Jubilee's Revenge: Director's Cut
Jubilee's Revenge: Director's Cut
(Or How Dimensional Rifts, Washu and Dream Devices 
Netted Me A Vacation to Nerima!)
By Kairi Taylor

(Author's Note: This is the first tale in a very funny, demented series that was started in 1998 at Kindred Spirits. I hope you enjoy it. As you'll see, my fanfic counterpart will be somewhat tormented. Oh well, all for the sake of humor I say!…)

The Standard Disclaimer and Warning: The characters within this twisted

little fantasy are not mine, ok? They are the sole copyright of Marvel,

Rumiko Takahashi, the company that brings you Tenchi Muyo, yada yada yada. I

make no cash from this, so don't even attemmpt to sell this...Oh yes in case

you happen to finish reading this, I was not on any psychadelic drugs or

anything else, nor is this the result of eating 5 too many bowls of Fruity

Pebbles. I'm just a very twisted guy who's really pi$$ed off at Mr. Hama.

Jubilee's Revenge: Director's Cut (Or How Dimensional Rifts, Washu and Dream

Devices Netted Me A Vacation to Nerima!)

by Kairi Taylor

Summary: If it ain't broken, make it better! A reworking of the original,

with more scenes, more characters, & more senseless stupidity & anger

induced violence! See Scott & Chris exact their revenge, as well as some

other really groovy scenes. It's shagadelic baby!

Kairi walked into his building, holding his bookbag on his right

shoulder, his South Park hat and shirt slightly dusty from his long walk. He

was not very happy. This morning, he learned that he would be out of school

until spring of 1999 due to his financial aid being late. Then, he found out

that the site that he contributed the 'Generation X/ Resident Evil' stories

to was down, so part five was indefinatly on hold. To rub more salt in his

wounds, he forgot to refill his Metro Card, forcing him to walk all the way

from LaGuardia to Astoria.

I must be cursed, he thought.

As he stepped into the elevator, he pressed the 3rd floor button and

watched the door slowly close. At least he now had time to work on his own

webpage with Ernie. He had many stories swimming in his head, and some

particularly good suggestions on what to add. He hadn't bought another Gen X

issue since #41, insted opting for the Dragon Ball comics and Ranma 1/2

graphic novels and movies. He had at least 4 hours before he had to go to

work, so he could just stay home and watch some TV. The elevator stopped and

Kairi stepped off, pushing all of the day's event's from his mind. As he

opened the door to his apartment, he walked into the kitchen and laid his

bookbag next to the chair where Jubilee was sitting, then went to the

cabinet to get his box of...

He stopped short and turned around. Sitting at the table in his

chair was Jubilee, in t-shirt and jeans, rapping her fingers on the table,

watching him. OK, there is only one thing to do here, he thought. Either

start talking to her or check into the mental ward that Mom is threating to

send me to. "Uh, hi?" Jubilee said.

All that Kairi could do was sputter out gibberish that he couldn't

control. "I see someone's gonna need to sit down." Jubilee said as she got

up and allowed Kairi to sit down. As she sat on the counter, she asked

"You're Kairi, right?"

Nodding his said, Kairi said "Um, just to be sure, you're not the

result of eating one too many sugar related products right?" Jubilee smiled

and answered "If that were true, we would've had this little chat a long

time ago, don't cha think?" Kairi nodded as she said "I'm guessing you're

pretty much shocked because I'm here."

"How is this possible?" Kairi said. "I mean, this can't be

happening. How'd you get here? Hell, who let ya in?"

"Cool yer jets." Jubilee said. "It's a bit hard to explain. I'm

guessing that since so many people wished we were real and written so many

fan fics on us, it must've thrown our dimensions for a loop. I'm not a

savant at this inter-dimensional mumbo jumbo like Monet, so let me put it

this way. We just exist, ok?"

"Right." Kairi said. "This still doesn't explain why you're visiting

me." Jubilee shrugged and said "None of the other fanfic guys were

availible, so I decided to come here. Oh by the way, got a question for ya."




"Damn, sorry about that, alright? Would you rather let me put you in

a oversimplified fighting game like X-Men vs. Street Fighter?" Jubilee

shuddered as she remembered her somewhat debatable appearence in a certain

fighting game. "Ok, then, that's out of the way. So, c'mon, we gotta go."

she replied.

