Chapter 5

It was still early at the Hyperion, and nobody was in yet. Cordelia yawned, while she had had plenty of sleepless nights working at Angel Investigations, her body and mind was exhausted especially after the emotional rollercoaster that started earlier with her pre-dawn encounter with Angel, or more specifically their kiss. At the awkwardness of pushing him away, Angel made up an excuse to get out of the hotel, something to the effect of patrolling the sewers or double checking something. It was a lame escape tactic, and Cordy let it go, she needed some space too…not knowing what more they could say to each other. Her heart ached, that maybe, just maybe, the two them found something, and knowing that it couldn't go anywhere. She sighed and rested her head on her arms as she sat at her desk. Maybe I will just rest my eyes for a moment.

Cordy looked around the room she was standing in and knew in an instant she was at the Double Bar Ranch house. It was large, but simple with tasteful furniture and what she could only describe as Western art hanging on the walls of what looked like a study or a library. Her mind slipped into the dream, she took in her surroundings and saw a roaring fire going in the fire place and moved to stand by it. Drawn to the flames and heat, Cordy watched the flames flicker and change colors. All of a sudden she felt strong hands wrap around her waist their heat pushing through the cotton fabric of her simple farm dress.

"Jillian, you know we are meant to be together." The voice was deep and seductive, and was clearly Angel's voice. She thought a moment and wondered why his hands felt warm and not cold as she would have expected from the voice behind her. Cordy's also wondered why in her dreams Angel would call her Jillian, but then decided to go with it and play out the fantasy. …Oh well, maybe Holden has a similar voice to Angel.

"No we aren't Holden, we can't be together." Cordy said, playing the role. She turned in his arms and looked into Holden's eyes, noting how funny yet sexy she thought Angel looked in a cowboy outfit. The light blue chambray shirt, the rough brown workpants…were those corduroy or denim?

"You won't deny me Jillian." The dream Angel said strongly. He bent down and kissed her, one of those drugging, sexy hot kisses, which melted her brain, even in her dreams. Moving his hands up and down her spine, pulling her closer to him, to feel every inch of her body against his rock hard body.

Still kissing her, Holden/Angel swept her up into his arms and carried her out of the study…presumably towards the bedroom. Jillian/Cordy did not struggle in the least, just sighed into his arms.

Fred sat on the counter top of the check in desk and watched Cordelia sleep silently. Fred noticed that she would moan occasionally and smile in her sleep. iShe is just like me, I can sleep anywhere, especially after sleeping in a Pylean Cave for 5 years. /i

"Good to see you downstairs Fred." Angel said quietly, having snuck up behind her from the basement steps, taking in the same view she had of Cordy sleeping on her desk.

"Shhh…you'll wake her and I think she is having a good dream." Fred said in a quiet whisper.

"Well she can't be comfortable sleeping there can she?" Angel asked in the same quiet whisper.

Fred turned her body and looked at her hero. She was greatful on so many levels that Angel had rescued her; he will always be the 'Handsome Man' who saved her from hell. "Wonder why she is sleeping here and not at home?"

"She couldn't sleep, we had a disagreement, I left, and I guess she decided her desk was the perfect place for a nap." Angel replied planning on going into any details about what their disagreement had been about. The less of the group that knew about he and Cordy, the better the chances this thing would work out, at least that is what he sincerely hoped.

Fred shook her head, "She's gonna be mad when she wakes up with a crick in her neck."

Angel looked at the awkward body angle that Cordy was in, realizing Fred was right, and an idea sparked. He wasn't sure if he was ready for the repercussions of what he was about to do, but then decided that he definitely didn't think that Cordy with a crick in her neck later in the afternoon would be pleasant to be around.

Angel moved past the edge of the counter over to Cordy's desk and looked down on her sleeping form. He gently picked her up out of the chair into his arms, and adjusted her sleeping form so she was cradled against his chest, her head resting on his shoulders, one are slung over his shoulder.

"Better move her to somewhere she will be more comfortable." Angel said to Fred, making the excuse for his actions, but relishing the feel of Cordy in his arms.

