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The One Without A Soul

Chapter One

The Prophecy

The summer night air was hot and sticky yet the distant rumble of thunder in the distance was a silent promise that the night would change. Buffy sighed as she walked through her fifth cemetery of the night. Not one vampire had come out to play with her at all. Sensing someone behind her, she spun around about to attack the vampire with her stake when the vampire quickly jumped back in defence. Buffy sent a glare at him.

"What do you want?" she asked coldly as she looked around to make sure there was no one else around and no other vampire was going to come out to attack her.

"What no 'Good evening, so nice to see you'?" he drawled lazily lighting a cigarette allowing it to dangle out of his mouth.

"It's never a good evening when I have to deal with you Spike," Buffy turned to walk away. Spike soon walked in step beside her. She continued with her patrolling for several minutes without either of them speaking.

"Sorry luv, but Rupes sent me to find you. He knew I could find you quicker than rest of those gits. He wants you to report to him immediately says it's important, pet," Spike said. Buffy sighed as she changed direction heading towards Giles' place. It didn't take long until they arrived at Giles' place in record time. Buffy knocked loudly and Giles opened the door slightly.

"Come in, Buffy, Spike," Giles said stepping aside. Xander and Willow were already sitting in the living room waiting for them to come. Buffy came in smiling happily at her two best friends and sat down in one of the chairs in the room.

"Hey guys. Now Giles, why was it so important I came in from patrolling when the only vampire I met tonight was Spike?" Buffy asked looking over at Giles with a slight glare. Giles started pacing taking off his glasses to clean them. Spike leaned up against the wall watching everything in silence. Willow sighed knowing Giles was too lost in his thoughts to explain what was going on.

"Giles seems to have stumbled upon a prophecy that he believes has to do with Buffy but he can't translate half of it since it seems to be in a language long forgotten," Willow said opening a book and passing it over to Buffy for her to look at. Spike curiously went over and peered over her shoulder to look at the script. He gave a laugh turning to Giles.

"No wonder you can't read it, Rupes. It's in the demon language. No one can read that but demons," Spike said with a little chuckle. Giles looked shocked that he would even have a book that was in such a language.

"Can you read it?" he asked hopefully finally coming out of his thoughts and stopping in his pacing around the room.

"Of course I can, I'm a demon. If you'll give me a moment to translate it?" Spike said glancing over Buffy's shoulder and looked at Giles for comfirmation.

"Yes, yes, of course," Giles waved his hand as an open invitation.

"May I, luv?" he asked as Buffy handed over the book carefully. Spike started pacing mumbling to himself as he began to translate the text.

"Well let's hope it is nothing too terrible. I mean as long as we don't have to say call Angel back or another end of the world type thing right?" Willow assumed and they heard a growl from Spike obviously for the mention of his Grandsire's name being mentioned in his presence.

"Yes, that would be terrible," Giles sat down in an almost exhausted way. After that it was quiet except the occasional curse from Spike, who soon came to stand behind Buffy.

"So what great evil do I have to destroy this time?" Buffy asked sarcastically turning to look at him. Spike looked down at her before shaking his head.

"Here's what it says: The slayer will have to join forces with the one without a soul. Four bonds between them must take place. Of blood, heart, body and soul, all must connect or the world will be succumbed to the darkness," Spike said seriously. Silence rang in the air for several minutes.

"Must be Angel, the one with a soul," Xander said with a grimmace. Spike growled.

"No, it's the one without a soul, you git!" Spike exclaimed chucking the book at Xander's head. Luckily Xander ducked in time to miss the flying book.

"Are we even sure it's a vampire?" Willow asked looking at everyone in turn. Giles sighed staring at her for a moment with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Well, humans have souls and all demons are created not to have souls. Vampires have souls when they were human but during the change lose it," Giles answered giving a quick glance at Spike.

"I can tell you for certain it's a vampire, I can even tell you which one but I want to double check with the poofter," Spike said. As he started to walk away Buffy grabbed his sleeve.

"Who do you think...he is?" she asked saying something for the first time since the prophecy was read. Spike stared at the slightly scared look in her bright green eyes.

"Can I confirm first?" He asked softly running nervous fingers through his bleached blond hair. Buffy nodded slowly. Spike walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone dialling Angel.

A few minutes passed as everyone made small talk when a "Bloody Hell" was heard from the kitchen. Moments later Spike came out with a cup of blood in one hand and the phone in the other. He sat down heavily in the other chair in the room placing the phone down.

"Peaches put me on hold so I can break the news first and he can confirm for me." He took in a shaky unneeded breathe and again ran his fingers through his hair.

"Who is it? Do we know him? Like come on Spike tell us already! The suspense is killing us." Willow said feeling the urgency of the situation. He stayed silent staring at Buffy with slightly sad blue eyes.

"Spike, who is it?" Buffy asked quietly pleading him to tell her. Spike looked at her for another moment fighting with himself to actual say what needed to be said.

"The one without a soul is...me."

To Be Continued...

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