A/N – I realize that some of you phans may not know Les Misérables. That's okay with me, really it is. I do adore Les Mis, but I also like Phantom a lot. I thought it'd be fun to blend LM and POTO in a different way than the amazing Elyse3 does, and this is my result. Please realize that the cast of characters for LM is infinitely longer than the one for Phantom, so I picked on a few characters and gave them as many roles as I possibly could. Also realize that I like Christine/Raoul, but I like picking on characters even more. Please review and tell me if this is amusing – if not, I'll remove it.
Valjean- Erik

Javert- Piangi

Farmer- Buquet

Labourer- Buquet

Bishop- Firmin

Constable- Andr

Fantine- Meg

Factory Girl- Carlotta

Foreman- Buquet

Old Woman- Madame Giry

Crone- Madame Giry

Pimp- Madame Giry

Bamatabois- Buquet

Fauchelevant- Firmin

Young Cosette- Piangi

Madame Thénardier- Andr

Thénardier- Firmin

Gavroche- Erik

Old Beggar Woman- Mme Giry

Prostitute- Meg

Pimp- Buquet

Eponine- Christine

Montparnasse- Raoul

Babet- Buquet

Brujon- Madame Giry

Claquesous- Erik

Marius- Raoul

Cosette- Carlotta

Combeferre- Erik

Feuilly- Erik

Courfeyrac- Erik

Enjolras- Erik

Joly- Erik

Grantaire- Erik

Lesgles- Erik

Jean Prouvaire- Erik

Major Domo- Piangi