. "I can't stand him anymore."

Yuki stared at him for a moment before sighing and rolling off so that he was next to his cousin. They looked at each other in exasperation for a moment before Yuki said, "You're obviously not going to shut up about this until you've had your say, so what's bothering you?"

"Last Saturday."

"What about last Saturday?"


Kyou had been anticipating his date with Yuki for several days. Both had been spending a considerable amount of time on homework and of course Yuki was asked to participate in several extracurricular activities which meant that most nights the two found themselves drifting off to sleep too tired to engage activities of their own.

On Wednesday Yuki had slipped a note in Kyou's pocket when they passed each other during break.

Kyou made the mistake of opening it during Accounting.

Saturday, you are so going to blow me.

The guy next to him, who had found trying to read Kyou's note more interesting than the lecture, gave him a puzzled and slightly disgusted expression.

Kyou glared at him before adding to the note: and then your ass is so mine.

He gave it to Yuki during lunch.

The next morning Yuki slipped it into the front of his pants before quickly kissing him goodbye.

Only if you take me to dinner and a movie first.

Kyou had added, Only if you promise to jack me off in the theater.

Their dirty notes had continued until thy had filled most of the page of notebook paper. On Saturday afternoon Kyou patted his pocket. Yuki's last message had consisted of only one word: Tonight.

The two of them planned to go eat somewhere quick before catching the latest action movie. Kyou shivered with anticipation when he thought of what he planned to do to Yuki in the theater to tease and prepare him for what they would do when they got home. Tohru had said she was going out for the evening, and Ayame was supposed to hang out with Hatori.

When Kyou arrived home he was greeted with a pathetic whimpering. "He stood me up! 'Tori stood me up."

Kyou found Yuki with an arm around his brother gazing at him sympathetically. He stood when he saw Kyou and drew him to the other room. "We should really stay with Ayame tonight. He's really upset."

Kyou was too angry to speak and he merely stared at Yuki for a few minutes. "He's your brother; you stay with him."

Kyou had crumpled the note and threw it in the trashcan before going up to the roof.

He had put up with Ayame putting cutesy little notes in Yuki's note. He had even tolerated the bastard hanging out with Yuki, but he doubted he'd ever forgive him for ruining his date or for making him dress in drag.


"Hey, that drag show brought us together, so I guess you owe what you have with me to my brother," Yuki announced when Kyou had finished his story.

Kyou winced. "Damn"

"None of that was Ayame's fault, and he really was upset."

"Yeah, because Hatori had to deliver a baby. Stood him up my ass."

Yuki's eyes clouded. "Oh, is that what he was doing. I guess I forgot that our aunt was pregnant…still, I tried to come onto you the next day, and you just acted all pissy."

They gazed at each other for a moment before unthinkingly closing the distance and kissing. They pulled away quickly.

"So he ruined one date. That's not ruining your life." Yuki brought them back to the subject.

"You've been comforting him every night since," Kyou snapped.

"That's because you're behaving like an asshole."

"You're the asshole, asshole."

"You're so stupid," Yuki replied softly.

"Not as stupid as your brother. He's read our note to everyone."

Yuki paled slightly. "Note?"

"The note," Kyou hissed. "While you've been doing your brotherly bonding Momiji asked me how to blow someone, Hiro gags whenever he sees me, Tohru blushes, and Shigure called to thank me for the great material for his next novel. I guess Ayame thought it was so sexy and adorable that his little brother was writing love letters that he decided to call the family. So see he is a creep."

"And how did he get that letter in the first place," Yuki's anger was directed at Kyou.

Kyou flushed. "That doesn't matter. What matters is that we never see each other and it's been nine days since we last…you know, and I feel like a giant clock is counting down…"

Yuki pulled Kyou into a rough embrace and kissed him passionately. "Why didn't you just say so?"

"I tried, you bastard."

They kissed for a long while, Yuki using a finger to trace Kyou's jaw, and Kyou sliding his hand down Yuki's silky pajama bottoms. Soon they were both fully aroused. Yuki slid down Kyou's body marking it with his tongue before taking his lover into his mouth, bringing him to the brink of climax before sliding up his body and engaging him in a deep French kiss.

"How do you want it?" Yuki asked breathily.

Kyou answered by turning onto his stomach and spreading his legs.


Kyou was in the midst of release when he felt something slither between his legs. He gasped at the pressure on his thigh as the thing coiled around his leg.

"Ayame!" he gasped.

Yuki had also just found his release, but pulled away immediately. "What did you say? Is all this anger at my brother because you want to screw him? I guess you don't hate me enough to want me anymore."

Kyou glared at him and pulled back the covers to reveal Ayame wrapped around his leg.

"Oh, my," the snake answered. "I came in here to get warmed up, but that was hot!" Ayame ran his tongue along Kyou's hip bone.

Yuki flushed. "Stop that!"

"See what I mean? I'm going to kill him!" Kyou shouted. The snake barely slipped through his finger tips before slithering up Yuki's chest and flicking his tongue across his brother's lips.

"Goodnight, Yuki."

"Um…goodnight," Yuki answered uncertainly before the snake disappeared into the vent.

Kyou and Yuki stared at each other for a moment before shrugging and wrapping up in each other's arms.

For once on the subject of Ayame, Kyou had absolutely nothing to say.


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