"Huh, what do you mean?

"We're going to talk to Larry Hama. It's time we did something about

his little adjusments. You've noticted that everything's gone loony."

"I've been trying to forget for the past month or so." Kairi


As they walked on the streets of Manhattan, Kairi asked "So, how'd

you guys find me. I'm not a very easy person to find out here."

"We've been keepin'tabs on you fanfic writers for a while now."

Jubilee explained. Usually, we try not to contact ya but this is an

emergency. I still can't believe what some people are writing about. I mean

Cyke & the cajun..."

"Please, stop right there," Kairi interuppted. "I have enough of an

active imagination as it is. Where'd the others go?" Jubilee shrugged &

replied "Probably went to see the rest of the city. It is a nice day to walk

around the city & do some--oh, hi Shampoo--nice shopping for a bit." Jubilee

stopped for a second to look at Kairi, who was gawking at Shampoo, looking

as if he was ready to burst.

"Nihao, Jubilee," Shampoo said. "Who very strange boy? Oh, Shampoo

remember, you Kairi! Nice meeting you!"

"Uh, Kairi," Jubilee asked, tapping his shoulder. "You need to lie

down?" Kairi began to smile as he said "How does she know my name?!? Hell,

don't matter to me!! Wait a sec, you're not from Marvel. How'd you---"

"Hello, remember what I said?" Jubilee replied. "So, what brings

you here.?" Shampoo snapped her fingers & replied "Great Gradmother said to

stop bad old man. He running loose in Chinatown." Kairi frowned & said.

"Can't be...please don't tell me it's-"

"WAHOO! WHAT A HAUL!!" The group turned to see Happosai, all 3'2"

of him running with a sack of underwear, closely chased by dozens of angry

chinese housewives. "Jubilee, you wanna do this?" Kairi groaned.

BOOOM!!! All that Happosai saw before going into dream land was the

fist of Jubilee barreling down upon his nose, not to mention the pain in the

spinal cord that came from Shampoo's foot. As the group of ladies ganged up

on the prone little pervert, Emma walked by, muttering under her breath.

"Hey, Frosty!" Jubilee shouted. "How'd it go with Hama."

"Of all the inconsiderite, stubborn---oh, hello, Jubilee. Is this


"Yeah, I'm him." Kairi answered. "Well, hopefully maybe you two

will have more luck convincing Hama. He seems to have completely set to try

to destroy the comic. Maybe you'll come up with something."

"Hopefully, this won't end like Electra did." Kairi mused.

Jubilee and Kairi sat in Hama's office, waiting for Hama to drop in.

"Ya know, it's not too late to finish the story." Jubilee said. "I mean, at

least you could find another website to go to."

"I suppose." Kairi said. "I could always start my own webpage. Hell

I can get started on that series I wanted to do." Jubilee raised an eyebrow.

"If I'm involved in this, ya better get my approval first before you start

anything!" Kairi shook his head and replied "No, it's a bunch of Inspector

Gadget stories I'm planning on. Geez, don't get uptight."

From outside, they heard someone say "What, another super hero is

here? First Spider Man, then White Queen and now this!"

"Must be more of them interdimensional rifts." Jubilee said as Hama

walked in, flustered and noticebly uptight "So, Jubilee and...you are..."

"Kairi Taylor. I wrote an Gen X/ Resident Evil series."

"Oh, I remember. Wasn't my cup of tea. Lemme guess, you're here

about the changes I made."

"Gee, ya think?" Jubilee answered. "How the hell could you do this

to us? First you stick us in this adventure with a giant weasel and a token,

then you had some guys beat up on Ev, who's none too pleased about it, then

you say that all this time..."

"Please listen..." Hama started to say but Jubilee continued. "That

Monet was really Pennance all this time. Now, you're gonna make us fight

some lady and 7 intergalactic dwarves! This ain't Sesame Strett, IT'S A


"Well, I did this mainly because of the sales." Larry replied. "The

sales for the comic were going down so we had to make a few changes..." At

that point Kairi pulled out a few sheets. "Here's the sales rates according

to one comic sales company." he started. "As you see the sales were steady

until issue 34." Larry put the lists aside and dismissed them, saying "You

know, they're probably not really that reliable. Now story wise, I'm just

following the orders of my editors. All I as doing was trying to boost


"By changing what was already established. Hell, even Scott

established the fact that Penny was a 14 year old from Yugoslavia. (Author's

note: EVEN I KNOW THIS AND I"M NOT A PRO!) None of what you did makes any


"I understand what you're trying to say, but you have to understand

where I'm coming from..."

