Helga's Problem

Arnold was going to school to day as usual but today day was different he sees Helga and runs over there.
"Hey wait!"
"Shit, Arnold I don't have time. "What's wrong with you today you look different?"
"Bye Arnold!
Helga runs off Arnold can't help wonder why she's so looks and is acting so different. Arnold catches up with Gerald.
"Hey man!"
"Hey have you seen Helga today?"
"Man I don't keep up with girls like Helga why do you care about assface Helga anyway?"
"Nevermind that, You know a that party at Rhonda's house."
"I remember why?"
Arnold sees Helga.
"Well, I tell you later or I'll be late for English."
Arnold starts to walk off.
"What do you want with Helga?"
"Man I said I tell you later."
Arnold walks over there but Helga goes in side the bathroom then she comes out of the bathroom crying.

Arnold sees Helga in the corner alone so he walks up there.
"Hey Helga." "Arnold is that you?
Arnold sees that Helga has been drinking. She gets up and falls into Arnold's arms Arnold drags her into Rhonda's parent's room.
He sets her on the bed.

He walks up to her and she couldn't look at him.
"What's wrong?"
She looks at him she didn't want to tell him but she new she had to.
"Arnold I'm......."
The bell rings she runs to class not finishing what she was saying. Arnold walks to class worried about Helga he walks into class he sees Helga in the back sitting by Phoebe. Phoebe look at Arnold in a way that made him uncomfortable. He turned around and started to work on his homework hoping he will get done before the teacher takes them up. Later after school he ran into Helga he knew he had to ask but he wasn't sure if he should. "Helga." She looked at him not saying a word. "What were you going to say earlier?" Helga look at him and said. "Arnold I can't tell you now but I tell you later not now." Arnold looked at her. "OK, not now but later." Helga looked at him. "Arnold your not going to like it." She walks off with Phoebe and looks back at Arnold. Arnold Walked over to Gerald. "Hey man what was that about?" Arnold looked at Gerald. " I don't know man." Arnold grab his backback out of his locker and he walked home.

Later that day Arnold just ate dinner. The phone rings Grandpas picks it up."Hello" "Is Arnold there?" "Arnold phone." Arnold picks it up. "Hello?" He went up to his room and sat at his computer desk. "Hey Arnold it's Helga I need you to meet me at the park." "OK what time?" Arnold starts to put on his shoe's."Now OK see you there. bye""bye" Arnold runs down stairs he grabs his coat and hangs up the phone and walks out the door. He walks to the park seeing Helga sitting there it looks like she's been crying he walks over there."Hey" Helga gets up "Hey" They sit down.

That's the first chapter I hope you like see you at chapter two. Later.