Fred sighed as she saw Angel quickly head towards the staircase, carrying Cordelia as if she wade nothing. Someday my Hero will sweep me off my feet like that. She hopped off the counter and moved over to Cordy's desk, and saw she had fallen asleep resting her head on a book. Fred picked it up and looked at the cover…a romance novel. She smiled, picked up the book and moved over to the lounge in the center of the lobby. "I haven't read a romance novel in years!" Fred said to the empty room, and curled up on the couch and started reading.

Angel reached down to open the door to his suite, not wanting to jostle the sleeping girl in his arms. She instinctively tightened her hold around his neck as he moved, and it felt good to Angel to have her want him…even if it was in sleep. He managed to get the door open and moved into his room, kicking the door closed with his foot. He looked briefly at the small couch in the sitting room and decided instantly where he wanted Cordy to sleep – his bed. He'd be the gentleman and take the chair, of course, and let her have the bed. He really didn't need much sleep anyway, even though the time of day was getting to be prime sleeping hours for a vampire.

As Angel was laying her down on his bed, he felt Cordy start to wake up, her heart beat quickening.

Cordy sighed and then without opening her eyes somehow found Angel's lips and started kissing him.

Angel didn't care that if she was asleep, her kisses had a drugging effect on his system, and he wanted this more than anything. He gently kissed her back, not wanting her to come out of her dream and end their closeness. He moved his hands to pull her body closer to his, to absorb her body heat that he craved as much as her lips. Closing his eyes, he didn't want this to end, didn't want her to wake up.

Cordy's mind swirled between being asleep and awake, and decided to stay asleep, and keep her dream going, having moved from the fantasy of the Double Bar Ranch to somehow being in Angel's arms and in a soft bed. The fantasy of being with Angel was ten times better than the romance novel fantasy. She gave into her dream world and snuggled deeper into her fantasy's embrace…having no idea that it was more real than she could have ever imagined.

Angel looked down at her and smiled, as she remained sleeping, but cuddled closer to him, clinging to him really. He kissed her one more time on the lips, a gentle brush, a tease and then closed his eyes. If I move now, she'll wake up and we will have to argue again. Maybe I do need to get some sleep. Angel closed his eyes, pulled Cordy tighter into his embrace and let sleep take over his mind as well. It is just sleeping, not sleeping together, well together, but not together.

Cordy woke up slowly in a very dark bedroom, her eyes trying to adjust to the darkness. She stretched a little and realized there was a heavy weight on her chest. She moved her right hand slowly, and felt the silky soft short hairs of the weight resting on her. Absently she ran her fingers through that hair and rubbed the nape of the neck of the man laying on top of her. Must still be dreaming…that is it…mmm I love being held like this. As much as Cordy fought to stay sleeping, she was coming awake…and then it hit her…this was not a dream man sleeping on her chest…it was Angel.

Okay…what is Angel doing sleeping on me Cordy struggled to think about how she ended up where she was now. As the haze of sleep started to wear away, she remembered Angel walking out the basement door to go patrol, and that she decided to close her eyes for a quick nap. Whoa…what is that hand doing Cordy's eyes opened wide when she felt Angel's hand move from resting on the side of her hip to cupping her breast, teasing her nipple.

Cordy stopped moving her fingers that were still involuntarily massaging Angel's neck. Angel's fingers stilled, yet remained firmly on her breast. Cordy sighed…what kind of mess she had gotten herself into now. She knew she couldn't move without waking him, and wasn't it unwise to wake a sleeping vampire?

Experimentally she moved her fingers again, against his neck. As she started engaging in rubbing, so did he – continuing a very sensual caress of her breast. Cordy stopped again, and so did Angel.

"Angel!" Cordy said in a loud whisper.


His hand moved away from her covered breast and moved down her stomach, and started to slip under the fabric of her t-shirt.

"Ahhh…" Cordy sighed, his cool touch on her skin was making her head flip. She didn't think she really wanted him to stop.


Angel's hand moved to the space between her breasts and felt the front clip of her bra. The man who invented that type of underwear deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, or some other very prestigious award. Angel, now awake too, decided it was best if Cordy thought he was still sleeping, and doing all of this in his sleep. He flicked open the clasp and felt the fabric of her bra slip away. He moved his hand to fully cup her breast…the heat warmed him, and her racing heart beat excited him.

"Angel!" Cordy said a little louder…in shock to be lying there, a heavy vampire on top of her, who was now successfully copping a very big feel. Part of her was outraged, but a much larger part of her didn't care…this is what she really wanted.