"You are aware that a hell of a whole lot of people have

discontinued their subscriptions." Kairi said. "I've had to switch to Ranma

1/2 and the Dragon Ball titles to get over this. And what the hell was with

issue 41? Even Happosai would be offended by what you've done."

"I don't think you two understand..."

Kairi sighed. He must be cursed.

Jubilee fumed as she drank her soda. "Oh, the nerve of that guy!!

Who does he think he is!! I outta light him up major time!!"

They were in Planet Hollywood, eating burgers with Sean whislt a

lot of the patrons were sitting down whispering about the most unexpected

patrons. Sean merely sipped his coffee as he said "Try ta calm down lass.

I'm sure we kin think o' something ta change da man's mind." Jubilee shook

her head. "I think not. Frosty's already talked to him and ya seen what's


Kairi, in the meantime was engaged in a conversation with Ryoga,

who apparrently made the grandaddy of wrong turns and somehow winded up in

NY. "So you're saying that you guys can come here at you're own free will?"

Kairi asked. Ryoga nodded and said "Yeah, but how'd I ended going here

instead of Nerima is beyond me."

"You lost again?" Sean asked. "Yeah, but thankfully, Mr. Saotome

is coming to pick me up." At that point, a giant panda walked in and sat

down, holding a sign that said 'Hello Kairi'. "Greetings Mr Saotome.

Strange that you seem to know me." Kairi said. "Hey I just thought of

something. If you guys can zap yourselves back and forth, what's preventing

me from doing it."

"Good point." Jubilee said. "Try it." Kairi smiled and closed his

eyes. In a flash he disappeared. "Hope he didn't try anythin' foolish." Sean

said. Seconds later, Kairi came back. "Wow, I didn't think I can actually to

THERE!" he giggled.

"Ok, so how do we handle Hama?" Jubilee said "Aside from using

physical violence."

At that point, Genma held up a sign which read 'Why not ask

Washu?' Jubilee snapped her fingers. "Of course! It's so obvious! She can

build something to help us."

Kairi raised an eyebrow, saying "Er, isn't there anything else we

can do?" Sean shook his head. "If ya kin think of anything else other than

breaking his legs, no lad."

"Oh well, guess we'll just see Washu."

Jubilee and Kairi stood at the front of Tenchi's home, which

seemed very quiet. Of course, the real indication was that the note that the

others left for Washu on the door, saying something 'bout a trip to

Manhattan. "So, it's just Washu today. Convient." Jubilee said. "Kairi

looked all around the house as he said "I'm still stumpped as to how I seem

to have this now almost natural ability to warp between dimensions."

Jujbilee shrugged and said "Hey, join the club. I'd ask Monet, but that

involves talking to her." As she opened the door, she said "Wonder if she's

still in the basement?"

The loud explosion that came from the kitchen prompted Kairi to

yell "Well, that's one way of knowing!" They rushed in to find a woman with

wild purple hair standing over a pot, saying "Somehow, I knew that putting

oregano in this was a bad idea."

"Hey, little Washu!" Jubilee said. Washu turned and said "Ah,

Jubilee! Oh, I see you brought Kairi with you."

"Does everybody know me or something!?!" Kairi said. "Ah, don't

take it so personally kiddo!" Washu said. "I just make it a habit of knowing

the names of all potential guinea pigs."

Kairi raised an eyebrow knowing 'very' well what Washu meant. "So,

what brings you to this side of the cosmos?" she asked. "Well," Jubilee

began. "First, me and Kairi want to know just exactly how are we able to

warp around like Mario Brothers?"

"I guess you mean the manipulation of interdimensional rifts?"

