Title: For the Want of You

Pairing: Bumlets / Swifty ; Bumlets / Pie Eater

Rating: PG for now ( but I doubt it's going to get raunchy)

Notes: After the strike and Jack's disappearance, Bumlets, Pie Eater and Swifty wonder upon their lives, upon being newsboys, and upon the conduct of proper young men. (SLASH.)

Disclaimer: Disney owns Newsies and all of the characters herein. I own an overactive mind that can't concentrate on one thing for too long. I lose both ways.

"The needle's eye that doth supply
The thread that runs so true;
I stump my toe, and down I go,
All for the want of you."

Rhyme from a popular Victorian children's game.

I don't know any one who is a fan of Newsies, but I was so happy to read so many stories involving them, especially slash. I have been a fan of Newsies since 1992, so I'm really happy to see the community is still going. Please, anyone who wants to discuss Newsies, my AIM is "forthewantofyou." I'd love to talk! (Does it sound too desperate? Ha, ha, ha.)

Onto the Introduction...!