"shhh…go back to sleep Cordy…this is all a dream." Angel whispered to her seductively in the dark bedroom. He use to be great at using the vampire thrall thing, at least when he was Angelus…he hoped it worked tonight.

Cordy shuttered at the soft sexy sound of his voice. It would be so easy to do what he said. Just to close my eyes and let this fantasy take hold. "We can't" Cordy said, still in a whisper, but it felt like she was shouting it, in the quiet dark room.

Angel moved his head and started kissing her neck, soft gentle kisses, that he used to tame her fear. "shhh…trust me…I know how far I can go…" Angel said, acknowledging her fears about his curse.

"But I can't trust myself Angel." Cordy said, her voice catching on the border line of tears. So many emotions were swirling around her now, well really two, arousal and fear. Arousal cause this hottie really knows where to touch a girl, and fear because, Hello Angelus,she thought.

"Trust me, Cordelia," Angel said, as he moved his mouth from her neck, to kiss the underside of her chin. "We can do kissing," he continued, as his mouth moved over her lips quickly and then kissed her closed eyelids.

Her arms wrapped around his back, pulling Angel closer, giving into his seduction. She knew that she should be pushing him away, but her body was a traitor to her mind. "Just kissing." She said mimicking his words.

He started kissing her earlobe, licking around the edge of her ear, and feeling her heart beat soar louder and faster, smiling to himself that he found a sensitive spot. "We will be careful."

An other husky whisper...sending chills up Cordelia's spin. "Careful…we will stop before things get too far…" Cordelia's body was rationalizing that she would be able to stop, even though her mind was terrified.

Angel nodded his head…taking in her scent…it was time to stop talking. He moved his lips across her cheek and took her mouth in a tender kiss. He knew he was coaxing the equivalent of a frightened animal, and gently kissed her mouth…teasing her lips with his tongue.

Cordy hadn't realized till just that moment how much she really wanted this man that was holding her, wanted to be lost in his arms for a long long time. She didn't want gentle kisses anymore…she wanted to feel the fire again, that his second kiss earlier that morning had left in her. She pulled him closer to her, and then kissed him back with all of her passion.

Angel was surprised, but not disappointed by her sudden change in emotion, and became wild himself with kissing this girl, this woman, who meant so much to him.

"So I believe that if we are going to kill this Graplar demon we are going to need to set up some sort of trap, to lure it out of hiding." Wesley said, looking up from the ancient volume he was reading.

"You mean like a snare or some sort?" Fred asked from the couch, not looking up from the paperback novel she was reading.

Wesley looked up, surprised that the girl had spoken, she had been so quiet most of the summer, and he was glad she was starting to come out of her shell. She was very cute, with her glasses resting on the edge of her nose and her hair all over the place. He stood up and walked from the desk to in front of the sofa. "Why that is an excellent idea Fred." He smiled down at the girl.

Fred looked up from the book, and gave Wesley a smile back. "Course I have never set up one quite that big before. I mean in Pylea, I was able to catch rabbits, well not exactly rabbits, not sure what they were called, the ears weren't quiet as long, but they were small and furry. Blue fur, you'd think that be unappetizing, but roasted over a fire, yummy. Kinda like chicken. The green furred ones weren't as tasty." Fred giggled nervously, knowing that she was rambling but just couldn't stop.

"Isn't it amazing how many things taste like chicken…especially when we have no clue as to what they are…I have heard that frog legs tastes like chicken." Wesley commented back to the nervous girl. He liked her, and was glad they had rescued her, and that she stayed here at Angel Investigations. "How much wire do you think we would need to snag a 10 foot Graplar that weighs 400 pounds?

Fred smiled up at Wesley, and knew she had found a friend. "Well, you would probably want to use 10 gauge, steel reinforced wire. You could go with 12 or 14 gauge, but we would need to know what the exact angle was going to be, anything more than 47.5 degrees and we would need to use stronger gauge wire. Course if we can't get steel reinforced wire, than we would need to calibrate the appropriate gauging. What are you going to use for bait?"

Wesley looked down at his watch and shook his head. "Where is Cordelia, it is nearly 2 o'clock?"

"You would use Cordelia for bait?" Fred asked, slightly perplexed as she thought Wesley liked Cordelia.