Washu replied "Well, it's all pretty simple, if you understand the

mathmatics. But I'm guessing you have absolutley no idea." They both nodded

as she continued. "Ok, let's say this: exactly how much of your ideas are

original creations? Let's just say that all the ideas somehow are really

part of many possible dimensions in space and time. In other words, Ranma's

world actually exist, much like Jubilee's and mine. The odds of thinking up

a world that actually exists in a parrallel Earth are quite high. A few

weeks ago, there' was a significantly high energy release in the Andromeda

System, in your dimension Kairi, that had gone unnoticed."

"But you detected it." he said. "Of course, when you're 20,000

years old, you tend to think of everything." Washu replied. "Now, this

energy was strong enough to affect the space time rifts and affected the

human population on Earth. As you know, the human brain can only use about

30% of it's potential energy. You ever stopped to wonder what would happen

if you could use more of your brain?"

"Weird if you ask me." Jubilee said. "But how come I haven't

noticed this before." Kairi said. "Think about this: when was the last time

you've been able to warp yourself into another dimension?" Washu asked.

Kairi nodded and said "Good point."

"Now, I imagine you've come here for more than just to chit chat

'bout time rifts." Washu said. Jubilee said "It's that Larry Hama guy! He's

ruining the comic. Everbody's tryin' to talk some sense into him, but he

ain't listening."

"Ah, a tricky case." Washu said. "I believe that there's something

in my lab that can help. It's my Dream Manipulation Chamber."

"Que?" asked Kairi. "I built a portable chamber that allows you to

enter and control the dreams of someone who is asleep. However, it's been

untested. In theory, it could kill the dreamer or possibly drive him to have

psychotic episodes..."

"We'll take it!!!" Jubilee and Kairi shouted. "Sure, ok, but on

one condition." Washu said as she smiled at Kairi.

"Uh Oh."

Sitting down at the table in the sall cafe in WuTai, Jubilee

asked "Well Scott, what are the chances we can do this?"

Scott Lobdell downed his drink while Chris Bachalo continued to

stare at the rather large machine that Jubilee & Kairi had brought in. "From

what you're telling us," he started "It looks like he's trying to buy time

for himself so that he can stay on the comic a little longer. I just don't

understand why he just completely ignored all of past info we got."

"Well, the thing to remember," Chris started "is that Hama's a

complete disrespectful, self serving backpeddling jackass. But we can do

something about it. Now, what about the helmets?"

"Ev's gonna go around & distribute them soon." Jubilee explained.

"I'll contact you when we're ready. There should be some instructions that

come with them. Say, have you guys seen Kairi?" Scott nodded & replied "Went

around to exlore a little bit. But why did you recruit him anyway? I've

heard he's a bit of a loose cannon & once wrote a romance fic...wait a

minute, Jubes? You got something up your sleeve again?" Jubilee frowned I

replied "I'm not doing this fer myself you know." Chris drank his fruit

smoothie as he commented "This whole fixation on Ev is really unhealthy you

know. He's more likely gonna end up with Monet if the writers have any

future plans for him." Jubilee muttered something to herself as Scott


Elsewhere Kairi walked across one of the bridges of WuTai &

stopped under a tree. As he stood & looked out towards the mountains, he

heard a voice go "Pssst!! Hey, you!" Kairi looked up & saw a short haired

girl in shorts & wearing a green shirt sitting on a branch. "Um, are you

talking..." Kairi started to say, but the girl interupted him. "No time to

explain! Did you see a large, bald guy around here?" Not exactly sure what

was going on, Kairi was about to reply when the man in question stalked up

to the tree. "Ha, I found ya, ye little sneak! Give me back my materia,


"Hey, I won the materia fair & square1" she shouted back. "Not my

fault you totally suck in martial arts!!" Fuming, the guy threw a punch at

the tree, which Kairi managed to dodge. His fist slammed into the trunk

enough to rattle the tree, sending Yuffie falling. But before she hit the

ground, Kairi caught her in her arms. "Ummm....thanks, I guess." Yuffie


"Hey, no prob--whoa!!" Kairi managed to sidestep the punch that was

going towards him as the bald guy screamed "Give me the girl runt, this

ain't yer problem."

