Ok...It's been a long time...I haven't updated in a long time...LOL

Arnold looks at Helga. "I love you Helga and I don't want to let you go. You mean more to me in the world right now. I know were only in High school but I love you." He reaches down and pulls out a small black box. "Helga." There was a long pause. "Ummm Helga would you Marry Me after High School?" Helga jumped out of her set and screamed with all he might.

"Yes Arnold I will" She said while jumping up and down. Arnold was so happy. He didn't know what to do. All he did was sat there with the biggest smile.

Later that night they were walking in the park under the full moon. "Arnold the night couldn't be even more perfect." She said looking and the ring.

"Hold on Helga I got to get something out of the car." Arnold said walking to the car. As Arnold was walking to the car he opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket and some pillows. Then he ran back. "I thought we could lay down and look at the stars."

"Aww Arnold that is so sweet." Helga said helping him unfold the blanket. They lay down beside a tree. "The stars are so beautiful tonight Arnold."

"I know but you even more beautiful than the stars will ever be." Arnold said while kissing her softly on the lips. They started to slowly make out under the beautiful stars. To Helga the night was like a dream. Even if her life is hasn't gone to plan being there with the man she loved the father of her soon to be born child. Helga is more excited than ever. Nothing could ruin her dream night.

They had made love under the stars. "Helga I love you and I never want to loose you." He said with a big bright and happy smile.

"Oh Arnold! I love you so much." She said kissing him.

"Helga I will be right back." He said while putting on his clothes.

"Were you going?" She said putting on her clothes.

"I'm just going to the car for a bit, Wait here." He said kissing her cheek. He walked over to the car and opened the door. Helga was watching him. As soon as he open the door a car ramed into him and the car door.

"No!" Helga said. His body flew across the street. Helga ran over there crying. Tears flowing down her cheek.

Will he live? Will he die? I'm sorry it took so long for the update...And sorry so short..It needed a update.! Later