"Oh good heavens no, it is just that it is getting rather late, and she is usually here by 10 am." Wesley adjusted his glasses. He thought it was probably best not to tell the girl that they had indeed used Cordelia as bait on more than one occasion.

"She's here." Fred said, and picked up the novel again.

"Where, I didn't see her when I came in this morning?" Wesley looked around the office, knowing that he had not seen Cordelia at all.

"Oh she is upstairs, sleeping with Angel." Fred said matter of factly, turning the page in the novel.

"Sleeping with Angel, good heavens." Wesley said, looking up the stairs, wondering why Cordelia would be foolish enough to sleep with Angel, knowing that would equal Angelus.

"Yeah, she got here really early, she and Angel had a fight, and then she fell asleep in her chair on her desk. When Angel got back, he and I agreed it would be better if Cordy didn't get a crick in her neck, so he brought her upstairs to sleep in a bed properly." Fred explained.

"Oh, sleeping…not sleeping together…ah well yes a cranky Cordelia is not someone who is fun to be around." Wesley said, realizing how foolish he was to think that Angel and Cordelia would risk awakening Angelus.

"That is right buster, a cranky Cordy is not a pleasant Cordy." Cordelia said from the top of the landing looking down on the lobby of the hotel. She stretched a little and then headed down the stairs.

Wesley watched Cordelia descend the stairs, yes he was positive she would not be reckless. "Did you have a vision, is that why you were here so early?"

"No Wes, I just couldn't sleep, so I came in to do some paperwork. Then I guess my body decided that it was ready for sleep." Cordelia giving Wesley an extremely edited version of her morning activities at the Hyperion.

"Ah, insomnia is never good, but you look well rested now, good thing Angel didn't let you sleep on your desk." Wesley commented, knowing he would need to thank the vampire for his kindness to Cordelia, as they all benefited when she was in a good mood. He walked back over to his desk and returned to reading the text, and thinking about how to set up a snare trap. Fred maybe onto something.

"Good thing. Hey Fred, whatch ya reading?" Cordy asked, wanting to get off the subject of her morning activities, sitting on the couch next to Fred.

"This Delilah Wilder novel, I hope you don't mind, it was on your desk." Fred said…nervous that she had just taken the book and not asked.

"No big, haven't finished it yet, so I might steal it back. What part are you on now?" Cordy asked, sensing the girl starting to withdraw back into herself. This was the most time she had spent with them before bolting back to her room. Maybe Fred was starting to come out of her shell.

"Oh Holden and Jillian are still fighting and denying that they have feelings for each other. Boy can that author describe a bare chest hunk of man or what?" Fred smiled, loving having girl talk again, after not having talked to anyone in so long.

"I know…it is so obvious that they are in love, they just need to do it." Cordy said, her mind flashing back to just a little while ago where she was lost in Angel's arms, ready to give up everything just to be with him. She sighed, thinking back to it, and then shook her head. They had agreed not to go past 2nd base, and that was sure to keep the curse in full force. At least that is what Angel rationalized.

"Yeah, but it is all the tension building up to when they finally do do it that makes it a great book. Don't you agree?" Fred looked at Cordy, and then noticed what looked to be a hicky on her neck. She thought for a moment and wondered if more was going on between Angel and Cordy than just friendship. She smiled, she hoped so, they were both nice people, who seemed to belong together.

"Yes nothing beats some sexual tension." Cordy said, realizing that her new situation was very much rife with sexual tension.

"What about sexual tension?" Angel asked from behind the two women, having moved quickly down the stairs after listening to their conversation.

"Sex, what no sex…" Cordy blurted out, surprised by Angel's appearance.

"Hi Angel." Fred beamed up at the tall dark vampire.

"Afternoon Fred." Angel smiled back at the girl, and then looked at Cordy, like he wanted to eat her –"Hi Cordelia. What about sex?" He teased her, knowing he was making her uncomfortable and liking that feeling just a little bit.

"…" Cordy for the first time in forever was at a lost for words.

"Oh we were just talking about this tawdry romance novel that she and I are reading." Fred jumped in, much to Cordy's relief saving the day from awkward silences.

"Tawdry huh, has the hero swept the heroine off her feet and carried her away to his bed yet?" Angel asked Fred, but glanced at Cordy, knowing he had done just that very thing this morning. He could have sworn that she blushed.