"You know," Yuffie said to Kairi as he ducked, jumped & absorbed

all the punches thrown at them "I can take the big klutz. He's not very


"Yeah but it's---whoa---real hard to---yikes---put somebody down

when---whoop---ou're trying not to---ouch---get punked!!!" Quickly, holding

Yuffie close to him, Kairi spun on his heel & kicked the huge guy in the

head, knocking him out. Kairi sighed as he put her down. As Jubilee ran up

to them see asked "Hey, Kairi, you okay?". He nodded as he noticed that

Yuffie was staring at him. "Well, sorry we had to meet like this," he said.

"I'm Kairi." Yuffie only nodded as Jubilee remarked "Hmmm, nice touch. Well,

c'mon we gotta get to work." As they ran off, Yuffie smiled & said to

herself "He's almost cuter than Cloud. Well almost. Hopefully, he doesn't

have a girlfriend like Cloud."

Meanwhile, elsewhere on Earth, other particularly intresting

events were taking place around the city. Captain America had decided to

take a tour of the U.N., much to the shegrin of several terroists from some

country I can't even speel, much less heard of, who tried to take the place

hostage. Chamber and Husk took a tour of the Bronx Zoo together. Too bad the

elephant decided to spray water at the wrong person. Skin decided to go to a

Broadway play. Unfortunatley, he had forgotten exactly how much it costs for

a front row seat to 'Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk'.

Ryoga and Mr. Saotome, on the other hand, decided to meet with

Akane in the Broadway branch of the Queens library. Which wouldn't have so

bad if Ryoga wasn't leading the way and ended up somewhere in Main Street,

Flushing. Fortunatley Mr. Saotome, who could get a lot attention being a

giant panda at the moment, was able to get a bus map and found a bus to take

them there.

Melanie paced back and forth around the computers, apparently

bored. No one was at the computers today, mostly because of the strange

events surrounding the day. All she knew was that when she woke up to feed

Jacob, in the middle of the night as all babies request, she looked out the

window and saw several large, yellow birds walking around, going 'Wark!' and

pecking at the cars. Then, she heard on the radio that some guy on a

surfboard was flying all around the city. To top it off, some girl with a

short haircut was in the back talking it up with Anita, who had apparently

gone totally estatic when she caught sight of her. As she pondered on these

events, a girl in a t-shirt and jeans opened the door while a large object,

covered in a blue sheet, was pushed in by Kairi. "Uh, Kairi, mind explainig

what's going on here?"Melanie asked. Kairi peeked behind from the object and

said "Huh? Oh, nothing really. Jubilee, this is my co-worker, Melanie."

"Hi," Jubilee said. "Oh, which way's the back?" Melanie pointed

to her left and said "Over there. Be careful, Anita's in the back with

someone. You need help with that?"

"No, I've got it." Kairi said as he pushed it. The library

supervisors only stared in disbelief as Kairi pushed the object to the back

of the library.

The area that Melanie pointed to was a small little section that

had one book truck and three walls separating it from the library. As

Jubilee walked in first, she saw a girl in glasses talking with Akane. "Hey

Akane." she said. Akane smiled and said "Oh, Jubilee!" Anita waved her hand

and said "Hi. Is Kairi with you." Kairi came in, pushing the object saying

"Man, what the heck did Washu build this thing outta, titanium alloy?"

"Ah, Kairi." Akane said smiling as she walked up to him. "I've

been meaning to speak to you." Kairi scratched his head as he asked "Er,

what's on your mind." Akane then proceded to pull out a large mallet as she

yelled "YOU PERVERT!!" and whacked Kairi upside the head!

"OW! Hey, that hurt!" Kairi said. "That was for reading that

lemon story, deviant! (Author's note: For those that may not know, a Lemon

story, simply put, is a dirty story involving anime characters and...well

you can figure out the rest.) What the hell wee you doing reading 'Female

Fiancee's Fun', anyway?"

"Who told you that?" Kairi yelled. Akane pointed to Anita, who

said "I needed something to talk about."

"Oh, that reminds me..."

Jubilee landed a hard left hook on Kairi's jaw as he said

"Damn, what was that for?!"

"You know!" Jubilee said. At that point Monet walked in and

said "Hey, are you ready to start? Angelo and Paige are over at Marvel

and..." Upon seeing Kairi, she proceeded to walk over and elbow him in the

ribs. "Ok and that was for..." Anita said. "He knows!" Monet said, crossing

her arms.

"This just isn't your day, huh?" Anita asked as Kairi rubbed

his ribs. "Is there anyone else who wants to beat me up out there?" he


(Author's note: Ok, this was about to get ugly, so to sum it all up: Storm

came in and let loose a lightning bolt on Kairi, then Rouge and the White

Queen came and beaned him with a couple of steel chairs, then Jean Grey just

kicked him in the groin and Akane whacked him with the mallet again and put

him in the Boston Crab, saying something about doing a favor for both Nabiki

and Ukyo. Why I'd put myself though that kinda cartoonish self abuse for the

sake of humor and revenge is beyond me, so don't ask. On with the story.)

"Ok, I hope everbody's got that out of their system now,"

Kairi said, limping and swallowing a couple of asprins. "Now to deal with

Larry Hama. Unless the 'Committe To Open Up A Can Of Whoop Ass on Kairi' has

anything else to add!"


Kairi whipped out the manual to the device as he asked

"Now, you sure that they'll be able to get Hama to sleep?" Monet smiled.

"Hey, I personally mixed the sleeping potion myself, so everthing will go

perfectly as planned." she answered. "Of course, I'd rather think of finder

better ways of changing someone's mind rather than tormenting them through

their dreams."

"Nope, sorry, I don't think so." Jubilee said as she pulled

off the sheet. The device in question was a large rectangular bluish purple

box with a steel lock. Taking out a key, Jubilee unlocked it and the box

stretched out to expose a large computer screen with a keyboard and several

black helmets.. Two monitors, labeled 'Brain Frequency' were at each side.

"The manual," Kairi read "states that once the victim falls asleep, we

should put the red helmet, the one that Angelo has, onto the subject and use

the keyboard to control the scenario, while the black helmets control our

thoughts over him." Jubilee smiled and pulled out a cell phone. "Well, time

to see if our would be tormentor has taken the bait."

Hama sat down in his chair, looking over his two latest

disgruntiled heroes, Angelo Espinosa and Paige Guthrie. As he held his mug,

he felt a silent rage trying to eplain himself to just about everybody that

was involved with the Gen X comic. "Look, I know how everybody feels about

what I'm doing," he sighed "but I'm telling you, it's for the best. I know

that being led around by a talking around seems foolish, but it's

entertaining. I've worked on both Wolverine and G.I. Joe, so I'm pretty sure

it'll work out."

"G.I. Joe?" Angelo said. "I remember that from WAAYY long

ago. Course, dunno if I remember if I liked it or not. I'm pretty sure it

was nice." Paige sighed and said. "I know you've been hearing this all day,

but can you at least try to restore some order? I mean, sort out the

Pennance situation, it really makes little sense."

Hama downed the coffee. "Nope, no can do," he replied. "I

kinda like how it is now. Besides it's really the other editors you might

wanna talk with." As Hama yawned, Angelo smiled. "OK homey, you leave us no

choice. I was lookin' foward to this."

"What are you...talkin...." Hama slowly dozed off and as his

head hit the desk, Paige closed the door to the office. Angelo's cell phone

rang and he answered it saying "Ok, the victim's all set."

"Good," Jubilee's voice said on the phone. As Paige put the

red helmet on Hama, Angelo took out the black helmets from his bookbag and

said "You know, maybe we should be feelng guilty about this."

"Nah." Paige concluded.

Hama awoke with a jerk. It was barely lit in what seemed to

be his office and his desk, not to mention all of his stuff was gone, except

for the chair he sat in. Facing him was Jubilee and that Kairi kid, both

with arms crossed. "Welcome to thy house of pain." Kairi said.

"What's goin' on? Where's my stuff." Hama shouted. "In case

you're wondering," Jubilee began "You're dreaming. We've tried everything to

convince you, so your sorry ass has one last chance to change what you're

doing or suffer."

"You've got to be serious!" he scoffed. "There's no way

that I'll do anything you ask!" Kairi grinned wickedly as Jubilee said "Ok,

suit yourself. Get' im Akane!" Hama turned to see a young girl holding a

large baseball bat preparing to swing. "What th-"

"HAMA NO BAKA!!" Akane yelled as she whacked him with the

bat. (There's your japanese lesson for the day, kids!) Hama was sent flying

all the way through the wall of the office, head first, into the elevator.