"Not yet, at least not to the part I have read up to yet. But I would imagine it is going to happen soon." Fred said, apparently oblivious to the sexual tension that was starting to ignite in the room.

"What part of the book are you up to Cordy?" Angel asked, putting her on the spot and asking a very different question than what appeared on the surface – had he swept her off her feet yet, had she fallen for him. He kept a physical distance from her, afraid if he got to near her he would start touching her again, in front of Fred and Wesley. He knew that that was probably not the best idea at this point in their budding relationship.

"Almost the same spot as Fred. So Wes thinks he has come up with a way to take out the Graplar demon." Cordy said, trying to shift the power back in her favor, and get off the topic of sex.

"Wes, what did you find?" Angel moved away, putting more distance between him and Cordelia, before he decided to say the hell with it and toss her over his shoulder and carry her back upstairs to his bed. He was a little miffed that she had left his bed while he was sleeping. Payback was going to be fun.

"It was actually Fred who had the idea." Wesley said, looking up from his book, and the note pad where he had sketched out the idea. He stood up from the desk, walking to the counter and placing the note pad down.

"We build a snare, in the vicinity of where we killed her child. Put some bait in there and then once she goes for the bait we release the snare, and we will have caught one very angry Graplar." Wesley said showing Angel the drawing.

Cordy had moved over to the counter and was standing next to Angel, wanting to be near him, compelled to be near him. "I can be bait, I have experience at that." Cordy said, wanting to help, wanting to put an end to this particularly nasty monster.

"No you can't" Angel glared at Cordy, she was not going to be putting her life in danger anymore.

"Yes I can, I have a long history of being bait girl, this is the perfect job for me." Cordy said defiantly.

"No, no more bait jobs," Angel said firmly.

"What do you think I can't handle it Angel?" Cordy challenged, her voice increasing in volume. Not shouting at him yet, but getting close.

"No you can't, I don't want you getting hurt." Angel raising his voice, matching her louder voice.

"I am not some damsel in distress Angel, I am part of this team, and that is one of my best talents being bait." Cordy folded her arms over her chest, she was not going to loose this argument.

"Lets see how good you are being bait when I lock you in my bedroom Cordelia!" Angel threatened.

"You and what army Mister!" Cordy shouted, knowing that if Angel decided to lock her in his bedroom, she would probably have little choice in the matter.

"Cordelia, Angel is right on this one." Wesley jumped in, also not wanting Cordelia to get hurt but for a much more practical reason. "You wouldn't make very good bait in this particular instance."

"What do you mean Wesley, I am perfect bait…hottie here." Cordelia huffed at the former watcher. She could not believe he was taking Angel's side in this.

"Well..huh…yes you are…but you'd be of no interest to the Graplar. You weren't there the night we killed her child. She would have no interest in you." Wesley said, hoping his words sunk into her stubborn brain.

"I'll be the bait, I was there when we killed the first one." Angel said smugly, deciding on how big a raise he was going to give the rogue demon hunter for talking Cordelia out of being bait. But for safe keeping I might still lock her in my bedroom.

"Angel, I am afraid you would make bad bait as well." Wesley stated, looking from the Vampire to the Seer, wondering which one would win this battle of wills. He had a strange feeling it would be the girl and not the man.

"Your right Wesley, Angel is not attractive in the least." Cordelia lied.

"No it has nothing to do with attraction; really, this is a demon, not a beauty pageant." Wesley sighed. "Angel has no body temperature; the Graplar might not even notice that he is there. Although she would recognize his scent as one of her child's killers, it might not be enough. It is going to have to be either myself or Gunn."

"Once we snare it, all I have to do is cut off its head, like we did the last one right?" Angel asked, not liking the sound of using Wes or Gunn as bait, but liking it better than using Cordelia.

"Yes, a standard slice and dice." Wesley replied.

"Call Gunn, we will set a trap at sunset, I'll be in the basement, training." Angel said, and pushed away from the counter. He was mad at Cordelia for wanting to put herself in danger, and realized that he needed some space.

As the basement door closed behind Angel, Cordelia turned to Wesley. "Were you just saying that Wes, you know I am more than capable?"

"No, that was the absolute truth Cordelia." Wesley said, looking at the strong willed young woman in front of him.

"Good. You know I want to help." Cordy said, looking at the former watcher and her friend, realizing that he wasn't lying.