As he got up, he coughed "You're all maniacs!" He pressed the button to the

lobby and he heard Emma's calm voice saying "Going Down." Unfortunatley for

Mr. Hama, the elevator plummeted at about 25 MPH to the bottom floor.

Hama staggered out of the wreckage of the elevator,

heading outside. The city was strangely empty and dark. "Where's a taxi when

you need one?" he said. Out of nowhere, a taxi pulled up right next to him.

Not one to question, Hama pulled the door open and yelled to the taxi driver

"Drive!" As he slammed the door, the driver turned around and Hama saw, to

his horror, that it was Paige. "Hang on, city slicker." she said. Tires

screeching, Paige drove off as Hama was pushed back into his seat.

As Paige drove through stores and windows and made

extremely sharp curves, she said "Y'all jut stay comfy now, I only had 'bout

23 accidents or so, so I'll get the hang of it!" Hama blinked his eyes and

screamed "Stop the car! Stop I say! Let me off!"

"Are you kiddin'? Not while he's chasing us!" Hama looked

out the back of the window. A pair of giant, reptilian feet was in close

pursuit and a familiar roar was heard. "Ok, now. If you want to get out of

this, will you change your mind?"

"No!" Hama said vehemently "Very well then." Paige said "You

can deal with Godzilla yourself." Paige faded out as Hama looked behind him

just as Godzilla gave the taxicar a good punt kick that would make the 98

Green Bay Packers jealous.

"Whoa! Where'd I land at now?" Hama said. As he got out of

the car, he was in the hallway of a police station, with a statue of a lady

holding a pitcher at the center. As he looked at the hole in the ceiling the

taxi left, the door burst open. Kairi came in, in a S.W.A.T. team uniform,

armed with a shotgun and rocket launcher. Shutting the door quickly, he said

"You're in the wrong place buddy."

"What are you talking about?" Hama said, irritated that one

of his tormentors had shown up. "Zombies, dude." Kairi replied. "City's

infested with them. They're heading this way. If you're smart, you'll come

with me. On one condition though..."

"Oh, so that's it huh?" Hama interupted. "Well forget it.

There's no way I'll change my mind!" Kairi shrugged. "Suit yourself." Kairi

tossed the rocket launcher to Hama and smiled as he blinked out. Suddenly

the door broke down. The zombies, who were once G.I. Joes, spilled into the

room, moaning "Yo Joeee."

"Eat this!" Hama yelled as he raised the rocket launcher.

However, he didn't count on it exploding and sending him through the roof.

Scott walked through the long, winding hallwy, dressed in

brown robes. "He's around here somewhere. But where?" Then from another

room, Hama stepped out dressed in black. "You!!" Scott said. "I think I've

finally got the hang of this." Hama said. He withdrew a lightsaber &

unsheathed it, saying "At last we meet again, Scott." As Lobdell withdrew

his own lightsaber, Hama continued "The circle is now complete. When I last

left you you were the master & I was the new writer. Now I am the master!"

"Only a master of godawful writing, Larry!!" Scott answered

as he blocked a blow from Hama. "You've gone too far!! You changed the

backstory to your benefits & ignored the fans. You must be stopped."

"Heh, your writing prowess is weak old man!!" Hama laughed

"You should not have come. This comicWILL bend to my will or it will end up

sharing the same fate of Elektra!!" Scott whacked Larry hard with his foot

upside his head & said "I think not. Tun around, idiot." Hama turned to see

Chris hovering right next to him in a X-Wing. As Scott ducked out of the

way, Chris yelled "Jubilee's eyes are blue, dumbass!!!" & fired a blast at

Hama, sending him into a wall.

When his eyes opened, Hama saw himself standing in a

warehouse. Standing in front of him was Jono & Emma, wearing black suits.

"Gee, you guys look a bit small." Hama said in a rather distorted voice.

Then, looking down at himself, he saw that he had become a large

grasshopper. "Larry, this is all rather easy to solve." Emma started "Just

fix what you done & step away from the comic. That way, we won't torment you

any longer." Larry laughed & said "I'm afraid not, Queenie. I personally do

not care for this comic & those editors, save one, think that they can push

me around. No one controls me. There's not a whole lot you can do about it."

:Wanna bet, mate: Jono retorted as they pulled out some rather

large (I mean LARGE) laser cannons. :You know, you're right, Ms. Frost, this

is right out therupeutic:


The cannon blasts set Hama on fire & launched him through the


Hama found himself on a field. As he looked all around him,

he saw Akane and Jubilee, dressed in karate uniforms. "So, still won't

change your mind." Akane asked. "Heh." Hama sneered. "You forget you've got

me in a dream world, so I can do what I want." Hama pulled out a bo staff

and said. "You want some of this? Come and get me, tomboys."

"Bad choice of words." Jubilee said as she steped back. Akane

came at him so quickly, he could ony wimper as she beat on him at a frantic

pace with everything she could think of. As Hama looked up after Akane

finished pummeling him, he saw Angelo and some giant panda staring down at

him. "Yo, Hama. Quit?" Angelo asked. "Never!" Hama groanned. "OK then. Get

him Genma." Mr. Saotome lept up and dropped himself onto the dazed Hama, who

screamed as he fell through the crowd.

The next thing Hama knew, he was standing in the middle of a

wrestling ring, with a giant crowd watching over him. Seanstood in a tuxedo

while Ev stood in a referee's uniform. "Where the hell am I now!" Hama

yelled. "Don't ask me." Ev said "This is the only time I've been n this

crazy story." Then Hama heard glass shatter and the crowd went ballistic.

"And his opponent," Sean boomed "From Victoria, Texas, STONE COLD STEVE


Hama watched in horror as a lone bald man in jeans and a shirt

that said 'Austin 3:16' approached his location. As Austin stepped through

the ropes, he smiled as Hama stood like a lamb being prepared for the


(Author's Note: As much as I would like to describe more ways of having

Larry Hama punished, I'm afraid that I must cut to the big finish. Needless

to say, Hama got his!)

Jubilee stood over Hama as we wheezed from everything he

suffered. "OK, we'll try this again." She pulled out a katana as she said

"Fix what you've done, or else little Hama's gonna be permanetly separated

from big Hama!" As she raised the very sharp weapon, Hama covered his face

with his arms and said "I'll do it! Please, No!!!"

The next thing Hama knew, he awoke screaming. He was back in

his office, where Paige and Angelo were sitting, staring at him. "So, can we

talk?" Angelo asked.

At that point, Hama's eyes twitched & he frothed at the

mouth. He began to laugh maniaclly and screamed "Yes!! Why not!! I'm free

from you! Finally! Horrible, horrible freedom!!"

Later that night, Kairi, Anita, Melanie, Jubilee and Akane

stood outside the library while Ryoga and Mr. Saotome hauled the machine

away. "So, Hama went insane and had to be committed." Anita said. "That

means they'll get a new writer." Jubille nodded and added. "With our

aproval, of course. Wouldn't want to have to put some other shumck through

the treatment again."

"At least we had something to do at work." Melanie said. "What

about tomorrow?" Kairi rubbed the back of his head. "I dunno 'bout you but

I'm taking a vacation." he announced.

"You need a vacation?" Akane asked "Well, I suppose so, after

everything that you put up with today."

"Not without me he's not." They all turned to see Washu

walking down the street. "Little Washu!" Akane said. "What's going on?"

"I'm making good on my agreement with my potential guinea

pig." she answered. Kairi smiled and said "Er, I'll see ya guy's in a little

while." As Kairi blinked out, Jubilee asked "Where'd he run off to?" Washu

checked a beeping signal on her watch. "Uh oh." she said.

"You know," Nabiki started as she sat down at the tablewith

Kairi & Washu, who was clining to his arm "It's nice that your staying here

for your vacation, but at the very least, you can look happy."

"I hope you don't mond that I brought some company over for

our vacation." Washu said. As Kairi looked over to where Jubilee, Akane &

Anita was sitting, Jubilee remarked "Hey, after all we've been through, ya

still owe me." Kairi shook his head. "Is he still miffed about the

accident?" Akane asked.

"What accident?" Nabiki asked. Anita then proceeded to take a

kettle of water & poor it over his head, turning him into a giant fox. "Next

time, maybe you'll think twice before you go to Jusenkyo." she said.

"Think of it this way," Nabiki added. "Your clothes fit &

you're very cute & fuzzy."

"Kairi held up a sign that read 'I am definatley,totally