"Yes, and you do help. Angel is just protective, of all of us, you know that. Why must you argue so?" He asked a little exasperated.

"I don't know Wes." Cordy looked at the basement door. She had a feeling this was going to be the first of many arguments to come with Angel, now that their relationship had moved from being best friends to something more.

"I'll call Gunn and have him meet us tonight. Fred, how would you like to go to the hardware store with me and pick out some steel gauge wire?" Wesley asked Fred, who had put down her book to listen to the loud discussion.

"Sure, sounds like fun. Hey can we get some tacos while we are out?" Fred ask, standing up, folding over the page she was on and walking to the counter.

"Of course, I could use a late lunch." Wes smiled, "Cordy would you care to join us?"

"No Wes, I think I need to go mend some fences with Broody boy."

"Alright, we will be back in before sunset." Wesley grabbed his jacket off the back of the chair and headed towards the front door to the hotel, Fred in his wake.

"See you in a couple of hours." Cordelia said, moving in the opposite direction toward the basement door.

As Cordelia took the first steps down into the basement she heard the sounds of the punching bag being pummeled.Whoa boy…this is not going to be fun.

"Cordelia, go back upstairs, I am in no mood to talk." Angel said sharply between punches, not turning around to see her on the stairs, but rather sensing her arrival.

"Too bad." Cordelia closed the basement door and continued down the stairs, walking onto the training mat behind Angel. He was shirtless, and what a sight to take in watching his back muscles work as he pounded the punching bag.

"Look, I am part of this team, and I will not stop being a part of this team just because we kissed."

Angel ignored her and continued to hit the bag…working out his frustrations.

"We all have jobs to do, and I am not going to just be Vision Girl, and sit home and knit while the men go out and save the day. I need to learn how to fight, how to protect myself, or maybe even protect you, you big dork."

"Cordelia, you are not going to start fighting these things." Angel turned around and glared at the girl. He was not going to loose her now that he had just found her.

"Angel we have a dangerous job, keeping me in the dark, untrained is not smart. Plus all summer while you were in Tibet, I helped. I helped a lot. I can certainly use a stake, and I am pretty good with a cross bow." Her words were softer, no longer arguing with him, but trying to get him to see reason.

Angel put his hands on her shoulders, needing to touch her, feel closer to her. He didn't move to pull her into his arms though, this was serious. "Your right, and it is my job, not yours, my mission, I will not risk you."

"It is not just your mission Angel. I am the one who sees the helpless. I am the one who knows how much is out there; remember last summer, Vocah, hello, I know about what is out there that goes bump in the night. I am fighting with you, this is our mission now."

Angel pushed away from her and turned his back. "You don't have to make up for a hundred years of slaughter and mayhem." He said quietly.

"No, but I was the meanest girl at Sunnydale High. We all need to find redemption, but we don't need to find it alone." Cordy moved closer to Angel and wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head against his bare back.

"I just found you. I don't want you dead." Angel said, relishing the feel of her so close to him. Moving his hands to touch the top of hers, to feel her warmth.

"That is why I need to be trained," Cordy started to kiss his back, starting with his shoulder blade. "To know what to do, how to protect myself." She squeezed him tighter as she pleaded her case, continuing to kiss him. Moving around his body with kisses until she was facing him. "I am strong; teach me to fight, to protect myself."

Angel lowered his head, knowing he was loosing this particular battle. He looked at her determined face. "But Cordelia…" He started to say.

"But nothing, Angel, who better to teach me how to fight then you." Cordelia said sensing victory was close at hand.

"Fine." Angel said, giving in to her, knowing he had no choice.

"Yippee!" Cordy shouted, and then jumped up onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him. If he had a breath, that kiss would have stolen it for sure. Angel moved his hands to cup her bottom, and pulled her closer to him, getting lost in the aggressive kissing she had started.

Cordelia smiled and pulled away slightly, to catch her breath. "So should we start with hand to hand, or go straight to swords?" She was excited to learn how to defend herself and protect her family and friends.

Angel tumbled her down onto the mat, pulling her closer, and kissing her neck. "Let's start with hand to hand." He said, grasping her hands in his and pulling them above her head gently, then swooping in to kiss her breath away.

Cordelia sighed…training was going to be very interesting with this particular manpire.